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How to Protect Your Windows during the Rainy Season

Best Blinds For Kitchen Windows

Best Blinds for Kitchen Windows or the Rainy Season

The rainy season, for some, is a source of joy that brings with us a cool breeze that we can enjoy while sitting comfortably in our veranda. For many others, it might be a nuisance when they are on the streets. It also makes the weather a bit gloomy for many who prefer being welcomed by a bright sun in the morning. And even while we are enjoying the rain from inside the house, the moisture brought out can have an adverse effect on our home’s exterior walls, and find its way through cracks in walls, doors, and windows that may damage our floorings, furniture, and other items.

What this calls for are some effective methods to protect your windows from the rain. There are the regular methods that you can employ such as getting moisture-resistant window blinds. However, there are some other low-cost methods as well that you can employ, and these are very easy to be put into effect.

Protection from Weather with Best Blinds for Kitchen Windows

One of the major moisture-prone areas in any household is the kitchen. Yes, it is the place where we keep all the kitchenware and other essential food items in the house, so ensuring that it is clean and maintained regularly is our responsibility. What we need, besides ensuring a proper ventilation system, are the best blinds for kitchen windows.

The ideal kitchen window blinds are varied and contemporary. Faux wood blinds and shutters, and solar roller shades are usually the common and popular choice for kitchen windows as well as for protection against the rain. Let us discuss them one by one.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades

A hybrid of a curtain and a blind, Roman shades are known for their practicality, functionality and striking design which makes them such beautiful window coverings fit for all seasons and rooms. Their versatility ensures you get to choose either a feminine or a masculine design. Some of the most common styles available in Roman shades are the flat fold, hobbled fold, and relaxed Roman blinds.

Many types of roman shades are made with fabric that is not moisture resistant, however, you can get water repellant liners or even waterproof materials. Make sure you check with your manufacturer before moving forward!

Hobbled Roman blinds consist of loops of fabrics that run throughout the length of the blind. It is better if you get them in solid patterns, as graphic prints are often lost in the folds and aren’t clearly visible.

Flat folds in Roman blinds, on the other hand, contain a single piece of fabric, which makes them good to display and show off a pattern.

Yet another type of Roman blinds are the relaxed blinds, offering a casual and pleasant appearance. They do not have any horizontal dowel rods that run through their length. Instead, they are operated by way of cords that you can find running vertically down on both the sides.

Roman blinds can be customized according to your preferred size and purpose of installing them. Hence getting them installed just inside the window during rainy weather can be beneficial when paired with a water repellant liner.

1-inch Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Blinds

Many homeowners have preferred going for these sleek and sturdy beauties to add character and functionality to their home. 1-inch aluminum blinds are made from high-quality material that won’t only last years and withstand dirt and moisture but to also keep out any light that may seep through the window. The look and feel of these blinds add texture and a whole range of dimension to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Besides, they protect you during extreme weather seasons, including summers, winters and more importantly, the rainy season, where homes run the risk of having water enter through windows.

1-inch aluminum blinds also protect the home from the harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation of the sun, thereby preventing your wooden floorings and decor from long-term damage. These blinds are economical, durable, and moisture resistant, so they can be used on multiple windows throughout the house.

Faux Wood Blinds and Shutters

Faux Wood Blinds

Your search for the right moisture resistant blinds should ideally end with faux wood blinds and shutters, one of the most user-friendly and easily manageable blinds out there. Giving the look and feel of real wood texture, they are less costly than their wooden counterparts. This feature often makes them preferable to many other window treatments.

You can choose these blinds in white or beige, as they go along well with any kinds of interiors on any walls and floorings. They are very attractive window blinds that are extremely durable and efficient in providing you an insulated room temperature and privacy.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl Blinds

When you need an economical solution to your window treatment woes that are robust and practical at the same time, look no further than 1-inch Designer Vinyl Blinds. They are great in their light controlling capabilities and give out an attractive pleated look that gives them a coveted indoor appearance that works well for both day and night. They are made from moisture-resistant material that can be set up against the windows in the rainy season. They are easy and uncomplicated to install as per your liking and requirement. Boasting of great color coordination, they come in a highly stylish combination of head and bottom rails. They come in a number of colors to choose from, including Wheat, Hunter Green, Mauve, White and Light Gray.

Get Watertight

When it is pouring, you never know where the water enters your home from. To avoid this, you’re better off sealing all your doors and windows to remove any scope of crevices and holes in them. You can use rubber to seal them or use tape to cover your windows with films. Window caulking is another popular method to ensure you’re indoors stay protected.

Check the Rooftops

Just before the onset of the harsh winter season, it is a good idea to get your rooftop checked, as it may otherwise cause a lot of inconveniences when water drips through the smallest of holes in the ceiling. It is always a good idea to get an annual check done.

Thus, it is as important to protect your home from the weather as it is to stay dry when you are outdoors. It is extremely beneficial for your wellbeing and for the longevity of your indoors if you check them once a while for pores, crevices, and holes, which may be small but may lead to severe damage if not tended to quickly. Follow the above tips properly by getting suitable window treatments.