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Best Techniques to Treat the Windows in Your Sunrooms

Best Techniques to Treat Windows in Your Sunroom

What are They?

Imagine air-conditioned rooms while being outdoors. Awesome, right? That is the definition of a sunroom, a marriage of experiencing the great outdoors along with a fresh cool environment. These rooms are quite versatile as they can also be used for multiple purposes. For instance, they can provide energy-efficient surroundings for your loved ones. You can also use this room to entertain your friends and guests at your home. Without being subjected to the wrath of Mother Nature herself, you can enjoy an outdoor-indoor mixed environment. This is the reason why these rooms are so popular with homeowners everywhere across the country. To get the most out of your sunny space, you need to find the window treatment that is best suited for it. Otherwise, the wrong window covering can prove to be a deadpan thing. This kind of room is mostly made out of windows. As a result, the window cover you use for that area will adversely affect the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of that space. Below are some types of suggestive window adornments you can use to dress up this room. Remember, these coverings have to be both dependable and visually appealing.
Motorized Sunroom Window Treatments

Awesome Ways to Cover this Space

It’s the summer again where the days go on and on; there are fresh flowers everywhere the eye can see. And nowadays, people want to go outside and bask in nature. If you have free time, then why not? The ideal way to spend time leisurely is inside this room. You get to enjoy the beautiful weather without toasting yourself in the harsh heat. In a way, you are spending time outside but not entirely outside. So, what is the perfect covering for great summer outdoors? Take a look at the following window coverings that you can benefit from throughout the year and just during the summer months.

Do what the Romans do: When you combine beauty, elegance, and functionality in a window shade, you get a roman solar shade. These shades are perfect for such rooms as they are beautiful to look at and at the same time, protect your family from harsh ultraviolet rays. You reduce your chances of skin cancer too. If you happen to have any electronics or devices in this room, then install these shades because they are also anti-glare.
Roman Shades for Sunroom
Go cellular for spectacular: If you desire energy-efficient window attachments then opt for cellular shades. They make great window dressings for these rooms as they provide much-needed insulation to the windows. Get protection from the harsh sun, stay cool during the summer, and stay warm during the winter. Go for motorized shades for those hard to reach windows.

Roll with it: Roller shades come in a variety of options such as solar, room darkening, and light filtering. They have the feature of a complete UV radiation blockage. This feature is essential for any season and is the most ideal.

Sheer luck: These shades are not great for privacy as the shades are sheer. Hence the name – sheer shades. As these shades are constructed with see-through fabric, they are ideal for incoming natural light. They do, however, help to reduce harmful UV radiation from the sunlight. Sheer shades also prevent your furnishings and carpeting from getting faded due to ultraviolet exposure. Opt for these shades to make your interiors feel airy and light, at the same time classy and elegant.

Time to go solar: Solar shades are great for such rooms because they do so many things for your interiors. Reduce glare, protect you from harmful UV rays, and help you maintain the temperature in the room. They can be paired up with sheer curtains for an airy, breezy look. As a result, you get more lighting alternatives. They block a little less sunlight as compared to sheer drapes. They are anti-glare, so you can use your mobile phones, tablets and other technological devices without any worries.
Solar Shades for Sunroom
Shades you wood need: If you want a less intense insulator window cover then go for woven wooden shades. When they are closed, they still allow some light to pass through into the room. You can also dress it with windows that have a nature theme. In that case, opt for jute and bamboo.
Natural Window Shades
Plant those shutters: While we are leaning in towards the wood-based window attachments, let us explore the realm of plantation shutters. This type of window dressing fits ideally in such rooms. The reason being that it is a space that allows incoming sunlight. These shades are permanent but can be adjusted to block just enough sun rays so that there is a reduction in glare. But at the same time, your interiors receive light and ventilation. If you completely shut them, they create a private haven for you to share intimate moments with your loved ones. Easy to clean and durable, they also add tremendous value to your house if you are ever planning to resell or move out of the neighborhood.
Window Shutters for Sunroom

Shades you can blindly install: Spruce up this room with elegant wooden blinds that offer a timeless aesthetic as well as control over incoming sunlight. If the room consists of multiple windows, then install faux wood blinds that show off that organic appeal at the same time is cost-effective. For a natural vibe, go for stained based slats. If you want a modern and cool look, get the wooden blinds painted white.

Curtains are calling: Many people go for protection from the harsh sunlight while others opt for privacy. However, with curtains, you get both along with an additional aesthetic feature – softness. Make the interiors of the room appear soft and inviting with a drapery treatment. Go for combined treatments such as white sheers and drapes. Or pastel blue for a pop of color. You can even hang the curtains from metal rods to get a modern look. If you want them to appear a bit more traditional, then go for bronze rods that are oil-rubbed.
Curtains for Sunroom Windows
Tint’s the hint: Now if you want privacy in this type of room there is one way you can go about it, and that is – through tinted window film. You can still enjoy the outdoor view but at the same time, get privacy. There are levels of privacy you can attain with various types of window film. Choose from light to semi-transparent and dark opaque. There is also another option of one-way glass. You can see the outside clearly, but people from the outside can’t see in. Moreover, this type of coverage gives protection from UV rays. Did you know? This type of space has many popular names. Such as sun porch, garden room, winter garden, garden conservatory, three-season room, patio room, Florida room, sun parlor, and even solarium. What do you call this type of room?

Create Your Ideal Sun Porch Environment

We hope that by going through the treatments mentioned above for your sunroom, you will enjoy your summers more often with your friends and family. Just ensure that whichever window dressing you pick; it should match your current furnishings and style of your décor as well as that it makes this room private, comfy, and attractive. You can bet that without stepping one foot outside your home, you can take in the beautiful view, fresh air and sunshine. Get ready to embrace the summers!

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