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Best Room Darkening Blinds for Your Home Theatre

Best Room Darkening Blinds for Home Theatre

Room Darkening Blinds – A Simple Solution for Your Home Theatre

Creating a home theatre is a real joy of home remodeling. Once you are done with the interior part, it’s time to bring some fun and entertainment in your life and home by having a perfect home theatre area. Who doesn’t want a home theater? But where do you begin? Before you get started, there are so many factors to consider. For example, finding a perfectly suitable place for the home theatre room is the first thing you should do. An open floor space connected with the kitchen or living room area is not the right decision for home theatre as noise or cooking smells can distract you from enjoying a TV show.

Well, a basement is an ideal place to design a home theatre since its dark and out of the way. But if you don’t have a basement area, there are some alternative places where you can set the perfect mood for a movie night. For example, transform a spare bedroom or garage area where this idea will work best.

Once you have selected the area, now it’s time for a renovation. Renovation doesn’t necessarily mean a beautifully textured wall or some artworks. Blocking out the excess light and sound should be the priority to create the ideal home theatre ambiance. While designing a home, you always try to get more natural light to enter your home, but in this case, you need to limit the outside light that enters through the windows because light can destroy the quality of video projection images while making it dull and boring.

A calm and soothing home theatre is what everyone looks for. But outside noise can ruin the ambiance of the space. Make space soundproof to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of your movie night. There are various ways to make home theatre soundproof – add a second layer of drywall or change the entire interior wall.

But there is one way that can obstruct both the excessive noise and light – Custom Window Treatments.
Window shades and blinds are the fundamental effective way that makes a media room functional and versatile. Besides extreme light, glare is another issue that becomes an issue between your entertainment world. Choosing the right window treatments can improve the home theatre room environments while making the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Go for room darkening blinds which are the best selection in this kind of room. Get them installed now to transform the atmosphere of the space instantly.

Why Room Darkening Window Shadings?

Room Darkening Window Shades are designed to block out most of the light in your room. Make sure to at least get room darkening, if not blackout window treatments, to help keep your theatre nice and dark for when you are watching movies or TV. Darkening shades with side channels will help seal the window to block any light gap for total darkness as well.

Top 5 Room Darkening Window Treatments for Your Home Theatre Room

Nothing beats enjoying a movie night or a favorite show with your friends and family members from the comfort of your home theatre room. If you are looking for optimal lighting capabilities, then customize your shade with a room darkening liner. Below are the top five room darkening blinds recommended by professional interior designers –
Custom Roller Shades – These shades are a popular choice when it comes to media room windows as they effectively block the daylight and creates a true theatre feel. During the installation procedure, go for outside mounting to reduce the light gaps.
Room Darkening Roller Shades
Fabricated Roman Shades – Roman shades are designed to enhance the beauty of the space. But adding a room darkening liner can increase the functionality level also. Go for this permanent solution that will improve your movie viewing experience. Customize the shades properly for an excellent and versatile appearance.
Room Darkening Roman Shades
Energy-efficient Cellular Shades – Keeping the home theatre room insulated is as essential as you obstruct the light and glare. Install room darkening cellular honeycomb blinds to ensure a comfy temperature when you are watching or enjoying something. These shades can be customized to fit any windows and they are an incredible solution for blocking out any sound. Go for the motorized feature to improve the mechanism of the shades that will increase the value of your home theatre room as well.
Room Darkening Cellular Shades
Solar Window Shades – Get a perfect movie theatre experience by mounting room darkening solar shades on the media room windows. Room darkening liner offers the ultimate flexibility by controlling the optimal light enters through the windows and stop the glare and outside noise as well. Motorization will make the job easier for you. Thinking how? When you are all set, take a remote or your smartphone to lower down the shades and enjoy your show.

Woven Wood Shades – If you want to add a splash of natural freshness in your home theatre room, go for room darkening featured natural woven wood shades. These shades reduce the outside sun exposure and noise from entering the room while increasing the efficiency of the space.
Natural Woven Shades
Note – Lack of privacy in your media room can disrupt your movie night. But featuring window shades with room darkening liner will offer the space with ultimate privacy.

Have Fun and Enjoy a Quality Movie Night with Your Dear Ones!!

People will go for beautiful flooring, walls, speaker system, or screen options when it comes to the home theatre room decoration. But windows are the primary way that will cause distractions that take away from your viewing experience. Avoid all these hassles by installing room darkening blinds. Play with the window designs to bring out the best of this place and cherish that theatre room ambiance!