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How To Choose The Perfect Shutter For Your Home

Best Blinds For Large Windows

Thinking Beyond Blinds And Shades – Shutters Are The Best Blinds For Large Windows


It is an easy job to select window blinds for small windows. But, most people feel it difficult to choose the right window treatments for the large windows.

Large windows are beautiful. They help you to deeply connect with your outdoors. If you have got a beautiful porch or backyard, these window treatments help you to bring the outdoor beauty into entering the home by offering a beautiful view. The shutters are strong and they protect your home and the windows from heavy wind and other extreme weather.

If you have got a home that has wide and large windows and you are planning to decorate them in the finest way, one premier choice apart from blinds and shades are the plantation shutters. Shutters are very flexible and you can accommodate them in any living area.


The Beauty of The Custom Plantation Shutters


  • Shutters are one beautiful type of window treatments to dress up your windows in the best way
  • Shutters give your home a magnificent beauty and great functionality
  • Plantation shutters are highly customizable and they can be customized based on your requirements
  • Shutters are great at offering privacy which is required for your home
  • As large window treatments allow a lot of light and heat to enter your room, make sure that the window treatments you select to dress them up must be able to control heat gain and the sunlight entering your room
  • Plantation shutters are considered as one of the best blinds for large windows
  • Shutters possess few distinct attributes which make them the right choice for wide windows
  • One of them is insulation
  • Plantation Shutters insulate any living space by blocking the extreme heat or cold entering your home through the large windows which cause the room to be hot during the summers and cold during the winters
  • When you install shutters, you feel comfortable inside your room irrespective of the extreme weather conditions outside
  • They do offer a brilliant look to your living spaces. Shutters are the window treatment that offers all the benefits you need
  • They are also one of the right blinds for the sliding glass doors
  • They are flexible and customizable based on your requirements
  • Shutters can be designed to open completely out of the way of your doors, but need a lot of space to do so
  • Many people also think that vertical blinds for french doors are the only solution available
  • Try dressing up your french doors with custom plantation shutters

The following are the few tips that help you to choose the perfect shutters for your home:

The Color of The Shutters

It is very essential to think about the color of the shutters you want to select for your home as they show a greater impact on deciding the look of your home. The color you choose must complement the existing home decor and make your room look even more beautiful. Shutters come in a wide variety of colors so that you can choose the color that fits your home decor style, satisfying your taste and personality. The perfect choice of the shutter color gives your home an outstanding look.

Mounting Option of The Shutters

You can choose to mount your plantation shutters either inside or outside. They offer an extremely polished look to your home. Both the mountings offer a different look and bring a different ambiance to your home. So choose the right mounting choice and give your home a completely beautiful look. As mounting plays a major role in deciding the ambiance of your home, you must make sure that you mount them in the right place either inside or out.

Quality of The Shutters


Graber Traditions Wood Shutters


One of the most important criteria that your shutters should satisfy is the quality. Quality ensures durability. Most of us evaluate quality based on the brand image.

ZebraBlinds offer you shutters from Graber and Norman. Graber and Norman are two famous leading brands of the window treatment market. So, study the elements that these window treatments are made up of and analyze the quality of all the shutters available and then choose the perfect one for your windows. These shutters are stylish and elegant and with these window treatments, you can create the best look you want to create in your room. You can try creating a classic and most traditional look for your room or you can also create a contemporary and modern look for your room.

  • Traditions Wood Shutters from Graber fills your room with a beautiful and natural essence
  • They are made of a remarkably excellent craftsmanship
  • They offer your home an earthy touch and make it look elegant and let you enjoy the beautiful ambiance
  • These window treatments are made of the top quality of wood which makes them look extravagant on your windows
  • These window treatments bring a traditional drama to your home


Norman Custom Plantation Shutters


  • Custom plantation shutters from Norman are strong and they possess amazing features when it comes to the style and functionality
  • They are strong and flexible enough and can make any living space look extremely charming
  • These shutters are also easy to maintain and are simple to install which makes them a right choice for your windows
  • They are highly resistant to moisture and hence ensure the greatest durability and the finest stability to any type of extreme weather conditions
  • These window treatments are also affordable

Design Features of The Shutters

The design you choose is responsible for the look of the room and the functionality that the shutters offer your room. Notice the design features of the shutters you choose to purchase. The better design you select the better visual interest you can add to your room. The right selection of shutters also helps you to increase the resale value of your home. They make your home look new and sophisticated which makes the buyer fall in love with the design of your home. So, your investment in your shutters will never go in vain.

You can buy these beautiful window treatments at ZebraBlinds at the best prices and design your large windows in the best way. As we are live with deep discounts on these products you can get them home at the lowest costs. Do not miss out on these offers. We also offer free shipping and free samples.

If you have any queries you can always contact our support team. We will be happy to assist you.

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