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Best Floor Length Window Treatment Ideas

Best Floor Length Window Treatment Ideas

The implications of the size of your window treatments

Window treatments are extremely dynamic accessories in a home. There is a lot of difference in structural integrity, design, type of fabric, texture, colours and patterns. These designs impact two key aspects of any window treatment; functional aspects and aesthetic value. Functional aspects include things like light control, privacy and insulation whereas aesthetic value includes the ability of your window treatments to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your home such that they enhance the ambience of your home.

There is one dynamic feature of window treatments however, that is often overlooked. This is the size of your window treatments. The relative size of your window covering has a large role to play with respect to the functional and aesthetic aspects of the window covering itself. A custom fit for your windows is snug and perfect, making sure your usage is conventional while also ensuring that the symmetry of the custom fit gives a neat and organised look to your home. However, varying sizes can give you different looks for your rooms and provide interesting implications of usage. One of these popular sizes is the floor length window treatment style.

The concept of floor length window treatments

Window treatments can hang off their mounting brackets or curtain rods at different lengths. For instance, most blinds, shades and some curtains only hang off till the window sill, whereas other window treatment usually hang off a little further (four – six inches from the window frame) down below. These lengths keep varying. The floor length window treatments, as the name suggests, has the fabric of the window covering ending just slightly above the floor. In certain cases, they are known to graze the floor as well (this is mostly prevalent amongst curtains).

Why you might want to look into floor length window treatments

Have you ever wondered if some of your rooms might be a little too bland? Even though you’ve decorated it to the fullest extent without compromising on the utility of the room, there might an open space under your windows that you feel the need to accommodate for. You might have even covered up that space with some accessory that doesn’t necessarily go well with the room. With floor length window treatments, you can cover that space up to make sure your room doesn’t look too empty or too cluttered for that matter. The fact of the matter is that these window treatments will obviously be chosen on the basis how well they complement your room which means they won’t look odd either.

Moreover, floor length window treatments can bring a sense of grandeur into your home. Window treatments aren’t just practical arrangements but are also chosen for their ability to add a layer of sophistication to any room. The extra fabric can also act as an insulating layer and depending on the colour of the curtains they can either brighten or darken the rooms a little more.

Types of floor length window treatments you can go for

  • Table Top Curtains –Table top curtains are considered as a classic approach to decorating your home. They are seamless, versatile and have fabric that can be easily maintained. Their versatility in terms of color, patterns, and fabric make them dynamic enough for you to use them in almost any room. The most common places that are known for sporting table top curtains are dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Floor length table top curtains have garnered reputation of being unique as well. These are highly recommended if you want an elegant window covering that is subtle and complements the rest of your décor from the background.
  • Pleated Curtains – Pleated Curtains are becoming increasing popular because of the striking contrast they have with other curtains. As the name suggests, the fabric of these curtains are pleated or bunched up together to give that frilly look. You would have noticed floor length pleated curtains in restaurants and hotels. This is because pleated curtains can be a central piece around which the rest of the décor is managed on account of its commanding stature. You have a lot of options at your disposal with these curtains. For instance, you can choose between goblet pleat, cartridge pleat, box pleats and pencil pleat curtains.
  • Grommet Curtains – Grommet curtains are considered to be extremely stylish. They have big metal rings that are punched through over the top portion of the panel where the curtain rods go through. The unique design of the curtains gives them a symmetrical yet crooked look. They are also easy to move and slide across the curtain rods. You know how you can bring back a slightly old trend because its still practical while being unique? You can try that with Grommet Curtains. They gained a lot of tractions in the early 2000s but are still considered extremely stylish.
  • Roller Shades – Roller shades can be a great addition as a floor length window treatment. They are easy to use and are extremely versatile. The best part about choosing roller shades is that there are so many different options to choose from. For instance, you can choose something that matches the walls and the décor. You can also go for a contrasting look by bring a different coloured fabric. Moreover, you can also have some fun colours, patterns, and designs for nurseries or entertainment rooms.

Choosing a floor length window treatment is a question of personal preference

You don’t have to necessarily consider just the window treatments mentioned above. For instance, you can try honeycomb shades, blackout shades, blackout curtains and even wooden blinds. It is all about what your requirements are and what you’re comfortable with having at your home. Since these window treatments are very close to the floor, the one thing that you do need to watch out for is the accumulation of dust. However, with occasional dusting and vigilant maintenance you can have a window treatment that can be really good for your home.