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Best Discount Window Shades for Your Hostel or Dormitory

Discount Window Shades

Best Discount Window Shades for Your Hostel or Dormitory

If you are running a hostel or any place with many people staying close together, then buying the right discount window shades will always be there in your mind. Since your facility will have multiple rooms, and those rooms will have multiple windows, you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket while finding the right window treatment.

However, since there will be many people staying, you would want the discount blinds and shades that will last a long time. They should be preferably fire resistant and optimize the usage of natural light to minimize your electricity bills.

Along with the discount blinds and shades which you will need for the windows in the rooms, you will also need to cover the windows in the common areas, hallways, skylights etc. For a consistent look, you may choose to pick up the same kinds of shades for all the rooms at least on one floor.

Or on the other hand, you may want to give a different look to each room by draping it with a different kind of discount blinds and shades. The hostel-dwellers will get to choose the rooms as per their taste and you may charge an extra premium for the ones which are more popular than the rest. Proper shades will help those who work or study till late night and need some shut-eye during the daytime.

  • Cordless Light Filtering Crown Cellular Shades- Buy These Inexpensive Window Shades Online

These discount window shades will fit into your budget perfectly. You will need to shell out less than $50 per window and if you take advantage of the festive discounts, then you can save a considerable amount of money in window treatments.

This variety of custom window shades will be very easy to install and they come in multiple eye-catching colors like Espresso 0134, Ivory Beige 0104, Leaf Gold 0154 and a couple of others. My personal favorite for my living space area which has a touch of green through various plants is Bay Leaf 0165. It blends perfectly with my decor and is great for mixing with other colors too.

These light filtering shades will fill your dormitory with joy and happiness as they are very simple to install and safe to use.  These discount window shades come with the guarantee of the popular and reputed brand Crown and thankfully, they are very affordable.

These custom window shades are made from soft fabrics and you will not have any issues in cleaning them. They allow the natural light to diffuse into your rooms and you will save a good amount of money on the electricity bills too.

 Cordless Light Filtering Crown Cellular Shades


  • Horizons Designer Light Filtering Spring Roller Shades- Modern Roller Shades For An Elegant Look

Modern roller shades look very trendy and they have become quite popular with the younger crowd. Since the prices are comparatively low, you may choose to hang them in your dorm. They give a modern look to the entire space.

These discount window shades are very easy to operate and they are versatile. Their availability in a wide variety of materials and patterns makes them dear to many customers. The colors are awesome like Sandstone Spice, Sandstone Willow, Textura Earth and more than two dozen other shades. So give a new look to the rooms in your dormitory and choose the right one.

 Horizons Light Filtering Spring Roller Shades


  • Zebra Sheer Shades- Light Filtering Sheer Shades For That Perfect Opulent Look

When we are planning to buy or build a house, we spend a lot of time choosing the right architecture for our rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and all other important areas. We spend hours deciding the designs of the interior decoration of the living space. However, we often forget about the window décor.

As with most dorms, you spend most of your time in one room. So using a comfortable shade of Madera Ivory 788 or RD/BO Coffee 747 will ensure that they feel comfortable and cozy in their space.

These light filtering sheer shades at ZebraBlinds are also known as transitional shades. They combine both diffused light and room darkening privacy perfectly. These discount window shades are the perfect choice for your living room, bedroom, and study.

Zebra Sheer Shades


  • Horizons Light Filtering Spring Roller Shades – Elegant Light Filtering Sheer Shades for Your Special Areas

From the convenience of your home, you can now choose discount blinds and shades at a very affordable price. This variety of discount window shades will ensure that you enjoy the convenience of modern roller shades and light filtering sheer shades. Choose from different fabrics, brands and lift options such as cordless, which lets you hold the shade at the bottom hem and conveniently pull it down to your desired level of length.

Light filtering sheer shades will allow diffused light to pass through your window and giving it a beautiful look. There will be ample natural lighting and hence lower electricity bills.

Light Filtering Sheer Shades


They are available in more than two dozen shades like Linnea Beige, BasketWeave Sienna, Countryside Autumn, TimberWeave Brown and many more. You will be happy to know that decorative trimmings like fringe, beads, tassels, gimp, and scallops will be available to adorn the bottom of the shade.

These modern roller shades help block out the glare on your screen and protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays and excess sunlight. Another important option is that you will have the flexibility to choose from a variety of classic valance options.

These window shades online will help you to lower your electricity costs and will maximize the inlet of sunlight during the cold winters and throughout the year. So choose your discount window shades wisely and enjoy all the seasons.

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