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Best Ways to Buy Plantation Shutters at Discount Prices

Plantation Shutters at Discount Prices

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are among the most popular window treatments in the market. Classy, sophisticated, and elegant, these shutters have captivated people with their high aesthetic appeal. They are characterized by tilted louvers that resemble the slats in blinds. Unlike other window treatments like shades and blinds, plantation shutters are not hung but fitted on to the window frames themselves, and they generally swing open. Made of a variety of materials like vinyl, basswood, hardwood or MDF, plantation shutters are stunners and show-stealers through and through. Irrespective of room and décor, these shutters have a personality and character of their own which makes them stand out.

They not only lend charm and style to your windows and rooms, but they also have the much needed insulating and light control qualities that make them a much sought after window treatment. The louvers can be opened or closed as per your light and privacy requirements and also prevent heat from entering the house during summers and from escaping the house during winters.
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Things to Consider While Purchasing Plantation Shutters

If you are considering plantation shutters, here are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing:

Types of shutters: there are different types of shutters depending upon whether you are looking for inside installation or outside installation. Not all materials can withstand weather differences or be exposed to harsh weather conditions outside.
Louver side: louver size matters for your décor, look, and functionality. There are different sizes available. It is recommended to choose a larger louver size for large windows.
• Installation by experts is advisable for shutters, as they must be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements. If they are installed incorrectly, the manufacturer may void your warranty.
• Go for small upgrades like shutter locks, shutter pulls, hidden hinges, etc. doesn’t cost much but can make a big difference going forward in terms of safety and functionality.
• It is important to understand that plantation shutters can be motorized and the tilt can be automated to open and close at certain times of the day.
• The material can make a lot of difference for your shutters and to their pricing. Ensure that the material you are investing in is of sustainable quality and can withstand wear and tear. The type of material you choose will also affect your costs. A hardwood shutter will cost you far more than a vinyl one any day, though wood shutters look stunning.
• Before investing in plantation shutters go for a cost check. It is important to understand how much shutters can cost you. Check on the different manufacturers and their products before settling for one. National manufacturers are tried, tested, warrantied and have been in the market for decades.

How to Get an Estimate of Cost for Plantation Shutters

There is a “Shutter Cost Calculator” from HomeWyse which offers quite an accurate estimate of shutter costs in your area. Enter details like zip code, approximate window size and specifics like real wood vs faux wood, etc. once you hit enter you can a fair estimate of possible costs including local labor cost. This is a good way to start your research.

Local Dealers & Online Reputed Brands

You can do a cost and quality check of local products and also renowned brands like Graber, Norman, etc. For local products, you can visit the stores and get an estimate. With local dealers, you can also negotiate and secure a good deal for plantation shutters. Keep a note of the quality of the shutters, however.

You can also consider online purchases as it gives you access to more websites and more options. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, and types. You can also be assured of more competitive prices. There are several sellers who are selling their products online and cannot charge you extravagantly if they want to score an edge of others. Go to respective sites and get an idea of the prices and do a quick comparison.

When you are purchasing online you can avail of amazing deals that are offered from time to time to attract buyers. You do not have to worry about warranties as they are taken care of but you must ask for them to be on the safer side. If you are buying in bulk, you can request for some additional offers and discounts. Sometimes some add-ons may be available free of cost as well.

Norman Plantation Shutters from ZebraBlinds

Norman Plantation Shutters available at ZebraBlinds are among the best that you can get. Made of sustainable and durable wood, these plantation shutters are stunners. They have a touch of elegance that can transform the look and feel of any room and the best news is the extremely competitive prices that are offered to online buyers. There are additional discounts available which make the prices all the more attractive. Give these gorgeous plantation shutters from ZebraBlinds a try and you will keep coming back for more. The best quality product at competitive discounted prices is what you are promised and what you get.

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