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Best Ways to Block Sunlight on Your Window

Best Ways To Block Sunlight

Adieu Sunlight, Welcome to a Pleasing Ambiance

Everyone loves the sense of the soft and smooth texture of natural daylight, but excess sunlight and heat can make your home warm and uncomfortable. Instead of fighting with the cooling systems and AC in order to create a pleasant indoor temperature, why don’t you block out the heat directly by covering the windows? Rather than spending a fortune on electricity bills, get window treatments that will prevent all the unwanted sunlight from entering your home in the first place, keeping your indoor cool and comfy in scorching weather.

There are plenty of ways to improve the indoor overheating problem. In the summer season, it’s tough to go out and hang out with your friends. But a relaxing and comfortable indoor environment can be the perfect hangout spot inside your home. Harmful sun rays can cause various health issues, skin cancer being one of them. Because of all these reasons, it’s essential to block out the sun completely. Reduce the incoming light and cover up the windows with the right solution that will make you stay inside your home without any complication. Follow the below ideas that will protect your home décor from the suffocating sunlight heat.

Block Sunlight Window: Ways to Get Rid of the Harshness

East and West facing windows confront the most light. When it comes to obstructing the sun, window shades and blinds are the best solutions, and nothing can beat their effectiveness in terms of functionality and versatility. But keep in mind that the material and color you select impact a lot, in terms of blocking the sunlight. So, customize the shades properly to get the highest level of benefits. In this article, we will discuss the proper ways to block the sunlight on your window –

• Sun Blocking Window Shades and Blinds
Cellular honeycomb blinds, solar shades, and roller shades are the most reliable and versatile choice in preventing the sunlight. Cellular shades are popular for their energy-efficiency features, the honeycomb fabric creates a barrier at your window, keeping the indoor ambiance at an ideal condition while lowering the home’s utility bills.
Solar shades are a fantastic choice for blocking the sunlight properly while offering an outside view. These shades are available in different openness factors. If stopping the daylight is your priority, then go for the smaller opacity sun shades.

Explore the other window shades such as roller shades, wood blinds, pleated shades, or roman blinds, depending on your choice and requirements. All these window solutions are available in many color and texture options to match your interior styles. Select the design wisely as it can play a vital role in blocking or reflecting the daylight. For example, white-colored window shades reflect most of the direct daylight and stop the interior from being overheated.
White Colored Window Shades
Blackout window shades are well-known for their energy-efficiency properties, and their thick fabric material keeps all the light out of the home while keeping the indoors dark. These type of shades cut down glare and other harmful beams to protect your interior and your health as well.

Shades with a motorized lift allow for easier use and greater functionality. Smart shades can be programmed or set to a timer, allowing them to operate automatically during the day.
Blackout Window Shades
• Curtains and Draperies Prevent up to 60% of Solar Gain
Curtains and drapes are popular because of their stylish and fashionable appearance, but they are astounding when it comes to functionality. When installed on the bare windows, they can block 20% – 60% of solar gain, reducing the temperature of the space.

Layering these curtains with other window solutions will enhance the ability to block the sun and improve the privacy level as well. Sometimes, after installing blinds or shades, a small gap from the side of the window frame can allow light leakage. In such a scenario, this combination works well.
• Install Shutters for a Permanent Solution
Window shutters come with different vane sizes; adjusting them will balance the light that penetrates through the windows. Keep the louvers closed to enjoy maximum efficiency. The insulating feature will keep the arena cool while saving on energy costs. Customize the dressings from a variety of color and pattern choices.
Sliding Glass Door Shutters
• Awnings Keep the Heat Outside
If you have a beautiful outside view, then you probably don’t want to block that. By installing awnings, you can reduce the sunlight up to 90% without affecting the view. These solutions work well on south-facing windows. By blocking the harmful UV rays, they protect the furnishings, floors, and other valuable belongings.
• External Window Shadings
The above solutions are ideal for indoor protection. But what about outdoor areas? People love to spend their time outside, but excessive sunlight can become restrictive. Planting trees around your patio openings will help to block some light and keep the exterior space cooler for some time. But if you want to get rid of this problem, then use awnings or exterior solar shades over your deck. This will reduce the amount of sun that hits your outdoor space.

Some Additional Tips for Obstructing Daylight

Besides combining window shades, you can install light blockers or sidetrack channels that will reduce the number of light gaps. Otherwise, attach extra blackout or thermal liners for maximum control. Try to mount the shadings outside of the window frame for complete coverage.

Follow the above hacks that will make your home look fresh and comfy, and you can enjoy better insulation, light blockage, and sunlight protection. Depending on the window position, choose the shading. For example, west-facing windows need heavy coverage, while south-facing windows require light coverage. Give your windows the best and spruce up the overall look of the space!

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