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Best Motorized Blackout Shades with Side Channels

Best Motorized Blackout Shades With Side Channels

Blackout motorized cellular shades are known for their ability to keep the sun out of any room. But even the hardiest of blackout shades may not hold up to the complete darkness you might want for a certain room. The point we’re trying to make is that motorized blackout shades with side channels are a great way to keep a room dark without having to worry about the sunlight coming in through the sides of your blackout shades. Blackout shades are usually used to “blackout” a room and keep the sun from coming in. Say for example you wanted a room to sleep in, but the afternoon sun is beating down on your home and it seems to come in right through the window. Blackout blinds are especially vital in such situations.

Motorized blackout shades with side channels are designed to be a complete package. The side channels are effectively additional housings that attach to the window. This setup offers a more complete picture that presents itself as a barrier that light cannot sneak through. Depending on the material of your shades, you’ll find many differences in the type of light absorption you are going in for.

Materials like cotton and other fabrics will offer better heat absorption but will need to be made thicker and heavier to account for the material’s own light absorption. On the other hand, you’ll find that vinyl is a lot more effective at blocking out light but aren’t as good at filtering out the heat. The issue with vinyl is that not everyone uses recycled plastic to reduce the amount of plastic they’re putting into the environment. Reputed vendors like Zebrablinds tend to keep their vinyl output to a minimum, but if you do get Vinyl motorized blackout shades with side channels they’ll block out up to 24% of the heat permeating your home.
Motorized Blackout Roller Shades
One of the best things since blackout shades is actually their motorization. The ability to turn off the sun with a single button is a surprisingly powerful gesture you might enjoy on a sunny morning. Picture the dread of having to come home during an especially stuffy afternoon and just flipping a switch to close your blackout shades with side channels.

The side channels that come with your blackout blinds also help maintain the durability of your setup. However, side channels tend to compound any color-related heating issues. While one may think that black blackout blinds are a great and fantastic idea, not everyone seems to actually remember that darker colors absorb more heat. Sure, on paper your room will be darker and SHOULD seem cooler to use. But rarely do we find ourselves in such advantageous situations, especially when we use darker colors. So if darker colors absorb light and release it into your home, what would lighter colors do? Well, that’s easy! The lighter colors tend to reflect a portion of light and heat away from your home. Granted, if your blackout shades aren’t of great quality you might be dealing with thin translucent shades from a less than ideal manufacturer.
Motorized Blackout Blinds with Side Channel
Side channels on your blackout shades offer additional possible venues that will help you save money on cooling costs in the summer, which can be quite prohibitive. One thing to consider with these shades would be the smart motorized feature. With smart motorized blackout blinds, you’ll find that you can raise and lower your blinds from anywhere in or out of your home with just your smartphone and an internet connection.
Adding a side channel to the electric blackout shades you’re planning to buy also stands as a fashion statement that should complement the type of blinds you’re going to buy. Whether you’re looking at roller, venetian, or even roman, side channels can be a very aesthetic addition to your home.

Side channels also add to the amount of privacy that one can experience with proper window coverings. The side channels provide additional in-frame housing and endow the shade light blocking capabilities that are designed to also improve privacy. With these shades and side channels on your windows, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to worry about any pesky neighbors trying to uncover your secrets (or accidentally overhear them!). If you’re certain that you’ve selected the perfect cheap motorized shades with side channels, just double-check to make sure you’ve also selected the right color palette that matches your home.

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