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Stay Comfortable In Your Own Home: The Best Window Blinds To Keep Heat Out

Beat the Heat with Our Best Window Coverings To Keep Heat Out


The importance of sunlight is well known all across the planet. Not a single organism can exist without the golden rays of the sun, but have you ever wondered what kind of consequences can be caused by excessive exposure to the sun? Besides causing burns on the epidermis, it can also contribute to the accumulation of cancer cells in our bodies. It is often said that prevention is better than a cure, and taking things in moderation is the best way of prevention. Each and everything, including the light of the sun, is harmful in excess.

For those who live in extreme conditions, it is very important to take care of the sunlight entering their houses. The easiest way out is to lock all the doors and windows and switch on the air conditioner, setting it on the lowest temperature possible. It is a well-known fact that 76% of the sunlight entering through your double pane windows transforms into heat. It is even worse if they face direct sunlight during the summer time.

To save your house from turning into a greenhouse, allow us to introduce you to the best window coverings to keep heat out. Besides providing flexibility overheat control, these window coverings block the unwanted light from entering inside. This contributes a lot in protecting your interiors from fading and reducing your electricity usage.

Even the United States Department of Energy (DOE) believes that medium-shade drapes, doubled with a white colored plastic liner, can reduce heat gain by 33%.

Save yourself the trouble and inconvenience this summer and try these insulating blinds to keep heat out of your windows.


How To Block Heat From Windows? Best Exterior Window Coverings To Keep Heat Out

Exterior Sun Shades


Exterior Sun Shades: To beat that heat, go for good quality solar shades made of screen material. Extremely sturdy and easy to maintain, exterior sun shades such as solar shades can block a considerable amount of heat and light outside your house. All they need is a light dusting once a week and voila, they are good to go!

Custom Outdoor Sun Shades: You can either go for ready-made outdoor shades or get them to tailor-made in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Exterior Shutter Shades

Exterior Shutter Shades: To reduce all that unwanted solar heat gain, go for exterior shutter shades. Available in a wide range of materials such as fabric, wood, steel, and aluminum, they are extremely useful in reducing the glare. Usually, exterior shutter shades are operated manually, but some variants can be operated from inside through a crack. They can be raised as per convenience and are extremely easy to maintain. Sturdy and long-lasting, solar shutters are a good window covering to invest in. It is recommended to go for shutters with small openings to block as much heat gain as possible.


Best Interior Window Coverings to Keep Heat Out: Shades That Block Out Light and Heat


Extremely useful, shades are meant to block all that heat and unwanted light outside. Install your shades close to the window and make sure to not leave any loose space around the window pane. Affordable and sturdy, they are worth their cost.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

  • Cellular Shades A.K.A Honeycomb Shades: The most popular and effective shades to keep heat and sunlight out, cellular shades AKA Honeycomb shades have maintained as one of the best for a long time. Specially designed for the purpose of providing extreme insulation, these thermal blinds have hexagonal cells arranged in a honeycomb looking structure. These cells absorb the outside air and create a wall between the outside and inside temperature. Your air conditioner can easily achieve the temperature set because the cellulars block all the unwanted heat outside, causing it to work less hard. Available in a number of shades, cellulars are energy efficient as well as aesthetically considerable. You can also pair them up with curtains and drapes to maintain a royal and exquisite look. If installed in the right manner, cellular shades can easily combat the heat wave coming inside by 80%.

Graber Blackout Cellular Shades

  • Graber Blackout Cellular Shades: An epitome of trust and quality, Graber has gained a considerable reputation in the window covering’s market. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of getting into issues from cheap imitations, go for Graber blackout cellular shades. Ideal for bedroom windows, they block all the sunlight and help you to savor peaceful naps during the scorching hours of the day.

Fabric Roman Shades

  • Roman shades: Roman shades are fabric based shades assembled into folds. Available in many colors and fabrics, they can be tailor-made as well. Choosing the right fabric takes them a long way in keeping all the unrequited heat and light outside your home sweet home. The modern age roman shades come with a cordless technology which makes them extremely safe for children and pets.


Blinds that Block out Light and Heat

We know that air conditioning during the summers is extremely useful, but wisely chosen window coverings can also contribute a lot. The DOE believes that highly reflective blinds can effectively cut down heat gain by 45%. If you are reconstructing your house then it is better to go for outdoor blinds. On the other hand, if it’s about redecorating, then go for interior blinds because it is a little tricky to install exterior blinds on an already constructed window pane. If you are planning to install fabric based blinds, go for light shades such as beige, white, light pink and powder blue because light colors reflect sunlight towards the ceiling, instead of scattering it in inside the room. From Roller Blinds to Venetian Blinds, all variants of blinds can perform considerably well when it comes to heat and light blocking.


Curtains and Drapes

Among the best window decorating ideas for summer, curtains and drapes occupy a considerable position. A royal look coupled up with the extreme utility is the reason behind all the popularity they have gained over the years. To obtain extreme utility, go for a light shaded fabric coupled with a plastic liner. To combat the heat, use a thick fabric for blockage or filter it with a summer sheer fabric. A white pair of sheer curtains makes the room look big, spacious, airy and extremely comfortable. If you live in a small apartment, sheers are one of the best choices to filter light and reduce a bit of heat and glare. Install your curtain rod a little above the window frame to give an illusion of a higher ceiling and enjoy a comfy feel.

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