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5 Window Treatments Your Bedroom Needs For A Good Night’s Sleep

Best Window Shades For Bedrooms

5 Best Window Shades For Bedrooms For A Good Night’s Sleep


Good sleep is good for your health. We all know the effects of improper sleep. Sleeping well helps us stay active throughout the day and also reduces many problems associated with our health. Sleep supports the healthy functioning of the brain which makes us show greater productivity in the workplace too. Especially in children and teenagers, sleep acts as a great support to ensure their growth and support. Best Window Shades for Bedrooms for good night’s sleep especially designed for smart homes.

Consequences of lack of sleep

  • Deficiency in sleep can result in serious health problems
  • Lack of sleeping can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney problems, and it also contributes to obesity
  • So make sure that you have a proper sleep and lead a healthy life
  • How can you get a good night’s sleep every night?
  • What are the effective measures that help us to achieve a good night sleep?
  • One important aspect that can help you to experience a proper sleep is a proper sleeping ambiance
  • A good sleeping ambiance can make us sleep for a long time while an uncomfortable sleeping ambiance can keep us awake all night

Now you might be worried thinking about the various ways of creating a proper sleeping ambiance. Our window treatments can transform the look of your bedroom and turn it out to be a sleeping sanctuary. Modern treatments are easy to access and also offer great functionality. They help you to achieve the desired ambiance for your bedroom.

As there are many types of window treatments available in the market, it can be so hard to select the perfect one for your bedroom. Each home is not the same, and every room has different needs. So each home and every room in that has different requirements that your window treatments should satisfy.

What Are The Best Window Coverings For Your Bedroom?

Blackout Roller Solar Shades For Your Bedroom

Blackout Roller Shades

Darkness gives us a happy sleep. With Blackout Roller Shades, you can make your bedroom dark as these shades block out the outside light that disturbs your sleep. These window treatments offer the greatest privacy and comfort which are highly required for your bedroom. They also keep your home comfortable by insulating your home in the best way. No matter how horrible the outside weather is, these window treatments make your home comfortable. During the day, they block the harmful UV rays and keep your family safe from the sun.

If you are a person who works during the nights and sleeps during the day, these shades make your home totally dark and create a nighttime ambiance that let you fall asleep soon. These shades are highly durable and strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Day Night Cellular Shades For Your Bedroom

Day Night Cellular Shades

Day night cellular shades are specially designed for your bedrooms. These window treatments are the perfect choice for your bedrooms as they offer the benefits of two types of shades in a single window treatment. The sheer fabric lets you create a bright room by allowing the diffused light to enter in during the daytime while the blackout fabric lets you create a darker ambiance that lets you sleep happily during the night.

Cellular shades are great in insulation and they make your home energy efficient. This helps you to save on your energy costs. They have a high R-value which refers to the resistance capacity of the window treatments towards the heat or cold. These window treatments are strong and also highly durable. They are available in different styles and colors that help you to create a good night sleeping ambiance to your bedroom.

Cellular shades are also known as noise reduction shades as they help block the outside noises and create a calm and peaceful ambiance in your bedroom. If you have little children or infants who sleep during the daytime, these window treatments let your child sleep peacefully as they help dampen outside noises.

Combining Drapery Window Treatments With Window Blinds

Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery window treatments act as an extra layer of insulation to your home. When you add these window treatments to your blinds, they help you to create privacy and offer light control too which are mostly required for a bedroom. If you choose a darker and dense fabric, you can create a darker room. If you choose a light colored thin fabric, you can create a bright room. As drapery window treatments are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns, you can choose the best one for your home that can complement your existing home decor to make your home look even more beautiful.

To make them look more sophisticated, select drapery hardware that suits your drapes the perfect way.

Window Treatments With Plantation Shutters


Shutters are one beautiful way to create a beautiful bedroom. Decorating With Shutters Inside let you add a classic beauty to your bedroom which makes you fall in love with them. The Plantation Shutters make your home energy efficient as they possess great insulation properties. Shutters are extremely durable and also long-lasting. When you combine shutters with the drapery window treatments, you can create a complete look for your bedroom.

Valances And Cornice Boards For Your Bedroom Curtains

Valances And Cornice Boards

To add additional aesthetics to your bedroom, combine your drapery window treatments with the suitable valance and cornice boards. Valances and cornice boards are the decorative items that help you to enhance the overall look of your home. Make sure you pair up our drapery window treatments with these add-ons and give your bedroom the best look.

Shop these wonderful window treatments at at the lowest prices with the best discounts and make your bedroom a sleeping sanctuary. We at ZebraBlinds offer free shipping and free samples too.

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