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Best Suited Plantation Shutters for French Doors in Your Home

French Door Shutters

Best Suited French Door Shutters for Your Home

We all love to stay in exotic homes which have Venetian windows and French doors. However, we often worry about the right kind of window treatment to drape them.

I still remember the time when my friend Alice bought this big villa in the outskirts of Ely in Nevada. She had retired from her hectic job as an investment banker and wanted to spend a cozy retired life. She wanted to be away from the hustle and bustle of New York where she had spent most of her working years.

Hence post-retirement, she just wanted to relax and stay in a cozy place. To be away from city life, she chose Ely, so that she can have a cozy retired life and drive to Reno or Vegas to have her fun time whenever her heart desired. So her home needed proper privacy and light control so that she could relax in peace. She contacted numerous interior decorators to help her with draping her French doors but never was very satisfied with what they had to offer.

Plantation Shutters for French Doors


Custom Plantation Window Shutters

The sleek and elegant look of shutters is an ideal one for your French doors at home. They can even be used for the windows. If you are used to the traditional shutters, then you might be wondering whether it will be a wise idea to buy outdoor shutters.

French door plantation shutters are installed inside. You may choose to close them to block out light and it will, in turn, offer lots of privacy. You may choose to keep them open during the day time and allow your home to experience fresh air and light.

Apart from wood plantation shutters, you may choose exterior wood shutters and exterior vinyl shutters too.


  • Traditions Wood Shutters Graber For Your Living Spaces

North American Woods are used for Traditions wood plantation shutters. Hence the look and feel will be natural. And since it comes with the trust of the name of Graber, you can just sit and relax after making your choice. Graber has mastered this field over the years. They craft the wood in their wood processing plant and the wood grain features are enhanced.

The earthy feel of this shutters will definitely look soothing and their elegance will take the breath away of your neighbors.

They are available in solid colors like Base Black 1767, Antique White 1026, Golden Oak 1030, Honey Maple 1013 and many more to choose from.

Wood Shutters for French Doors

Product Details

Sustainable-yield forest management technology is used and the growth levels are maintained at a much higher level than the harvested level. Graber also ensures that the entire procedure is eco-friendly.

Two pieces will not have the same looks and design as they are harvested naturally, and nature never repeats its creation. Truly unique nature of wood is visible through the texture, knots, color, shapes and grain of the harvest.

Real American Hardwoods are used to create these window shutters. Their firmness and value for money are two qualities which make them a very popular choice for French door shutters.

Their durability will ensure that you need not buy them every few years. They are also ideal for your dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms and they will help you to cut down on your electricity bills.

These shutters provide ample insulation from outdoor heat and sound. You have an option of choosing them from three popular louver sizes like 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½.

You can use different color co-ordinated plantation shutters for your existing indoor furnishing and ensure that they match the existing patterns and styles of your other drapery and upholstery.

The bi-fold shutters’ style can be used for the large windows, and they are suitable even for French doors. Customizations are available for the round shaped windows or even for the arches in your living spaces or dining spaces.

If you have patio doors at home and are worried about the right kind of window treatment, then the bypass style too is available in these shutters. For bedrooms, Jacuzzi rooms and washrooms you may choose the café panel style.

Specialty Shutters for French Doors


  • Normandy Norman Wood Shutters for Your Large Outdoor Spaces

If you are looking for a lustrous look along with the real look of wood, then this variety of plantation shutters are ideal for you. The serenity of wood is amalgamated with the therapeutic environment.

The modern style combined with the unique architectural artwork will definitely inspire you to use these French door shutters. There are many ornamental elements embedded and they not only are ideal for giving you protection from Sun, heat and dust, they also create that elegant look for your home.

Since it comes from the house of Normandy, you need not worry about the quality of the product. The light control and privacy features are the main selling point for this variety of wooden shutters.

Plantation Shutters for Living Room

Product Details

Prescription Wood Conditioning™ technique is the technology used to create these outdoor shutters. The shrinking and swelling of the woods post the installation of the exterior wood shutters will make it ideal for your outdoor needs. The durability is ensured by this technique. Since real wood is used, you need to be careful about its maintenance though.

The installation screws are hidden and you will love the uncluttered look of the finished product. Reinforced engineered stiles ensure their robustness and firmness. The structural stability is provided by the multiple layers of woods.

Multiple stills options is used for various sizes woods, and any kind of unconventional size of your window can be treated with this methodology. Astragal and Rabbet stills, which are used in these shutters are ideal for all your window treatment needs.

The attractive colors in which they are available in will give you the opportunity to mix and match with your home decor. The harmony in your living space and external areas will be perfectly maintained by these shutters.

So now since you have all the inputs you needed, what are you waiting for? Place your order right now!

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