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Surviving The Summer With New Window Treatments

Best Ways to Block Heat From Windows

Be Summer Ready: Best Ways to Block Heat From Windows


Sunlight is important, but being exposed to it for long can be detrimental to you in various ways. To escape the blazing sun, the easiest way is to shut yourself in your home and blast the air conditioner at its max. It works for a temporary cool down, but what about the sunlight that keeps sneaking inside your house through the doors and windows?

Heat gain from your windows doubles the workload of your air conditioner and makes it very difficult for the poor machine to maintain a suitable temperature inside the house. Surprisingly, 76% of the sunlight which creeps through standard double-pane windows enters your house and transforms into heat. During this warmer time of the year, your windows can make your house feel like a greenhouse by letting the heat in and barring it from an escape.

Blinds That Block Heat From The Sun


We know for a fact that most of you decorate your windows with those beautiful curtains and drapes to enhance the aesthetic value of your house, but have you ever wondered how all those window embellishments can actually make a huge difference by helping you lower your energy bills during summers? The United States Department of Energy (DOE) believes that a pair of medium-shade drapes with a proper liner can reduce the heat gain by 33%.

Summer Window Treatments for Your Home


To help you combat the heat and keep those huge energy bills at bay, we have jotted down the best ways to block heat from windows. Apart from the discomfort and nuisance, the sunlight entering through your doors and windows can disturb your power naps during the blazing afternoons, and affect your well-being too.

So, when the summer heat knocks on your door this year, we will help you counter it with the best window coverings to keep heat out. Go through them and thank us later for the comfort and those slashed electricity bills.

Interior Window Treatments to Beat The Heat


#1. The Best Shades to Keep Out Heat

Among the most efficient ways to save electricity, shades are at the top. They block the heat and reflect the scorching sunlight back during the summers. Usually, inexpensive, correct installation is very important if you want to reap the benefits of these shades. Mounting them extremely close to the glass helps in creating a sealed space which obstructs the sunlight. We have found four of the best window shade variants to keep the heat out:


  • Reversible Shades: Among the best ways to block heat from the windows, reversible shades offer a 2-in-1 advantage. Light colored on one side and dark on the other, you can switch them according to the weather outside.

Best Shades to Keep Out Heat - Reversible Shades

  • Roller and Roman Shades: Very cost-effective, roller shades have a roller bar fitted at the top of the window. Roman shades are made from fabric, evenly assembled into a series of folds. Both of these shades are available in numerous colors, fabrics, and weaves. Choose a heavier fabric to help you control the amount of privacy, light, and heat entering your room.

Best Ways to Block Heat From Windows - Roller and Roman Shades

  • Exterior Solar Shades for Patio Doors: The ideal shades for your patio doors are solar shades made of good quality screen material. Durable and low maintenance, they reduce the glare and block the UV rays from disrupting the temperature of your house. With a very sleek appearance, they look tidy on the sliding doors too. If you want to maintain the view and reduce the glare, solar shades will take care of it all. Slim and easy to install, they will do the job of filtering the harsh sunlight from entering your home which makes them one of the best ways to block heat from windows while retaining your view.

Exterior Solar Shades for Patio Doors

  • Cellular Shades A.K.A Honeycomb Shades: Cellular shades have small hexagonal channels which increase the insulation of your room by trapping unwanted heat. Noise dampening and energy efficient, cellular shades are available in many colors and are an ideal choice for any room. Their honeycomb fabric is the reason behind their efficiency, which helps you maintain lower electricity bills. Experts say that cellular shades can cut down the solar heat entering your homes by about 80%, or even more if installed tightly.

Best Shades to Keep Out Heat - Cellular Honeycomb Shades

#2. Blinds That Block out Light and Heat


The slats in a blind can be adjusted to control the light and ventilation in a room. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), high-reflection blinds can cut down heat gain by 45% if closed tightly. Though exterior blinds are much more effective than the interior ones, it is not very easy to install them to an already-constructed window. They are ideal for newly constructed houses and block the heat before it even enters your room. If installed in the proper manner, interior blinds can be used to reflect the sunlight towards the ceiling which can scatter the light without creating too much heat inside. If your windows face major sunlight most of the day, blinds are the ideal window treatments for you.

#3. Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and Drapes

Among the list of the best ways to block heat from the sun, curtains and drapes have found a considerable position due to their impressive utility and rich look. Although their ability to control the heat depends upon the fabric they are made of, experts believe that the medium colored draperies with liners can cut down the heat by at least 33%. A cornice can be installed at the top of the drapery to help block the sunlight from entering your house. Take an extra layer of precaution by hanging a couple of drapery panels together and placing them very close to the window. This will create a tighter airspace and obstruct the outside heat, while also giving the benefit of increased light control, privacy, and decorative options.


Exterior Window Treatments to Beat The Heat


  • Exterior Shutters and Shades: One of the best ways to block heat from windows, exterior shutter and shades are extremely effective in reducing solar heat gain. They are usually made of fabric, wood, steel, aluminum or vinyl. While purchasing them for your residence, make sure that the material has smaller openings because of tinier the openings, the higher its resistance towards heat.

Exterior Shutters and Shades

Exterior shutters and shades are available in various kinds of materials. Most of their variants are manually operated while some of them can be opened and closed from inside through a crack. To enjoy complete privacy, protection from heat and safety from storms, lower their blinds completely. You can also raise them partially if you want some air and light inside your house. Not all treatments are designed for exterior use, so be sure you have exterior treated shutters or shades for these purposes.

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