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3 Crucial Features Needed For Your Big Kitchen Window Treatments

Big Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchens Are an Integral Part of Your Home

Kitchens are undoubtedly the most highly trafficked rooms in the house. It is the centre of family gatherings and it is where all parties seem to end up. As the aroma of freshly baked food and spices fills your senses, you are left craving for more. It is the place where food is prepared with a little spice and lots of love for the entire family. Nothing can be more rewarding than cooking for your loved ones and seeing them gobbling down your delicacies in no time at all. Food constitutes an important part of our lives and the kitchen is where it all starts. Cooking is an art and to create art you need the perfect ambiance. The decor and color scheme of your kitchen should have a warmth and softness that will help you to relax and have you weaving magic in no time. Having easy access to all appliances, ingredients and cookware is essential. And you need windows! Imagine cooped up in a room which has no windows, would you be able to focus on your cooking? Gorgeous large windows adorning the walls and allowing filling your kitchen with warm natural light is a sheer delight. They illuminate your workspace and fill your heart with joy and cheer.

The Joy of Large Kitchen Windows & The Need for Dressing Them Well

Large kitchen windows are stunners, but there is also a need to dress them well. You cannot leave the kitchen windows bare, giving outsiders an opportunity to invade your personal space and peep inside. The kitchen windows must be functional. This means that as kitchens are exposed to moisture and are susceptible to stains, you need treatments that can survive tough conditions. And while you are taking care of functionality it is better done without compromising the aesthetics.

Durability & Moisture Resistance
If your kitchen windows are located near the sink, stove or other food preparation areas where it can come into contact with water, grease, and stains, it is preferable to stick to materials that are moisture resistant like faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, or vinyl shades and shutters. Unlike wood and fabric, these materials do not warp, peel off, or fade due to prolonged exposure to moisture. They do not rust or absorb moisture. They are extremely durable and low on maintenance. Unlike the more delicate shades, these can be cleaned with ease, you need not worry about stains and grease. If your kitchen windows are large it is recommended to opt for aluminum or faux wood since vinyl is not as sturdy and can easily bend and break if mounted on larger windows.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen Windows
Privacy, Insulation, Light Filtration
If your kitchen window is located far from sinks and stoves, you could opt for other more delicate shades. But it is important to understand how much heat is coming into the kitchen and where the shades will survive long under these conditions. Large kitchen windows mean a large expanse of glass, and glass windows as we know are the cause of energy loss in your house. They allow warm to escape the house during winter and hot air to pass through during the summer months. This cause energy bills to shoot up. To prevent energy loss through your kitchen windows you could opt for cellular honeycomb shades as they have the best insulating qualities and maximum energy efficiency. They offer privacy and protect your kitchen from prying eyes of the neighbors and also allow light filtration. Roller shades, pleated shades, dual blackout shades are all well suited for kitchens. You could opt for the cordless mechanism which will make the operation of these large kitchen windows shades easy and they are also child and pet-friendly.
Sheer Shades for Kitchen Windows
Aesthetically Pleasing
Kitchens are an integral part of your homes. It is where the family meets for their meals and often has guests hanging out too. Along with functionality, your large kitchen windows deserve coverings that are aesthetically and visually pleasing. Modern Roman shades are fantastic as they seek to combine the softness of drapery with a crisp appearance. Kitchens mostly tend to be of neutral color shades like white, so Fabric Roman shades are a good way of infusing some colors, patterns and textures. Woven wood shades made of natural products like bamboo, grass, reed, etc. infuse warmth and glow that is helping to soften the look of stainless steel and other appliances. Paired with a room-darkening liner, these shades will increase your privacy and also contrast with the natural fibers of your wooden shades. Last but not least you could use sheer shades. They convert the harsh glare of the sun into a warm glow and soften the hard surfaces of the kitchen and other modern fixtures.
Roller Shades for Large Kitchen Windows
If your windows are very big then it is possible that they will need vertical and not horizontal shades. Horizontal shades are good for standard windows while vertical shades are better suited for large windows and doors. The vertical slats are easier to open and close for large windows. Now you know what to look out for when planning to dress your kitchen.