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Best Window Blinds For Your 7 Foot Window

Best Window Blinds For Your 7 Foot Window

7-foot window blinds are a little different from your standard set of blinds. Normally you’re dealing with a window that’s at most 3 feet long or maybe even four feet. Most modern blinds can fit that size and usually have a style that’s perfectly suited for that range. The right set of window blinds can turn that enormous 7-foot hole in the wall into an enormous aesthetic piece of décor that does a great job with light and heat control.
Since you’re obviously here to make sure you get the best fit for your home, let us give you some options to consider.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds look so good and may very well be the best window blinds for your 7-foot window. Because of their non-conforming mechanism; vertical blinds are known to be extremely sought after in situations where an extra-wide window is available. Using vertical blinds here brings out a more contemporary style for which vertical blinds are actually quite well known.
Large Vertical Blinds

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are more functional than aesthetic, but if you are considering a more functional theme than most, then you’ll find that your blackout shades are actually exactly the perfect visual fit for your home. Blackout shades are also meant to be used by someone who prefers extremes in this case. After all, you wouldn’t want a 7 foot window if you didn’t like the sun; and you wouldn’t want blackout blinds for said 7-foot window unless you also liked the dark. Even if you just prefer the dark and would prefer to hide from the sunlight, these blackout shades have got your back.

So if you love the sun AND the shade, then the blackout shades are perfect for you. But while we’re talking about shades, you’ll find that most roller shades would actually make for a very good addition to your 7 foot window. This would be doubly certain if you also went for smart blinds, which would be absolutely stunning to watch when in motion. Imagine natural light flooding the room at the touch of a button, that’s what smart blinds can do for you if you choose the right vendors, like Zebrablinds.
Motorized Blackout Shades

Solar shades

We’ve already told you what you can buy for vampires who need to cover up a 7 foot window. But when hunting for 7 foot window blinds for a person who actually enjoys natural light, there is only one perfect type of window that will let you enjoy the light but also keep it from blinding you all at once. Solar shades aren’t always the best choice if you can’t handle the light. But if you love shedding a little light on your life then solar shades are quite a potent option. If you enjoy collecting reflective décor, solar shades will show you your whole room in a completely new light setting.
Large Solar Shades

Roman shades

Don’t try knocking roman shades, they’re as resilient and amazing as the empire was (figuratively, they’re actually quite delicate so make sure not to physically manhandle them too much). But roman shades are one of the most common simply because they fit the modern them quite well with their simplicity. However, Roman shades are to be used only on especially LONG windows as opposed to wide windows. They start to look strange once they get beyond a certain width, so they aren’t meant for wide windows. But if you have an especially long window, a roman shade will bring out the best in your home.
Smart Roman Shades for Large Windows

Bottom Up cellular shades

Cellular shades are absolutely notorious for their significant heat controlling properties. When you combine this with the bottom-up shades you get 7-foot window blinds that can let the light in a little but still keep most of the heat out. Bottom-up shades tend to go down when opening and up when closing. So you can set them so you keep the sun out of your eyes while lighting up your room for the day. Bottom-up cellular shades are actually many times more effective when you get smart shades. You’ll be able to set the amount of light you want in your home perfectly down to the last inch.
Whatever type of blinds you do go in for, just make sure you have your dimensions right. After that the only thing you need to know is what colors you need and don’t need. Reputed vendors like Zebrablinds tend to have dedicated chats where you can ask an expert some of the tougher questions you have (or any question, really) before you’re ready to set up your new 7-foot window blinds.