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Best Types Of Blinds For A Bedroom


Even the most extroverted and social people need a private space where they can relax and spend some time away from the world’s commotion. The bedroom is a place that can provide one a safe haven to find inner peace and tranquillity.  It is one’s private space where one can read a good book, reflect, meditate or relax to charge themselves to face the challenges of the outside world.  A person spends one-third of his life sleeping, and one’s bedroom must be designed and furnished to suit individual needs and tastes. Window treatments go a long way in ensuring a distinct theme for the bedroom. While selecting a blind for the bedroom, one must be very careful because a wrong selection affects the room’s overall ambience.

Functions Performed By Blinds In A Bedroom

The right type of blind in the bedroom makes it appear more inviting and vibrant. Further, some of the blinds help regulate the temperature inside the bedroom by providing an additional layer of insulation in the bedroom and making it warm and cosy. In addition to it, the bedroom blinds also offer the option of complete blackouts, which can lessen the overall sunlight entering the room. It ensures total peace and sound sleep for the owner. Further, they enhance the overall appearance of the bedroom as they are very sleek and easy to clean.

Best Bedroom Blinds

  • Roller blinds:  A roller blind uses a fabric rolled around a tube. It is set at the top of the window. They act as the protective shield in the bedroom when the owner wants complete privacy and less light. They are one of the best options when it comes to bedroom windows. They offer complete control over light when customized with a blackout material. Roller blinds streamline the look of bedroom window treatment and make the room uncluttered and sleek. Roller blinds can also be motorized, which offers ease of control through remote control or a phone. So, one can do away with the physical labour of manually adjusting the blinds every time and spend some relaxing moments under the covers. Roller blinds installed in the bedroom also save the owner’s time as they are easy to clean and maintain. Blackout roller shades are perfect for blocking out light completely through the material for better quality of sleep.
  • Pleated blinds: Next in line are the pleated blinds which are made out of softer fabric. These come with standard light filtering materials which allow a soft glow of light to come through, thus creating a comfortable private space in the bedroom. Pleated blinds make every bedroom distinct as they have a very contemporary style and are an ideal fit for modern-day metropolitan apartments. They are also successful in creating perfect warmth in the room without allowing the sun’s scorching rays to enter the bedroom. Since light is not blocked by them altogether, the bedroom looks bright even when the blinds are drawn.  Pleated blinds make the bedroom visually dynamic as they come in a wide variety of shades and colours, which are very cost-effective. They are single layered and are thus lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Honeycomb energy saver blinds: If the bedroom gets cold quickly, then the Honeycomb blinds are the perfect solution. They provide a new layer of insulation that keeps the bedroom warm. Owing to their honeycomb shape, the blind traps the bedroom’s natural heat and keeps the room warm and cosy. They offer a wide variety of patterns and colour combinations, thus providing the owner with the chance to step up the bedroom’s overall ambience. In addition, these blinds offer a high level of privacy as compared to other window treatment solutions and are a good option if one lives in a highly congested area.  Further, the honeycomb blinds can offer complete blackouts and filter the sunlight entering the bedroom. An additional benefit of the honeycomb blinds is that they can provide some insulation from exterior noise and help to create a truly private space in the bedroom.
  • Roman blinds: These cover the windows in the bedroom along with the frame and give a sophisticated look to the bedroom. Roman blinds can make the bedroom a lot more vivacious as they can be matched with the pillows and sofas in the bedroom. These add more charm and style to the bedroom according to the personality of the owner. They come with the option of being automated and pre-programmed and thus offer maximum convenience. Roman blinds are most suitable for bedrooms as they provide complete privacy. They can be used with a liner to ensure total blackouts in the bedroom. An additional benefit of roman blinds is that they can be paired with other window treatments in the bedroom. Roman blinds provide complete flexibility to the owner as they come with multiple design options. The owner can select the no-fold option, the flat fold option and even the teardrop option.

Additional tips for selecting the blinds for the bedroom: One spends most of their time at home in the bedroom. Thus, the decision regarding the choice of blinds is a critical point. Before finalizing a blind for the bedroom, one must ascertain the personality and the tone of the bedroom. The essential points to consider are the bedroom location, the tyle of the windows and the overall room décor. Once it is finalized, the next important thing is to consider one’s preferences. Some of the essential points to think about are whether one shares the room with someone, how much one wants to spend, and what makes one relaxed and comfortable. Based on both these factors, one must decide the texture, colour and style of the blind for the bedroom.

The blinds reflect the personality of the owner. One must select the blinds for the bedroom, keeping in mind one’s personal choices and preference while at the same time making sure that they do not dent the overall budget of the owner. Thus, selecting the correct type of blind for the bedroom will ensure that the person is relaxed and rejuvenated to step into the outside world with confidence.

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