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The Best Window Treatments for Your Kid’s Room

Best Window Treatments for Kids Room

Different rooms are acquired by different types of people and each has its own kinds of requirements. The living room should be accommodative of a wider range of needs while the priority in the bedroom should be given to comfort and privacy.

However, there are some people who get left behind while these choices are made. These are the kids. They have little or no agency when it comes to deciding for the room that they are going to inhabit, and this is not mainly because their opinion is not valued but it is thought that they wouldn’t know better. However, it is important to take into consideration the choices they would want to make or give them the sensibility of control. This is a tough space to walk on. You probably can’t give them completely free access because they are not much informed about home décor and other such nuances but what you can do is narrow down a few likely choices for them and make them pick what they think would be good for their room. It is through these small decision-making powers that you can accede to them that will help them develop an independent personality and be someone who knows how to be in charge of their surroundings or of the space that they call ‘home’.

We know that among the wide number of choices that are made available to you, it is difficult to find the ones that suit your kid’s needs. For example, even if their room does not receive much sunlight directly and metal window covers will just do the job fine, you don’t want them installed because of the safety hazards that are implicit with metal shades.
Window Coverings for Kids Room
Here are a few things to keep in mind when you install window shades in your kid’s room:

1. The product should be safe for operation
As we said, materials such as metal that do not have a very safe operation should be avoided. Similarly, window shades with strings and long cords should be steered clear of because of the chances of strangulation that it brings with itself. Narrow down products such as fabric and other softer materials that have a safe and sound record. You don’t want to unnecessarily expose your child to hazards that can be easily avoided given the vast number of choices that are now available to you.

2. The product should not too suffocating
Natural lighting is very important in kid’s rooms and it is important that you remember it while installing shades in their room. You don’t want them to shut themselves in and over-use on the complete blackout feature that some window coverings provide. Given the tumultuous age that they will be going through and will go through, locking themselves in a room completely devoid of sunlight will not be a good idea.

3. Use products that are made from natural materials
Avoid using nylon and other synthetic materials especially plastic in your house as much as possible especially in your kid’s room. Vinyl materials can off-gas when putting under high heat which is toxic for your kids.

4. Look for products that provide protection
This goes for protection against UV rays that come in with the sunlight and even from the dust and pollution of the outside. Almost all window treatments do a good job of blocking these out but there are some that are specially designed to provide special protection.

5. Make it fun
Find products and prints and colors that add fun to their room. No one likes showing off as kids do and they would have friends over at some point. Having some fun with window shadings does not sound like a bad idea. You can add that extra color and buy quirky and weird prints.

Now that we know what features and qualities we are looking for in a product, we can narrow it down to some window treatments that provide us with them. Here is a look at a few:
1. Cellular shades
Given the trope of providing protection, cellular shades do a really good job and act as good insulators. They are highly energy-efficient and will keep the temperature of their room regulated. Because their fabric comprises of hexagonal cells, they provide a great protection against the dust and pollution and even filter out the UV rays. From the perspective of giving them a safe environment, these cellular shades work best and actually do this job really well. The energy efficiency of these window shades will also instill the idea of environment protection and energy conservation and they will be exposed to products that can be eco-friendly. This will help them grow with a certain consciousness of nature and a different perception of making lifestyle choices. Children are very impressionable and doing these little deeds will go a long way into making them responsible adults.
Cellular Shades for Kids Room
2. Curtains and drapes
Curtains and drapes are a really good option because they minimize the hazard risks of strings and cord and they are very easy to handle. The curtains and the drapes also allow a good amount of sunlight and air to flow in. They are light materials that move easily, and this will keep the room ventilated and will also make it easier for the kids to move it according to their convenience. A good control over their surroundings will give them more power over it and will help bolster their confidence. Because the curtains and drapes are made from fabric, they are available in the most varied options and the kids can have a lot of fun with the colors and the prints.
Drapes for Kids Bedroom
3. Roman shades
Another good product to be installed in your kid’s room is Roman shades. These fabric shades are like curtains, that is, they are made from fabric, but they have built-in shafts that fold on themselves giving a clean and organized look to them. They can be operated with a string which is again very easy to do, and most of them have a layer that protects the room from UV rays. These shades are good for your kid’s room because along with the added benefit of energy efficiency and being made from fabric, they have a very elegant appearance and give their room a great look.
Roman Shades for Kids Room
Other than these window coverings, there are many that can be installed in your kid’s room. You can always mix and match and have customization done but always remember to take your kid’s judgment on what the final product looks like.