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Best Window Coverings for A Place of Worship

Best Window Coverings for A Place to Worship

Saying a Little Prayer for You

Before you leave the driveway, you are already imagining yourself with your family in a peaceful environment. A place where you say your prayers and you give thanks for everything that has happened (good or bad) in your life. But the moment you reach the steps of the worship center you notice that nothing is what you had imagined. Instead, the furnishings look old and decrepit, the lighting and windows are ramshackle and the congregation looks like a bunch of zombies. Would this atmosphere make you want to enter the place or turn around and bolt out of the door? That is the power of a beautifully furnished worship center because it is more than just a place to say your prayers. It is a sanctuary to congregate with like-minded members of the community. This is the space where you achieve a higher sense of peace and calm. A place that is close to your heart and soul.

Window Coverings for Worship Centers

A prayer center must always have an ambiance of serenity, grace, hospitality, and dignity. It is an abode for people to come and visit, say a few words to God or time for quiet contemplation. Which means that space must have complementary furnishing elements that help bring in alignment with peace and divinity. Hence Liturgical décor elements must not be flashy or gaudy. It must be somber, minimal, and portable. It must be fitting for all communities, big and small. Window attachments in these places must accommodate people of any religious calling, spiritual cultures, or divine intention. Moreover, these window shades greatly enhance the look of the facility by creating a positive and vibrant aura among the congregation. For a warm, inviting, and solemn prayerful experience, the following window shadings are the most ideal. Take a look below:

Exterior Window Shading Systems: A prayer facility that has many exterior windows have many benefits. Such window shadings enable onlookers to view the interior furnishings from the outside. This system allows incoming natural light that brightens up the place. It becomes energy efficient as there is no need for artificial lighting during the daytime.

Exterior Window Shadings

Modern Designed Window Shadings: A worship center’s unique design of utilizing windows on every surface helps create a super bright aura. If the surfaces are painted white, then it can add on to the brilliance. In general, window attachments installed in unusual places of the prayer facility can make it stand out.

Window Shadings in Rooms for Kids: There are certain play areas assigned for kids in worship centers. The window dressings have softer vibes to it. The décor consists of colorful furnishings and kid-friendly carpeting. During the service, children can run around freely and relax. For first time guests, windows enable both the parents and the kids to see into the room before entering. The scenery on the walls, patterned furniture, brightly colored window dressings, and vibrant decorations are what makes such places inside prayer centers, inviting for kids and parents alike.

Motorized Shading Solutions: If there are lots of windows present in the room for contemplation, then it allows natural lighting to permeate into the room. If you add motorized shades to the mix, then you will be blocking this natural light with the help of a wall switch or remote. Convenience and room transformation are the benefits of such shades. Such remote or voice-controlled window shades can provide enough darkness to allow playback of service videos or lighting effects for services.

Voice Controlled Window Shades

Velvet Curtains: Compared to regular curtains, these draperies make the worship facility more welcoming. Moreover, these window attachments are superb for sound absorption, thereby making them more appropriate for places like say a church. Instead of installing sound dampening or soundproofing panels into the walls, what you need to do is hang a curtain or a drape in the most suitable spot for any particular project. When not in need, you can take them down. There are many ways in which you can utilize velvet curtains to provide an overall classy and appealing look. They are as follows:

  • Walls and windows: To enhance or improve the décor of the worship center, use curtains. Velvet curtains are an incredible way to dress up the windows of the worship facility.
  • Stage: A stage can have a classy decent look provided it has good looking stage curtains. Velvet ones do the trick. They add a level of sophistication to the place, and it offers practical guidance during sermon preparations.
  • Room Dividers/Partitions: Velvet curtains can be used as room dividers or as partitioned areas for any need as and when required. It is an elegant way to separate an area into other smaller areas. Such shadings bring comfort and convenience to a place of worship.

Skylight Shading Systems: Certain worship centers use daylighting as a means of reducing electric lighting usage. How? During the day, the natural sunlight that streams in is used for lighting purposes. Artificial lighting is not needed during this time. Those centers that use specifically detailed skylight window covers get the benefit of good lighting along with zero leaks.

Skylight Window Shades

Bringing People Together in Faith

A window covering can do a lot more than just spruce up a worship facility. It can bring hundreds of people together united in one common faith and understanding. It sets up the vibe and tone for that day’s or evening’s divine session. It is also a very important element in the overall aesthetic and décor of the facility. Therefore, the choice of window dressing in a place of worship determines the style and ambiance of the place. There is a possibility that each worship place may be used for many purposes where every purpose has its own set of challenges and goals. Nowadays walls consisting of mere windows are acting as partitions to delineate various meditative spaces. In conclusion, with the right window shading, you can achieve quality presentation, convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency for any worship facility be it a synagogue, mosque, cathedral or church.

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