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Best Sun-Protection Curtains

Window Sun Protection Curtains

We are all health-conscious individuals. Even as we enjoy a drink every now and then with our pals and prefer late-night parties and sleepovers at our buddies’ places, we would prefer eating right most of the time, exercising, and, not the least of all, keeping ourselves protected from changing climates. Yes, we do need Vitamin D as much as everyone else, but long hours of exposure to the heat and sun may have detrimental effects.


Window Sun Protection Curtains


Shopping for the best window sun-protection curtains can often land you in a quandary. Hence, it’s better to do your research before clicking on the “Buy Now” tab on your favorite online shopping site or killing your feet in hopping from one shopping mall to the other. Here we discuss the best window sun protection curtains based on various factors and their subtypes, from the level of light reflection and fabric types to the look and feel of them.


Custom Patio Sun Shades


Roller Shades With Side And Sill Channels

While we are protecting our home from the inside, we often forget the need of giving our abode an outdoor sun treatment. Awnings are protective coverings that prevent moisture and heat from entering the protected area. Many also prefer installing custom patio sun shades such as solar sails and roller shades with side and sill channels outside their living room windows to give them better treatment.

#1. Curtains According To Types

  • Panel Pair Curtains

They are one of the most popular types of curtains that you will find in every second home. They have two separate curtains (or panels) that can be pulled together or separately depending upon whether you want enough light inside or not. They are available in a variety of styles and designs for typically large windows and doors. Their use is universal across conferences, meeting halls, bedroom, dining rooms, etc. They can be tied separately to also create a unique look.

  • Single Panel Curtains

As the name goes, they are single curtains that cover the door or window. You can pull them aside as well to create a modern look with pleats. They are usually used for comparatively smaller-sized windows than panel pair curtains.

  • Valances


Window Valances


They are a form of drapes that are mounted on the top of windows to screen the curtain fittings. They are mainly used for decorative purposes and can be available separately or as part of a set. When you do not feel the need to spend on or maintain curtains, but still need some form of window treatment to prevent the home from the sun, Valances are a good option.

  • Window Scarfs

They are similar to Valances in that they are hung on the top of the windows and pulled down in times of need. They have comparatively thin fabrics and create a subtle and classy look for the windows.

  • Liners

They are an additional option to go along with the already installed curtains in your home. They are used for additional purposes like noise cancellation, thermal insulation, extra privacy etc.

#2. Curtains According To Opacity

They are an important factor in deciding the purpose that you want to achieve for buying the curtains. Do you want curtains only for decorative purposes or to protect the house against the sun and have some privacy too? Do you prefer natural sunlight or not? You can buy any of the following curtains to decide.

  • Sheer Curtains


Sheer Curtains


Almost transparent, these curtains are made from thin pieces of fabric and provide sunlight even when the curtains are closed. People who install them need to be aware that they do not provide much privacy or resistance against outside noise. However, they are good decorative options for living rooms.

  • Regular or Semi-Opaque Curtains

They occupy the middle ground between room darkening or blackout curtains and sheer curtains. They provide some level of privacy and resistance against the light when they are closed.

  • Room Darkening or Blackout Curtains

They are the best window sun-protection curtains to go for when you need absolutely no interference from the outside. When closed, the room is absolutely dark with little or no natural sunlight. They protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays in areas where temperatures are high and humid. They are made from thick fabrics to provide maximum privacy and resistance to outside sounds. Beyond their multiple purposes, they are also great decorative options.

#3. Curtains According To Attachment Styles

How you want your curtains attached to the rods may also be of concern to some. This is also to note that this section doesn’t apply to those who prefer Valance curtains.

  • Curtains with Ring Panels or Eyelets

In this mechanism, curtains hang from rings or eyelets through which the rod is inserted across the top of the fabric. They are popular for contemporary curtains and add oodles of style to your home.

  • Curtains with Rod Pockets

The rod goes through pockets that are sewn into the fabric on the top of the curtain. They are easier to maintain and clean and are good decorative options for people with a casual taste in home decor.

  • Curtains with Tab Top Panels

They are curtains where fabric loops are sewn at the top through which the rod is inserted. Available in various designs and embellishments, tab top panel curtains are a popular choice in modern homes.

  • Curtains with Hidden Tabs

Their design in the top panel is a combination of that of rod pockets and tab curtains. The tabs from which the curtain hangs are not visible, and the top panel is built with an additional, decorative piece of fabric.

#4. Curtains According To Materials

This is another very important consideration while shopping for window sun protection curtains. When thin materials are used for building curtains, they create a sheer or semi-sheer look. On the other hand, blackout or room darkening curtains use thicker materials.

  • Cotton

Cotton curtains are easy to clean and maintain. They give a sheer look and let in a lot of sunlight. They can be used in combination with other materials if you want to go for a more opaque effect.

  • Lace

They are sheer fabrics which are used in window treatments that allow a certain amount of light. The level of privacy they provide is not high, but they are still a popular choice in bedrooms, kitchen and dining rooms because of their aesthetically appealing look.

  • Linen

These materials are thicker than cotton, letting in a moderate level of light and providing more privacy.

  • Velvet

Used for modern decorative homes, these materials are used when you want no light or privacy inside a room.

  • Silk

A luxurious fabric, silk can be used to create a wide range of stylish and beautiful window sun protection curtains. It is versatile in the sense that it may be thick, blocking out the sun completely or semi-sheer, letting in some light. However, it requires high maintenance and must be dry cleaned regularly.

  • Synthetic


Sun Filtering Roller Shades


They are among the most popular choice among people of varied tastes. You may go for them if you don’t want to sell a lot of money as no natural materials are used in their production. They can also be used in making sun filtering roller shades.

As there are multiple types of curtains to choose from, it ultimately all boils down to your needs and tastes. You must carefully assess the options and see which window sun protection curtains are the best fit for your home.

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