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Get Cheap Window Treatments Without Compromising on Quality

Best Price On Blinds For Windows

Best Price on Blinds for Windows without Compromising on Quality


Being part of the “good life” is a dream for most of us. We are constantly in the race to earn more, to buy the house of our dreams, and to continue to spend more on its peripherals to ensure we get the best of everything. Naturally, luxury items are bought to show off your taste in fine living to visitors, but what if you could get all this at minimal costs?

Whether you have or don’t have the house of your dreams, it cannot be denied that the most important thing we all covet in our homes is a comfort. Whether that comes at a big price or not is secondary. Because what’s the point in getting everything expensive in a home that doesn’t fulfill your basic requirements? If you are staying in a home in a dry climate where you constantly feel uneasy and hot, then you would need to upgrade it in such a way to keep you cozy and at peace.

This is why window treatments are such an essential part of every home. They not only serve to amplify the beauty of the interior but also do their part in keeping it secure from outsiders and keeping the insides at a comfortable room temperature. You do however need to be doubly sure about the product you are intending on purchasing. Ideally, they should be at a low price and meet all your needs.


Best Price on Blinds for Windows

You can get a whole new world of luxury with blinds that are easy on your budget and great on the eyes.  The blinds that we are going to list are not just inexpensive but come with a range of features that make them sought-up window treatments for every home, office, cafe or for commercial purposes. For the best price on blinds for windows, check out the following window dressing ideas.


1 Inch Aluminum Blinds


1 Inch Aluminum Blinds


Have you noticed your eyes lighting up by the name of these ever-reliable, affordable and simply amazing window treatments? Aluminum blinds have, time and again, caught the fancy of shoppers as well as critics for the amazing range of qualities they provide. Available in both One Touch as well as corded treatments, they can be customized as you need them for each room. Offering an optimum level of illumination with natural light when they are open and providing ultimate privacy when they are closed, 1-inch aluminum blinds are go-to window treatments that are inimitable. Their horizontal slats leave little room for light seepage while their fabulous construction offers a coveted texture that is very pleasant to look at, offering supreme elegance to any space.

Making the interior hardly visible from outside, they offer amazing privacy while the sturdy aluminum construction ensures long-lasting performance. The aluminum material also makes them fire retardant, dust free, scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, stain-resistant and amazingly durable. Hence they are easy to clean and a boon to homeowners who are not very sure about which window blinds to go for.

Apart from being made of a material that hardly fades over time, their versatility in colors makes them easily customizable options. They are available in options as diverse as mocha, bone, white and silver sage.


The Swanky Solar/Roller Shades

Don’t we all love the idea of a bright and sunny morning? It takes away all our worries, lets us bask in the natural sunlight, and have its soothing glow light up our mood. However, things might be slightly different in real life. A bright and scorching sun can heat up our rooms, and you can be left sweating when your interior absorbs the heat in no time. You are also left at the mercy of ultraviolet rays which can lead to several skin-related diseases and pigmentation, and the blinding glare can cause irritation in your eyes when all you want to do is enjoy watching TV in peace.

To combat all of that, roller or specially made solar shades are here to the rescue. Available in multiple types, colors and options, they are made with UV-resistant and heat-resistant fabric that keeps the negative effects of the sun at bay. At the same time, they light up the room with the “positive portion of sunlight. They also let you enjoy the outside view while you are invisible to the outsider. So you can relax just inside the window with a coffee mug and enjoy reading your newspaper in natural light without worrying about your privacy! Please note that at night time, solar shades can let others see in. If privacy is a concern, you should complement these shades with drapery or dual shade.


Roller Window Shades


There are several options available in roller shades and solar to control the level of sunlight you want inside your home. They are available in many opacity levels. There can be blackout roller shades that can be set up either inside or outside the window frame, and lend the place a unique and classy appearance. As they can be easily mounted on a roller, they do not take any space when they are rolled all the way up, i.e. when they are not in use.


Different Kinds of Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb blinds are classic window treatments that help you achieve an attractive look for your home while lending you all the features you come to expect from window coverings. They are basically available in four options: single cell shades light filtering, double cell light filtering, single cell blackout and double cell blackout shades.  The double cells offer slightly better insulation compared to their single cell counterpart.


Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Honeycomb shades beyond their effective construction are very fine resistors to moisture and dust, and thus can be maintained and cleaned easily while incurring very minimal costs. This explains why they are such cost-effective options for homes, and often the go-to options in window coverings for people who do not wish to spend a bomb on garish drapery. They are long-lasting, reliable and can be set up anywhere from bathrooms to kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.


A Few Do It Yourself Window Coverings

It is perfectly understandable if you do not wish to spend money on buying a readymade pair of window dressers from the friendly store who you just passed, which had attractive offers but not good enough to let go of your hard-earned salary. Maybe what you need are a few effective DIY methods.

Taping window films in your room of choice can be a good start. These are available at very low prices and are generally fairly simple to do. Just ensure you do not leave any crevices when you are sealing the windows with them. Other methods involve window frosting, setting up the inside of the window with shelves or planting a few pots on the ledge. These are all cost-effective methods that can go a long way in protecting your indoors while giving them a distinctive touch.

To sum up, saving money on window dressing ideas isn’t such a big deal. You just need to do your homework well before going ahead with the right choice. Our needs for getting a window treatment are different, and it is essential to identify them before going for a purchase. If these needs can be met with lesser costs, why spend more than what is required?

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