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Window Treatments Most Suitable for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

Best Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors – Most Suitable Window Treatments


Having striking windows and doors in our apartments creates a lasting impression on homeowners and visitors alike. We should especially be conscious of dressing our sliding doors, which usually include a panel section consisting of two sections made of glass: one is fixed while the other can be opened by sliding it to one side. They provide a large opening to the outdoors — the front lawn or a balcony — and a substantial amount of fresh air and sunlight. They are preferred in many modern homes because of the ease with which they allow access to outdoors. They also make the house appear less congested and more luxurious.

To give a nice finishing touch to the benefits of a sliding glass door, effective and attractive window coverings are needed. This section is dedicated to finding out the perfect window treatments that are suitable for patio doors.


Best Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors


Best Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors


Sliding glass doors require as much care as any regular window, and they are equally prone to the effects of temperature as the others. As they are such attractive designs and the major highlight of any home, they require window treatments that act as an icing on the cake to their attractiveness.

So let us look at a few window treatments that will be best suited for windows such as these.


Graber Accents Sliding Panel Shades

Trust the ever-reliable and go-to brand for window shades to come up with the right choice of blinds for your patios or large windows. Designed especially for wide-sized doors and windows, they are fabric panels that move along a track made of aluminum. They are incredibly versatile and come with a palette of colors and designs to transform the look of any room to add the necessary zing to your inner space.

Providing the necessary alternative to traditional vertical blinds, Graber Accents Sliding Panel Shades are also available with the same fabrics as other Graber shades such Light Control Solar Roller shades so you could create a coordinated and complementary look anywhere in your home.

Grommet Top Crown Drapes

It is no doubt that two-way panels of sliding glass doors create a unique look of majesty and opulence to any home. They are also more suited to patios or sliding glass doors. Open up these drapes to get a great outside view, especially when you have a home surrounded by nature. Coupled with the inimitable look of sliding glass doors opening onto a balcony or porch, these shades go a long way in creating the ideal look for a dream house.

While most window treatments are not big enough to cover a large and wide window, patios require the use of effective drapes to cover the entire length and breadth of them. Then they should be effortlessly drawn to one or both sides so you could enjoy the view as well as close them for privacy at will. These drapes also come along in a number of patterns and color combinations besides hiding the hardware to provide a clean and uncluttered look. They are also easy to clean and have the elements of class and style to lend your home a sophisticated and classy look. Besides, they are excellent insulators with their thicker fabrics, hence making the room cooler during summer months and warmer during extreme winters.


Panel Track Blinds


Panel Track Blinds and Shades


What we require are window blinds that can move along with the direction of the sliding door instead of being a hindrance to the smooth movement of the glass panels. This is why panel track blinds are made especially for patio doors. Coming in a variety of fabric options, panel track blinds consist of flat vertical panels of fabric that allow them to effortlessly slide for the purpose of covering or uncovering a window.

These blinds and shades can also be a great addition to your space if you want to create a style statement that is different yet alluring. Coming in a wide array of options including blackout, room darkening, semi-sheer, and sheer, panel track blinds can be used for a variety of purposes including light filtering, protection from heat, sound absorption and privacy. You can also customize them before choosing whether you want your blinds to move left, right or split from the middle from which they can move to either side.


Vertical Cellular Shades


Vertical Cellular Shades


Instead of hanging horizontally, the honeycomb cells run from top to bottom in vertical honeycomb construction. They have cellular “pockets” within them to trap light, heat, cold and even sound, which makes them ideal window treatments on any kind of shade. The versatility of cellular shades comes handy irrespective of the type of window space or place of installation. They can work equally well in offices and cafes. With vertical cellular shades, you can get the usefulness of the cellular fabric in a sliding panel for, as they move from side to side.


Sliding Shutter Panels


Sliding Shutter Panels


These window/door treatments will cover the space with two large panels that can open back and forth whenever you wish, working just like a pair of glass panes that constitute your door. Comprising of louvers that can be open, shut or tilted and adjusted to control the amount of sunlight that enters your home, sliding shutter panels can be amazing window treatments in your home for sliding doors. However, you must note that the amount of sunlight that enters your home depends on the size of the louvers.

They can be made of PVC or real wood, and the former is less expensive and more crack and stain-resistant than the latter while being a replica of real wood. Like other ideal window treatments for sliding doors, they also come in a variety of designs and textures, so you can choose wisely and at convenience before making your choice.

While it is true that solar shades, Roman shades, and regular blinds are popular window blinds that can work on almost all kinds of windows, you might need to rethink before having them installed as you would need to fully raise them completely every time you want to open your patio door. Such a scenario can be cumbersome and frustrating every time, and it can be avoided by choosing the right type of blinds.

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