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6 Window Treatment Ideas for Your Rental Home 

Best Window Treatments for Rental Property

Best Window Treatments for Rental Property


Most of us think twice when investing in our rental home. As it is not our permanent home, we don’t really feel like investing in it.

When it comes to interior home decor, one question that we often encounter is that why should we invest so much for the installation of modern window treatments? How Much do Custom Window Treatments Cost?

But one thing you should know about window treatments is that they are not just for decor – they benefit your home in many other ways.

The Following Are The Various Benefits of Window Treatments


Light Control

Window treatments let you control the amount of the light entering your home. By controlling the light these window treatments let you stop the glare from falling on your television or laptop and helps you enjoy your favorite show. When you want to sleep during the daytime, these window treatments control the external light that can disturb your sleep and offer you a sound sleep.

In this way, these window treatments help you in maintaining the ambiance you want for your home.


Window treatments offer privacy. If you have peeping neighbors, these window treatments allow you privacy from them and let you enjoy your personal spaces. Especially for rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, etc., where privacy is much needed, window treatments do a great job and keep you secure.

Noise Reduction

If your home is residing beside a busy road, window treatments reduce the noise and help you in achieving a good night sleep. Noise reduction window treatments definitely make a change and create a calm and peaceful environment within your home.


Window treatments also make your home look beautiful. As there are many advanced varieties of window treatments available in the market in different patterns, designs, styles, and colors, you can choose the perfect one for your home that makes your home look beautiful. 


Window treatments insulate your home in the best way. They maintain a moderate temperature by blocking out the external heat or cold from entering your home and create a comfortable environment. They also make your home energy efficient and help to reduce the energy bills.

As these are the various advantages window treatments offer, it is never a waste of investing in your window treatments. There are few low-cost window treatments that are highly affordable yet serve the best which can be appropriate for your windows.


The Following Are The Best Window Treatments For Rental Property


All these window treatments are highly affordable. You can also mount these window treatments outside the window so that you can uninstall them and carry them along with you when you leave your rental home.


#1. Vertical Track Blinds

Vertical Panel Track Blinds

Vertical track blinds are one of the options that offer a soft and sleek look to your home. If you have got long or large windows, these window treatments are the best option for your home. They offer semi or total privacy to your home and make it look beautiful. Vertical blinds are made of fabric, wood, or vinyl. They offer beauty and light control to your living spaces.


#2. Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are one of the most affordable window treatment solutions for your rental home. Faux wood blinds are also called false wood blinds as they give the look of real wood. These window blinds are an excellent economical way to dress up your windows. These blinds are highly durable and they are also dust and moisture resistant which makes them survive for a longer time. They do not warp or crack when exposed to heavy and extreme climatic conditions.


#3. Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are also known as aluminum blinds. These are also a perfect choice for your rental home. These are available in various varieties of patterns and styles.They are highly customizable based on your requirements. These blinds are highly durable and highly resistant to stains, dust, scratch, and fire. They are strong enough to withstand extreme climatic conditions. They are also easy to install. These shades offer the best features at the best prices.


#4. Roller Solar Shades

Roller Solar Shades

Roller shades are known for their practicality and light blocking benefits. These shades are perfect for your sunrooms as they are excellent in protecting your home from harmful UV rays. Roller solar shades provide privacy, comfort, protection and enhanced safety for your home. These shades are available in wide assortments of colors, designs, patterns, and colors. These window treatments are highly durable and strong enough that makes them the best option for your home. They insulate your home in the best way and make it energy efficient.


#5. Roman Shades

Fabric Roman Shades

Fabric roman shades offer both softness and practicality to your home at the same time. These window treatments offer style to any home along with safety and protection. Fabric Roman Shades are suitable for any room in your home. With the Roman shades, you can either create a classic or contemporary look for your home.


#6. Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery Window Treatments

Drapes and curtains are another great way to dress up your home. Drapery window treatments can also be combined with window blinds. Drapery window treatments offer maximum customization as they are available in many different colors, patterns, designs, and styles. Drapes add an extra layer of insulation to your home and help it making cool and comfortable for this summer. You can also add Custom Drapery Panels for your drapery window treatments.

There are many Custom Drapery Ideas to enhance the beauty of your drapery window treatments. You can combine them with toppers like valances and cornice boards and enhance the beauty of your windows and your home too. You can select the best pattern for your home that complements with the existing home decor. 

Get The Best Discounts

You can now shop these window treatments at the best prices at ZebraBlinds and make your rental home beautiful and practical this summer. All the above-described window treatments are highly affordable and durable, making them perfect for your rental home windows.

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