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10 Modern Window Treatment Ideas to Transform Your Living Room

Best Blinds for Living Room Windows

Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Blinds for Living Room Windows

We all use our living room in different ways, and as such, window treatments that we install in the living room should reflect our taste, our personality, and what we feel is important for us. There is no dearth of options when it comes to the selection of blinds, and the right ones can provide the perfect mix of style and light control from your living room.

Irrespective of whether you are inclined more towards function or form, looking for practicality or pizzazz, something high class or budget-friendly, there is always something available that will match your requirements.

So let’s look at the best blinds for living room windows that will suit any need as well as match any type of decor.

Explore 10 Best Blinds for Living Room Windows

Living Room Window Blinds

The decoration of your living room will remain incomplete if you do not pay attention to window treatments that would be right for this room. For instance, if you are using boldly patterned and boisterous shades, it will show levity and comfort appropriate for a family room. On the other hand, if you decide to use tailored curtains with elegant trims, then it will mean that you intend to use the living room as a stately space to entertain your dinner guests.

So, let’s browse through some modern window treatment ideas to create a living room that has its own character.

#1. Take Architecture into Consideration

If there is awe-inspiring architecture in your living room like ornate woodwork, high or vaulted ceilings, or if there are unusual and interesting window shapes such as Palladian or clerestory windows, then window treatments can be used for drawing the attention of your guests towards these features.

For instance, if there is a high two-story space, then the lower windows can have woven shades with sheer drapery panels mounted high enough to draw attention towards the height of the room. You can also shift the focus of visitors towards undressed upper windows that have ornate woodwork.

Sheer Drapery Panels

#2. Showcase Regional Influence

If your living room decor carries regional or international flavors, then modern window treatments for the living room are an important part of the decoration.

For instance, if your living room boasts of a French country theme, then provincial prints will be able to reinforce such a theme. Similarly, for living rooms with a Southwest style, Native American weaves will be the right option.

In addition to it, if a living room wants to showcase an Asian influence then a straightforward roll-up shade will be enough to invoke the indigo dyed fabric that is used in the shibori style of Japan.

#3. Utilize Color Palette

You will be able to define the color palette for your living room by judiciously selecting fabric for your window coverings.

If there are concrete gray walls and celadon rugs, then solid aqua window panels will provide the desired watery shade, colorful and soft, able to make the accents of purple and fuchsia properly stand out.

#4. Use them for Enacting a Supporting Role

If you want windows coverings in your living room to play a passive role, then that is also possible. To accomplish this task you will have to is select subtle, neutral, as well as pattern free window treatments to create a calm background.

If there is a historic and traditional looking living room, then Roman shades can be used for highlighting the historic appeal of the room.

Roman Shades

#5. Add Functionality

A living room that plays host to parties must have simplicity and functions built into it. As such, you need to avoid selecting fussy window coverings in such a space.

To accomplish this goal you may select Roman shades to get the required light control and privacy when you need it.  Moreover, if the Roman shades are constructed using soft folds then they can help draw attention to your windows and create visual interest in your living room.

#6. Create a Special Space

Many times our living room is decorated to provide the right environment for some special occasion. If you also have the same goal, then you will have to choose window treatments with special sophistication and elegance. Don’t use old or wrinkled treatments, but look for silky materials with colorful tassels for something more classy.

#7. Right Amount of Privacy

If privacy in the living room is your main concern, then vertical blinds can prove to be useful. They offer a good degree of light control and privacy due to their tilting mechanism. These are also a family-friendly option as louvres can be replaced individually in case of damage. In addition, if you want your living room space to look lighter and larger, then vertical blinds in the shades of grey, cream, and white are a good option.

Vertical Blinds

#8. Style for Small Windows and Large Windows Too

Roman shades are specifically suitable for living rooms that have small windows. Since the blind remains inside the recess, it does not consume that much valuable space in small windows. Additionally, Roman shades provide the right mix of textures, patterns and colors for your small windows.

Even if you are looking for living room window treatments for large windows, Roman shades are still a great choice. These blinds have neatly folding fabric which means large windows will always look stylish and sleek when you are using Roman blinds.

#9. Mix Warmth and Sophistication

If you desire to mix warmth and sophistication, then the most traditional option is curtains.

The good thing is that you can utilize a range of patterns and colors to achieve the desired results. They are also very versatile since you can easily mix and match tie backs and curtain poles.

#10. Light Control and Noise Reduction

If you want to achieve better noise reduction and light control then cellular shades would be the right choice.

Day Night Cellular Shades

The Bottom Line

There are different options open for you to explore when it comes to the selection of window treatments for your living room. What you will have to do is examine your requirements and select an option that matches your needs.

Our team at ZebraBlinds can help you make the right decision by properly examining your expectations. Just give us a call on our toll-free number (1-866-881-8682) to get the ball rolling!