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Control Your Room’s Mood and Atmosphere with Black And White Lined Voile Curtains

Control Your Room's Mood and Atmosphere with Black And White Lined Voile Curtains

What are Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains have always created a magical ambiance in a room. The soft flowing material of the sheer curtains helps to add a warm glow to the interiors and softens the hard edges of furniture in the room. They lend a feminine touch, elegance and grace to the surroundings which has allowed them to charm their way into the hearts of people. It accounts for their continuing popularity in the window treatment market despite competition from more versatile window coverings like shades, blinds and drapes.

What sheer curtains do for a home is they allow abundance of natural light to stream through without the harsh glares. They convert the jarring glaring sunlight into soft diffused light which fills up your space, spreading cheer and joy. While there is dearth of natural light, you can still get to work with ease. You do not have to squint your eyes every now and then because of the irritation of the sun. Contrary to beliefs, sheer shades also offer a semblance of privacy, particularly during the morning hours. After sunset you can address the privacy concerns by pairing them with solid opaque drapes or shades. Sheer shades also allow a glimpse of the outside view without exposing your house completely. Because of the sheerness of the material, they also help to create an illusion of height which works admirably well for smaller rooms.

Sheer Materials: Voile

Sheer curtains are made of multiple materials like voile, lace, chiffon, organza, muslin, georgette, polyester etc. they are soft, buttery materials with featherlike tough. Voile is 100% cotton or may be blended with linen or polyester. The word voile is French term for ‘veil’ which is transparent and worn by brides during marriage. Voile is used majorly in countries with tropical climate for window treatments and for making mosquito nets. They are very lightweight and help to create a breathable, airy feel in your house. They are available in most colors including black.

While all colors look beautiful, white and black have an aesthetic appeal that is unparalleled. Black and white lined voile sheer curtains lend a touch of elegance and magical aura in the room and the effect is stunning. The black and white voile curtains complement dark wood or black leather furniture very well. Leather has a masculinity which is balanced by these feature soft curtains. Dark wood stains also look beautiful with these curtains. You can even try pairing them with all white furniture as well. They can pull off any decor style with their versatility.

Impact of Voile Curtains on Mood & Atmosphere of Room

Apart from mesmerizing the people with their look and feel, the black and white lined voile curtains also has a deep impact on the mood and atmosphere of the room. This is because of their ability to keep the sun’s rays out and help maintain a pleasant and comfortable ambiance inside. The alternating black and white lines cuts out the glares of the sun completely allowing only diffused filtered light to stream through. There is sufficient light but the light feels warm and inviting and does not hurt. By cutting out the harshness of the sun, the temperature inside is also pulled down significantly. It helps create an ambiance where one finds it comfortable to work and rest or even take a short nap. The children can play without being feeling irritated by the glaring rays of the sun.

If you want air circulation during the summer months, which to keep open the windows but sans the glaring rays of the sun, these voile curtains are the best as they are light enough to allow air to pass through them. These are perfect for the morning hours when the sun is at its peak and when privacy is not much of a concern. Once the lights come on, you need a layered window treatment like heavy drapes or shades to seal off the view. While these curtains work well for the summer months, they may not be perfect for winter as they can allow cold draft to enter the house and warm air to escape. However, when the sun is up and you need the much needed warmth and light, these black and white lined voile curtains can do the trick. The key is to use these in combination with some opaque and heavier window treatments.

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