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Comfortex Shangri-La vs. Hunter Douglas Silhouette

Best Brands Of Window Blinds

Best Brands of Window Blinds: Comfortex Shangri-La vs. Hunter Douglas Silhouette


Planning to do up your home with some of the tops of the line brands available in the market? Here are some things you should know about two of the crème-de-la-crème brands, the best brands of window blinds, Comfortex Shangri-La and. Hunter Douglas Silhouette.

Modern Blinds And Shades

With the window treatment offerings constantly getting more crowded on a regular basis, it is no surprise that innovation has been a constant motivator for manufacturers. With modern blinds and shades, it becomes a bit tricky on deciding on the right treatment for your homes. With brands like Graber, Crown, Comfortex, Hunter Douglas and many others, the products are quite competitive and makes for a challenging task while settling on the best brand of window blinds. Hence, we make your life simpler by comparing two of the most popular brands – Comfortex Shangri-La and Hunter Douglas Silhouette.

While all modern blinds and shades are the best choice for window covering for sun protection, there are others that simply add a touch of glamour to your room. By mixing the right window treatments in one room, it is very easy to achieve a chic and elegant room at an affordable price from two of the best brand of window blinds in the market, Comfortex Shangri-La and Hunter Douglas Silhouette.

Sheer Blinds And Shades

Sheer blinds and shades have a unique way of combining the soft flowing feel of sheers in a horizontal style with vanes that can be opened and closed for light and privacy. They can quite simply be tucked neatly into a small designer headrail when pulled up and leave a beautiful view of the outside. With just the right selection of neutral colors, tones, and vanes they make for a perfect stunner.


Best Brands of Window Blinds: Comfortex Shangri-La


Comfortex Shangri-La sheer shades now come from the house of Hunter Douglas, backed by its solid name and a good warranty. Available in four fabrics, these shades are finer on the front and coarser on the back. They are a soft light diffusing vane between double sheer fabrics that blend to create a beautiful visual effect. They come in a wide selection of neutrals or stronger hues to choose from creating a harmony of light with its elegant styles. These shades softly filter light into your room combining the elegance of drapery with the functionality of a shade.

  • For a comfortable look, it comes in 3” and 2” size vanes in the standard bottom up shade.
  • The most popular option is the motorized lift for easy use.
  • You can raise a Comfortex Shangri-La up to 20% of the height of the shade when the vanes are open for a beautiful view of the outdoors on a nice day.
  • And finally, it is slightly lighter on your budget than Hunter Douglas Silhouettes making it easier for you to try out that excellent silhouette you always wanted.


Hunter Douglas Silhouette

Hunter Douglas Silhouette has dominated the market with their superior product offerings over the last two decades. Vouched by all interior decorators for its supreme quality and stylish looks, this product makes for one of the best window coverings for sun protection and privacy. They can be customized window coverings for large living room windows, dining room or your bedroom. They are leaders in diffusing light with specialty crafted fabrics that transforms harsh light into soft ambient light making them one of the best brands of window blinds.

  • The S-shaped vanes appear to be floating between the two sheer fabrics adding a mystical look to your window covering.
  • The vanes can be simply tilted for the exact light and privacy.
  • The specialty fabric protects your expensive furniture and other valuable possessions in the room from the harsh sun rays.
  • Depending on the choice of fabric, it can block out up to 88% of the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Backed by lifetime warranty, the Hunter Douglas Silhouettes enriches any room with an infinite range of intensities.


Modern Kitchen Window Treatments


Available in 4”, 3” and 2” size vanes along with additional features, they make an excellent choice as modern kitchen window treatments where the outside view uplifts your mood constantly. Slightly heavy on the pocket, these shades are best used to create a halo and magical drama around the windows in your room.


Comparing Sheer Shades: Comfortex Shangri-La vs. Hunter Douglas Silhouette

  • Available in both light filtering and room darkening variants

  • Both variations come with a privacy vane between sheer fabric

  • Comfortex Shangri-La is available in four fabrics while Hunter Douglas Silhouette comes in 8 different fabrics

  • Comfortex Shangri-La is about 30-40% cheaper than Hunter Douglas Silhouette

  • Limited lifetime warranty guaranteed on both the brands


Both Comfortex Shangri-La and Hunter Douglas Silhouettes are composed of innovative and revolutionary lines that offer the best of both the worlds, the look of a shade combined with the functionality of a blind. And the multiple varying functions of sheer shades make them one of the popular products worthy of an investment. A treatment sure to impress, they are a sophisticated and stylish choice for any home.

So come to explore the Sheer World with the best offerings from Comfortex Shangri-La and Hunter Douglas. With additional discounts, this sure is an investment you would like to make. Speak to our experts for some professional advice and you will be left spellbound. Order your free samples today!

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