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Best Window Treatments for a Traditional Look

Best Window Treatments for a Traditional Look

There are certain things that hold a great sentimental and nostalgic value for us. If you still have childhood pics somewhere in your closet and have a look at them from time to time, you know what I am talking about. Going down memory lane often brings a smile to our faces. Nostalgia has to do with a lot of things. That quaint feeling of remembrance and living like the golden old days is often coveted in the fast-changing, constantly on-its-toes world of today. As our peers, friends and relatives go after every latest trend, won’t it be a welcome change to take things slow? Many people who are refurbishing their homes or buying new ones are recognizing the importance of this, and are either keeping things simple or traditional. This goes for window treatments as well. Traditional window treatments not only lend an old-world charm to the house but also create a great fusion atmosphere with the more contemporary elements. For instance, an ethnic patterned rug provides great contrast on modern white tiles. Similarly, traditional drapes or curtains go well against a modern designed wallpaper. In this section, we examine which window treatments provide a great traditional look in your home, whether a living room, bedroom or any other place that is frequently visited.

Which Traditional Window Coverings to Buy?

Traditional window coverings are no longer limited to small towns or quaint houses built in the countryside or beach shacks. They have entered the popular culture of today, where people are being enamored by the impact they bring to the house. It is observed that anything pleasing to the eye goes a long way in maintaining peace and tranquility in our homes. And when a home is the stress-reliever and the hub of relaxation, it needs to be taken care of in such a way that causes comfort. So let us look at the following window coverings that offer the perfect traditional-modern blend of excellence.

Drapes and Curtains

When it comes to drapes, Crown boasts of some of the most enthralling designs you can ask for. Besides covering a wide area taken by long and wide windows, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some of the colors that these are available in are Madison Cashmere, Madison Cotton, Rio Tobacco, Rio Winter White, Sri Lanka Harvest, and Wilmington Nugget. To successfully put them up, you would need a rod to insert it through their rod pockets and use a Velcro closure or tie-up detail to hang them. Besides the rod panels, they also come in drapery panels with grommet tops or with scalloped valances at the top. They present a simple yet rather efficient design.

These curtains are ideal if you want some privacy in your home at any time you desire. Besides, they have had a long history of keeping the heat and cold out and making the room as cozy as possible. This helps in keeping the electricity costs under control, making them wonderful energy savers. So whatever season there is, they will prove to be handy to you. In summers, they prevent heat from entering your home while less effective window treatments would make things uncomfortable in no time. During winters, they do not allow the warm air inside to escape, thus keeping the air inside comfortable. Working both ways, Crown drapes are your ideal solutions if you are bothered by the weather. For cleaning them, you need to read the instructions, but ideally, they can be cleaned either through dry cleaning or spot removal.
Pinch Pleated Drapes

Real Wood Blinds

Real wood might be a little expensive compared to other window shades, especially the faux wood shades that are available at much lower prices. However, these window treatments provide a luxurious vibe to the home. They are also environmentally friendly as they can be easily recycled even when broken or destroyed. They offer a great look and go well in any kind of setting. At ZebraBlinds, they are constructed from the most premium-quality North American hardwood, presented from the house of Graber – a premium quality brand in window treatments. With their traditional look, they can add vigor and charm to any home, whether it is a large house with multiple windows or a small apartment in the middle of a city.
Norman Wooden Blinds

Bamboo Shades

Gone are the days when bamboo shades were seen as ideal window treatments only for beach shacks or cottages in far-flung areas where simplicity was the way of life. Their inclusion provides a stylistic addition to any setting, from bedrooms and living rooms to bars and cafes. Their textured appearance provides a rich texture to any home, and they have light filtering capabilities to provide your room with just the right amount of sunlight. At the same time, they offer a decent level of protection and privacy. Made from natural, 100% organic materials, these shades, just like wood shades and shutters, are environmentally friendly and protect the environment.

It is also widely believed by many people that these shades bring luck and prosperity into your home. They are the hallmark of positivity and keep your mind at ease when you are at home relaxing and watching television. These days, bamboo shades are also being incorporated with motorized features, so you can have a perfect blend of modern with the traditional with these window coverings.
Natural Wooden Shades

Roman Shades for Effortless Style

You do not need anything else in the room to match their beauty when Roman shades are up on your windows, impressing one and all with their timeless beauty and elegance. A classic example of traditional window treatments, Roman shades are available in a large variety of colors and designs. They are unique in the sense that they appear flat when they are closed, but when they are pulled up, they form neat folds or pleats depending on their type. Flat Roman shades, as the name suggests offer a plain solid appearance, folding up neatly when drawn all the way up. They are one of the most common forms of Roman shades.

Other common forms of Roman shades are relaxed Roman shades, which form a curved appearance at the bottom when they are pulled up; and London Roman shades, forming a tail on each side. Hobbled Roman shades and balloon Roman shades are also other types that are versatile enough to be put up in any part of the house including the kitchen and the bathroom. The wide applicability and functionality of Roman shades make them one of the most-used window treatments in the world. They do the job while lending an old-world look that goes well in any setting.
White Flat Roman Shades
Roman shades can also be set up with other window treatments for maximum appeal. They can be paired with valances as well as cornice boards so that your windows can become an appealing focal point and draw maximum praise from your guests.

Traditional window treatments like wooden shades, Roman blinds, and curtains and drapes are being given a modern twist by fashion connoisseurs and designers these days. Many of them now come with a remote controlling feature to do away with cords, one of the lesser impressive features of traditional blinds. Some of them have also been integrated with the Z-Wave hub so that they can be controlled through a smartphone or via voice instructions. Consumers have the option of choosing whether to go ahead with these modern controlling features or use the cords like in the old days. To each his own, we say. However, it is important to keep as many considerations as possible before spending.

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