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Should Roller Blinds be Installed in the Kitchen?

Best Kitchen Sink Window Blinds

Best Kitchen Sink Window Blinds

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. Every day, we devote some time to our kitchen to prepare meals for the day in the morning or to spend time with family at dinner. This is an area where we will keep all our spices, flour, utensils, and other important kitchenware. It is our responsibility to keep our kitchen tidy so that we feel relaxed and comfortable every time we enter, otherwise, a dirty and disorganized kitchen can only add to our worries when all we want is prepare our favorite delicacy in peace.

To ensure we do that, we need to clean it regularly, wash utensils every day after having our meals and keep the glasses and plates stacked in a secure location so as to not worry ourselves when we look for them the next morning. We also need to keep the place suitably ventilated along with an exhaust fan in place so that it doesn’t get too uncomfortable when the food is being cooked. What else can we do to keep our kitchen in the best state it can be?

One area that many of us are careless about in the kitchen is having suitable enough blinds installed on our kitchen windows. Otherwise, the place can heat up and become stuffy in no time and become so uncomfortable that you won’t be able to stand there and cook for long.

Choose Best Windows for kitchen

Choosing the best kitchen sink window treatments can be a tricky task. No two blinds are the same, and each has its own features, depending on your preferences. However, you need to first take into account what you seek out of having blinds installed in your kitchen.

The primary requirement is ensuring the place doesn’t heat up. While the exhaust does help clear the polluted air to a large extent, outside heat may make matters worse. It is better to have window treatments that block the sun when you’re cooking, especially during the daytime. In such cases, roller or solar shades may come in handy for the purpose.

Here are a few reasons why roller blinds may just be the right choice for you to install on your kitchen window.

1) Inside or Outside Mount

Best Kitchen Sink Window Blinds

You might as well try to customize your shades in a way that you get to save some important space inside the kitchen. Roller shades can be flexibly mounted above your windows to keep them out of the way, or inside the window if you want them to stay contained within the depth of the window opening.

2) No Irritating Glare

Imagine having to wash utensils, running the exhaust and ensuring the garbage can is empty while having to simultaneously cook three different items on each stove. Add to that the sun’s glare that is shining off the surface of the counter and right into your eye. That’s a major irritant and is bound to frustrate you. What do you do? Get solar shades specially made out of material to reduce the glare. Cook to your heart’s content, relax, and take a break, without being bothered by the glare.

3) Avoids Pigmentation & Other Skin Defects

When the sun is left unchecked, it’s rays can give rise to rashes and damage, or even skin cancer in the worst case scenario, thanks to the ultraviolet and infrared radiations. We can develop these skin-related defects even when you are sitting in your home when the sun’s rays fall directly indoors. Having effective roller shades can not only prevent ultraviolet radiation from getting through the windows but also protect our decor and inner furnishings from being damaged over time.

4) Temperature Control

This is the primary reason why you should have the roller shades installed in the kitchen in the first place. Having something on your windows as effective as solar shades reduces the need for an air conditioner inside your kitchen. It also saves you a substantial amount of money, especially during summers. This isn’t to say, though, that the shades are useless when winters arrive. The right materials can ensure effective temperature control and keep your interiors balmy and cozy without getting too cold or too hot.

5) Retain Your Outside View

By default, a feature common to almost all blinds goes by common sense: when blinds are drawn, you cannot view what’s outside, and when they’re open, outside view is visible. Well, not quite true in case of roller or solar blinds, which makes for one of their most redeeming features!

Now, for enjoying your coffee while sitting in your kitchen, you do not need to get up make the effort of pulling up the blinds. Even when they’re closed and doing what they’re supposed to, you can have an uninterrupted view thanks to the see-through construction of solar shades. It is for this reason why solar shades are a dream come true for many homeowners. They also provide privacy during the daytime when it is brighter outside, but not at night time when lights are on indoors. Choose the level of openness you want based on your choice of material.

6) Easy Setup Through Motorized Options

Z wave Smart Motorized Shades

Traditionalists might scoff at anything modern, so you might still find solar shades being operated using plain old cords dangling by the sides. With the help of a remote control, their movement may be controlled easily wherever you are in the room. With the advent of modern technology such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa and Z-wave Smart Motorized Shades, you can even control them by just using your voice.

It wouldn’t be going too far if we state that roller shades are the perfect choice for your kitchen. They are minimally designed, offer a clear outside view and keep the temperature of your indoors under control. They’re glare and UV-resistant and also come in a number of colors and opacity levels to choose from. Even if you feel you do not need natural sunlight inside, you can choose them in room darkening or blackout options. They can be customized easily, so you’ll do yourself a favor by contacting the manufacturer directly before making an online purchase.

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