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Best Window Treatments for Your Office

Best Window Treatments for Office

Decorating your office can be a daunting task. Compared to home interior decoration, an office is a more difficult space because you have to maintain a perfect balance of professionalism and yet give a glimpse of your personal taste and style. Energy efficiency is another factor that makes a huge difference because of the impression it makes on your clients, employees, and because it promotes a healthy working environment. The office interior decorations have to represent the choices of a larger audience, so they tend to be more generic and broadly based. However, a few companies lean towards chic and unique styles, but it all depends upon the kind of clients they deal with and the image they would want to portray. All of this is just to say that interior decorations in an office require much more thought and have to align with certain objectives and themes that serve the best interests of the company. As we know, window treatments are a big part of interior decorations and occupy a central stage because of their ubiquitous nature in every room and the large space they occupy. They don’t have to be over the top and yet should blend perfectly with all your other furniture and walls. The perfect window coverings can give your room the correct oomph. Generally, offices have larger windows that require this decision to be made with more thought as they contribute a lot to how your office will appear.

A little help in handling the task of choosing the correct window treatment for your office may make a huge difference and making an informed purchase is always better. Out of the many options of window coverings that are available to you, we have shortlisted a few that work well in most office spaces.

Here are a few options that you may consider while selecting the correct window coverings for your office.
1. Roman Shades
Romans Shades are made from a single fabric and have built-in folds that stack up against one another when the string is pulled to lower or raise these shades. They combine the compact functionality of blinds and the elegance of drapery and are very easy to use. The range of fabrics in which they are available is also immense, hence it is not difficult to find one that will suit your requirements. These shades have become very popular in professional spaces because of their appearance and the range of their functionality that can be adjusted by changing the material being used. Most fabrics are light filtering, but they can be combined with darkening liners if required.
Roman Shades for Office
2. Cellular shades
Cellular shades, generally called honeycomb shades, are widely popular for their energy efficiency because they consist of honeycomb-like cells that provide better insulation. These cells are hollow and trap air and act as a barrier between the window surface and the room. Cellular shades can be single-celled, double-celled and also triple celled. These window shades are not made from hard material but from cloth or paper-like material which is spun. They are manually operated with a string that helps in lowering and rising of the slats. The main advantage of these shades is that they are excellent at insulation and greatly increase the energy efficiency of your window. They keep the office cool when it is hot outside and vice versa. They are very efficient in blocking out the light also and can be used even for blackouts, which becomes very handy when installing in conference rooms where projector screens are frequently used.

3. Solar Shades
These are unique but very widely used shades in office spaces because of their functionality. During the day, they provide a view from the inside but block it from the outside. This handy feature of solar shades makes it very popular in offices where desk jobs are the norm. An employee that spends so much time indoors would readily welcome a fresh view of the outside without having to bear the heat and pollution. Windows, where the sun falls directly for most of the day, can be fitted with these window blinds to reduce heat and glare while preserving the view.
Solar Shades for Office
4. Roller Shades
Roller shades are the most common type of window treatment used in office spaces as well as at homes. It contains a hollow tube around which a fabric or any foldable material of your choice is rolled around. It is installed on the window and is generally attached with a cord. When the cord is pulled, the material rolls down and acts as a shade. The reasons for the popularity of these shades are twofold. First, the amount of options in the choices of fabric is higher than in any other type of window treatment. Secondly, it is very easy to install. It generally does not require professional help and can be done by your regular office staff without much hassle. They are also available with a motorized lift that can be operated with a button or a remote.
5. Motorized window shades
As is clear from the terminology, motorized shades are the type of shades that can be operated with a remote. They make your office less physically straining and are popular in office spaces due to the number of window shadings that are used. It is not possible to open and close all the window coverings at apt timings to maximize ventilation and insulation. These shades can be opened and closed easily and make the workplace healthier. Even in conference rooms, where black-out is frequently necessary, these motorized window shades are very appropriate. These are available with almost all the types of window shading solutions that have been mentioned above and even more. Furthermore, the strings attached to manually operated window coverings have registered cases of strangulation, so these help increase safety in your spaces as well (especially for areas with kids and pets).
Motorized Window Shades for Office
6. Smart window shades
These window shadings are the product of the new technological age and are slowly becoming more popular. They come with all the features of motorized window shade and more. Like any other ‘smart’ product, these shades can be pre-set and they can be operated through your phones. A lot of other devices such as cameras and smoke alarms can be attached with these shades which prompt it to open and close according to their input. These shades work very well for your office as they are the product of the future and enhance security and provide you with many other features.
Smart Window Shades for Office

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