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Best Window Shades if YOU’RE a Privacy Lover

Privacy shades

Securing Your Private Time with Right Window Shades

In this fast paced lifestyle where there is a culture of oversharing,  getting some private time for yourself and your loved ones can be difficult. After all the hard day of work, all we want is to get back to our homes and spend quality time with our family & loved ones. But as cities are getting overpopulated it’s becoming hard to secure one’s peace and that’s where the privacy window treatments come in handy. By covering your windows and outdoor spaces with the right choice of shades can guarantee you complete privacy and keep you away from streets and sneaky neighbors.

Do all window blinds and shades provide privacy?  And which are best solutions for different rooms? Well, here we have discussed different blinds and shade options you can choose from different rooms to secure complete privacy to your interiors.

But, First:

What’s an ideal privacy shade?

Privacy shades are opaque, non-transparent window treatments which are close enough to prevent view-through even when the rooms are lit from inside. These are perfect and a must need an option for your bedrooms, bathrooms, and rooms facing the street or a neighbor, keeping your inside of your home hidden.

Now that you know what exactly makes privacy window treatments, it’s now time for you to understand out of hundreds of privacy shade options which are the ideal choices for different rooms.

So what are the blinds for Bedrooms?

Your choice of window treatments for the bedrooms is probably one of the most important decisions you make for your home improvement. In addition to maintaining utmost privacy, bedroom shades must completely create blackout effect inside the room and must be comfortable in all weathers.

Creating a dark room for sleep very vital, your body produces naturally occurring melatonin hormone which is an anti-oxidant helps in getting sound sleep at night. According to thenakedlabel , this powerful hormone which is also useful in preventing cancer and other conditions in the body. Any small breaching of light through curtains or blinds can interrupt the hormone production causing a decrease in melatonin production. Even if you had a long night sleep of 8 hours small amounts of light can interfere with REM sleep and still can still leave feeling tired during the day.

Don’t worry; we have got the right solutions for you. You don’t have to search all day to look for perfect shades for your bedrooms. Here we have filtered the options and have made it very easy for you to choose the best solutions for the windows.

1. Cordless top down bottom up / Crystalpleat blackout cellular shades

Cellular Bedroom Shades
Top Down Bottom Up for Bedrooms

When it comes to light control and comfort there is no matching for the performance of cellular shades.  With the minimal budget, you can get these graceful look of cellular shades along with better control of privacy and energy savings.

  • Since the shades block all the radiant heat caused by the sun, Roller shades help in controlling your energy bills to a great extent.
  • Set the perfect mood and ensure you get a better night of sleep by blocking out all the ambient light.
  • Roller shades are great glare reducers which allow you to have the perfect movie night or get more work done on your computer on the real hot sunny day.

2. Blackout Roller Shades

Roller shades privacy
Roller shades for bedrooms.

Most often people tend to get muddled while choosing the window coverings for their bedrooms because they don’t want to compromise the style of their home for comfort and their very little choices left when you want both comfort & style.
Roller shades are simple, elegant neatly designed window coverings featuring the finest decorative fabrics and solar screens ranging from beautiful natural textures and solids to modern designs and colorways. Some of the unique features that make it the best choice for your bedrooms are

  • Roller shades are flame-retardant, fragrance-free and non-toxic window treatments so it does not deface your bedroom ambience.
  • Roller shades especially with the solar fabrics are made with sunscreen material hence are best in reducing UV exposure.
  • These privacy roller shades shades block all the radiant heat caused by the sun help in controlling your energy bills to a great extent.
  • Set the perfect mood and ensure you get a better night of sleep by blocking out all the ambient light.
  • Roller shades are great glare reducers which allow you to have the perfect movie night or get more work done on your computer on real hot sunny day.

3. Faux Wood Blinds Combined with Draperies

Faux Wood Blinds
Faux Wood Blinds for Bedrooms

If you live in areas of extreme humidity and heat, or if you want to give natural looks to your home then faux wood blinds are the best solutions for your bedroom windows. Faux wood blinds are very economical and easy-to-manage window solutions which are perfect for homes with more kids and pets. But for larger slat sizes, faux wood blinds can sometimes pose risk to your privacy therefore, we recommend you to layer your faux wood blinds with draperies to get a contemporary look and complete privacy.Faux wood blinds are very easy-to-clean as any type of cleaning products can be used since you don’t have to worry about damaging any of the fine grain of real wood.

  • They are the best choice of window coverings for extreme volatile weather conditions as they warp, crack and rot-resistant.
  • Crown Faux Wood blinds are made of non-combustible material and GreenGuard certified so they pose absolutely no danger of gassing or flames.

4. Blackout roman shades

faux wood blinds
Blackout Roman Shades

Roman shades come in two primary styles flat drop or teardrop styles. Flat roman shades are made of continuous piece fabric whereas teardrop shades are made of cascading folds that ripple down the window creating a sophisticated classic timeless look.

Unlike traditional shades, Roman shades don’t have slats or space between vanes creating a continuous look and allowing more privacy. Roman shades can also be customized for unusually looking windows in bedrooms.
Best options to choose for Outdoor Privacy Shades?

Outdoor Solar Shades

While there are several hundreds of options to enjoy inside the home, nothing can match spending few hours in out in the open air out in our patios. But the time has changed. No matter in which side of the debate you are climate change is real and it’s happening. According to NASA NOAA data show, 2016 was recorded as the warmest year on record globally till date. Therefore insulating your home and outdoors from increasing temperature becomes very critical.

When it comes to securing your outdoor privacy, exterior solar shades are best in the business. Originated in Southern Europe as a solution to keep building cool along with privacy, these shades absorb the light and emit the solar radiation keeping interiors cool. In addition to ultimate privacy, Blackout outdoor solar shades provide up to 15 percent more insulation to heat and 80 percent more protection from UV radiations.

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