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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Using Blackout Shades for Bedroom

Do's Dont's Of Using Blackout Shades for Bedroom

Best Blackout Shades for Home – The Do’s and Don’t’s


The bedroom is a very important room in our house — a place meant for relaxation and letting our stress melt away after a hard day. It’s where we can sit or lie in peace and coziness after a hard day’s work and indulge in reading, watching television, sleeping or just fiddling on our mobiles. We wouldn’t want to be disturbed when we are indulging in some alone time. Naturally, our focus should be keeping it as clean, comfortable and soothing to the senses as possible.

While there are things you can easily manage, such as keeping it tidy and neat, we must also have the right bedroom decor to keep us at ease. Getting comfortable and soft bedsheets, a good-quality mattress, a comfortable sofa etc. are some things you can do. But what about the windows? That is one area many people tend to ignore, whereas that should be one of your top priorities in setting up your bedroom.


Best Blackout Shades for Home


Blackout Blinds and Shades


It is no surprise that many experts believe getting the right blackout shades for the bedroom helps you in achieving the right atmosphere of privacy and temperature control. While shades that are translucent, semi-sheer or sheer can be the right fit for a living room, the bedroom is a place that must be kept separate and free from the prying eyes of intruders and nosy neighbors. Let us look at a few important blackout shades that will be perfect for this purpose.


Blackout Roller Shades by Crown


Crown Blackout Roller Shades


As discussed, while the sun’s bright rays can be a welcome change for a place which experiences dark and gloomy weather at most times, being exposed to its rays can be detrimental to both your health and the condition of your home. These include your carpets, floorings, and walls. In order to control the level of sunlight you want in your home, go for Blackout Roller Shades by Crown, the perfect option for a lovely and secure window treatment. With these window shades, you can get flame-retardant and non-toxic window treatments that reduce your risk of ultraviolet exposure as they are made of special sunscreen material. Available in a wide range of colors, these blackout shades also provide maximum protection from heat and light, leading to a comfortable and good night’s sleep.

These shades are also available in cordless options in which case you do not need to compromise on safety for your comfort. If kids and the pets in the house are within reach of cords of blinds, they may twist them out of shape and also endanger themselves in the process. This is not the case when you have cordless blinds installed, including motorized options which can be easily operated by way of a remote control.


Blackout SS Cellular Shades


Blackout SS Cellular Shades


The honeycomb construction in cellular shades not only gives them attractive looks, but also amazing functionality which lets them block maximum light and give ultimate privacy. These shades are amazingly energy efficient, thereby making them ideal window treatments for any room in the house, especially the bedroom where you need minimum outside disturbance and where you need to rest at a comfortable temperature.

These shades also have a rather smooth operating system with both corded as well as cordless systems. They are also moisture and dirt resistant, which means they last longer than most other window treatments, and can be easily cleaned by dusting, vacuuming, or using a mild detergent.


The Do’s and Don’t’s of Blackout Shades

Before you decide to finalize your choice for the bedroom, there are a few things you must ensure beforehand. This is to let them function without any hassle and also to save your time and money on them. Please follow the before instructions in such a scenario.

1) Try before you buy!

Yes, look for brands and manufacturers that let you use the samples to find out if the texture and color are according to your liking and expectations. Research on the kind of window treatments that best suit your space, for no two windows are the same in terms of dimensions and location. See if they go along well with your wall colors, paintings, and other items placed inside the room.

2) Go for safer options

We have discussed many times the importance of cordless shades, especially when you have children and animals in the house that don’t know any better. Modern window treatments have multiple options to motorize your shades. You just need to find the best one according to your liking and convenience.

3) Natural light is not the enemy

We understand your need for peace and privacy and protection against the sun’s glare. However, consider going for shades that are able to take advantage of the natural light when you need it. Day/night cellular shades, top-down bottom-up lift controls, or dual shades are all great options that provide blackout while giving you more versatility to diffuse the natural light when you need it.

4) Avoid using moisture to clean

There are some shades which are moisture-resistant, so you can spray detergent and lukewarm on them before wiping their slats. However, moisture is known to dampen and stain the fabric in the long term, so avoid your shades from getting in contact with it. It is also a good idea to read the instructional manual to see whether they are water immersible or not.

5) Don’t hesitate to contact your manufacturer

It is a challenging job for many homeowners to take things completely under their control when it comes to dealing with window shades all on their own. For installation purposes, it is better to contact your manufacturer directly and have someone come over. If a feature is not functioning properly, it is better to take professional help rather than forcing your assumptions.

6) Do consider additional window treatments

A combination of two window treatments can do wonders for the look and feel of your bedroom. These can include the features of blackout and light filtering in one. Honeycomb shades with curtains or valances with shutters are some good options to rev up your living space.

7) Look for reasonably priced window treatments

Expensive window dressing options run the risk of asking for a lot more during their maintenance periods. Which is why heavy drapery and curtains are a thing of the past. You must prepare your budget plan and spend accordingly after doing proper research.

8) Measure your windows properly before making an order

The primary purpose for getting a window treatment installed is to get protection against light, get privacy, beautify the look of your room and so on. However, when the shade dimensions are not in line with those of windows, you cannot avail these benefits. Hence, before placing your order, it is necessary to measure the length, breadth, and thickness of the window before notifying the manufacturer. If you aren’t sure, get help from the manufacturer.

Following these do’s and don’t’s properly will help create a refined and upscale look for your windows as well as your room. It is necessary to be well-prepared before taking the plunge as the right decision at the right time will bear fruit for your home for many years to come.

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