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A Complete Makeover Guide for Your Kitchen Windows

Best Blinds for Kitchen Sink Windows

Best Blinds for Kitchen Sink Windows – A Guide to Practical and Budget-friendly Window Treatments


Just as the heart of your house lies in the living room, the belly of your house is your kitchen because well, it is the storehouse of some delicious energy sources for your loved ones. The window treatments in your kitchen go through a lot during each and every cooking session of yours. From the scrumptious aroma to the stubborn grease, they face it all. So, it is very important to dress your kitchen up with the correct window treatments. Though there are numerous options for modern kitchen window treatments in the market, in order to choose the ideal one, consider the following first:

  • Hygiene and Maintenance

It goes without saying that cleanliness in the kitchen is very important. Windows, being an important part of your kitchen, demand regular cleaning sessions because they soak up everything from food splashes to the food’s odor, oil grease, and dirt. Keeping your convenience as a priority, our suggestion is to go for fabric-based or plastic-based blinds which can be easily cleaned. In addition to this, you can also try the aluminum or vinyl blinds which are durable and waterproof too.

  • Light Control

Too much sunlight can cause a lot of damage to your body as well as your furniture. If you install the right window treatments, besides saving you from the heat they can also protect you from UVA and UVB rays. For extreme protection from the harsh sunlight, you can consider blackout shades and curtains.

  • Privacy Control

Letting your inquisitive neighbors peep right into your breakfast table sounds bad, doesn’t it? There are a number of modern kitchen window treatments which offer a considerable amount of privacy control. Acknowledge your requirements and needs before choosing the window treatments for your kitchen. You may consider roller shades and cellular shades which offer 2 in 1 features to enjoy the outside light and your own privacy simultaneously.

  • Place of Installation

The choice of window treatments depends a lot on where you want to install them in your kitchen. For example, you may go for sheer vertical blinds for your back doors, a pair of water-resistant vertical blinds for your kitchen sink window treatments and roller shades for the bay windows.

  • Ventilation

If you are an avid cook, you need to choose window treatments which can be easily operated when required. If you use your kitchen rigorously, go for shutters which can be opened and closed without much effort. In addition to this, you may go for shutters with ABS covering to curb the excess amounts of water vapor in your kitchen.

Best Window Treatments for Kitchen Sink Windows

Best Blinds for Kitchen Sink Windows

Once you have sorted out your requirements, it will be profoundly easy for you to choose the best blinds and shades for your kitchen windows.

Modern Kitchen Window Treatments

“In lots of homes, the kitchen window is situated above the sink, if this is the case for you, then splashproof Teflon-coated or PVC vertical blinds are a sensible choice. These are easy to clean and mold resistant too.” — Sarah Quilliam, Hillarys

#1. Faux Wood Blinds

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

If your window is right behind your sink, Faux wood blinds are an ideal option for you. Completely waterproof, they won’t give you a hard time during their cleaning sessions too.

#2. Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

If you want to go for fabric-based window treatments, you may consider roller blinds made out of mold resistant fabric.

#3. Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Our list of over the sink kitchen window treatments also includes aluminum blinds because they can sustain humid conditions. Also, since they are metal, you don’t have to worry about those water splashes. 

Wood Based Blinds Can Be a Problem

Wooden Blinds

Wood-based blinds do offer a great amount of privacy and light control, but installing them in the kitchen is not a very good idea. The heat and moisture in the kitchen can cause a lot of damage to the real wood and spoil your blinds in a very short span of time.

Modern Kitchen Window Curtains

Curtains and draperies in the kitchen are also not recommended because they tend to absorb cooking odors, but if your kitchen engulfs a larger space of your home and has a patio door connecting it to your backyard, these window treatments can work well too. While choosing curtains for your kitchen, go for a fabric which is resistant to odor absorption. Thicker fabrics have a tendency to block the smell from passing. Instead of going for velvets and polyesters, go for sheer fabrics such as cotton and linens, which to a certain extent, are odor resistant. Also, try not to layer your curtains and draperies too much. For a ventilated, breezy looking kitchen, it is always recommended to keep it light on the windows and let the air pass.

Plantation Shutters for Your Kitchen Windows

“Some people don’t like to wash drapes or dust blinds. Who can blame them? Shutters are definitely easier to clean and can be very effective to protect your family’s privacy. “

— Anabelle Bernard Fournier, BuildDirect

Plantation shutters are available in a number of styles including full height, tier-on-tier, or cafe style depending on the amount of window coverage you are looking for. Besides ultimate light control, plantation shutters offer a very beautiful look. Very easy to maintain, they are available in 2 basic variants:

1) Wooden Plantation Shutters

Wood-based plantation shutters offer extreme elegance and can be ideal for any window in your kitchen except the window over the sink. Try not to go for a pure wood shutter for your sink windows because well, water and wood are not best of friends.

2) Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl Shutters

One of the most suitable window treatments for a kitchen window over the sink, Vinyl shutters offer the right amount of utility with a lot of grace. They offer the look and feel of wood with the water resistance of plastic.

Dressing Your Windows with Valances

Extremely gracious, valances or cornices can brighten up your kitchen windows without much of an effort. They offer extreme flexibility in choosing the colors and allow the natural light to come in. But if you are a privacy lover, then well, they are not a very good option for you and may need to be paired with other window treatments.

# Roman Shades

Custom Fabric Roman Shades

Roman shades are available in a number of materials in the market. If the ready-made ones fail to appeal to you-you, you can get them tailor-made according to your requirements too. Besides injecting grace and personality, they offer a lot of privacy control and whimsy too. Though not ideal for a window near the sink, they work really well for the kitchen bay windows.

We believe that home is a place where love resides and memories are made, so let us offer you a plethora of new age window coverings for your sweet home. Browse through and order your free samples now.

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