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Stunning Blackout Treatments That You Can Purchase Without Spending a Fortune

Best Blackout Roller Shades

Best Blackout Roller Shades That You Can Purchase Without Spending a Fortune


Summer is a crucial time in the year for every one of us. It’s the time of year when we want to be out and about and try our best to protect ourselves from the extreme heat; this includes the heat that tries to penetrate our homes even when we are relaxing on our large, comfortable bed or couch. When we go outside, we apply sunscreen lotions and eyeshades to protect our skin from damage and use water to cool off. But would you want to follow them to do the same when you’re indoors? That would be weird and completely unnecessary. The only real solution to this problem other than running an AC 24/7 would be to install window coverings.


Window coverings (especially shades) typically come in two options, light filtering & blackout. For maximum protection from the sun and heat, a blackout shade would be the way to go however there are exceptions to the rule.


There are a lot of blackout window treatments that you can purchase; however, finding ones that are value for money or are available at affordable prices is a challenge. In this section, we’ll take a look at some very attractive window treatments that you can purchase without spending a fortune or break your bank



Best Blackout Roller Shades

When it comes to combating direct heat from sunlight, no window shade does a better job at a better price point than blackout roller shades. These window coverings offer a stunning and modern look and can be installed either inside or outside the window. If blocking out all the light isn’t your thing, the alternative would be a light filtering roller shades or a solar shade. Light filtering roller shades provide privacy while diffusing the light and letting it in; however, they will block most of the heat from direct sunlight. These would be best used with a double pane window.


Light Filtering Roller Shades

Light filtering solar shades are available in multiple opacity levels with higher percentages offering a better view through the shade. One thing to keep in mind with these is that even at 1% they can make privacy non-existent at night time. They will lend a unique and classy look to your home and are generally available at very affordable prices. They do a great job in reducing heat as well as extreme glare that might affect your TV watching experience; while also providing you with a view out your window. Apart from that, they are excellent options to prevent ultraviolet radiation; they also prevent your furniture and other important items from fading before their time with their high-quality fabric which is specifically designed for heat resistance.



Cellular Shades: Perfect Window Heat Blockers


Cellular Window Shades


Cellular shades are the ideal option when it comes to blocking heat and insulating the window. These shades create an air pocket in between its fabric layers which act as a natural insulator for your window. When paired with side channels, they do an amazing job of keeping the heat out and the interior very cool.


Another feature of cellular shades is how economical they are. They lend you the best features that you come to expect with window coverings, yet you can get them and save several dollars that you would otherwise spend on more expensive drapes and fancy window treatments.


The cellular window shades are also available in light filtering and blackout, with the blackout once again providing the best heat prevention. It’s available in single or double cell fabrics as well with double cell offering a better overall insulation. An added bonus of these shades is that they also cut down on sound due to the various layers of fabric and blackout lining.

The heat gets reflected and trapped inside the pockets of fabric and air which are made in a honeycomb-like structure. This prevents excessive noise or heat from entering the home and makes these shades one of the best insulators in the market.



Classic Roman Shades: Best Blackout Shades for Bedroom


Fabric Roman Shades 

Roman shades offer the perfect amalgamation of traditional beauty and modern-day panache. They are one of the most popular window coverings, and rightly so, because of the amazing benefits that they have. They offer timeless style and are available in a variety of options that are amazingly cost-effective and durable at the same time.


Made of mostly flat panels that lie flat against the window when fully extended and forming neat folds, flat Roman shades are one of the most common types. They offer a clean and uncomplicated look. If you are going for prints and patterns on Roman shades, it’s best to go for these shades. This is because Hobbled shades, the other popular window treatments available in this category, form overlapping folds when fully extended.


Fabric roman shades are also available in a thermal or blackout liner. They keep out the heat well enough as the texture of their fabric is thick and tough, and when they are pulled all the way down, they can let you sit back and relax, and enjoy watching TV or sleeping in comfort.



Faux Wood Shutters


Faux Wood Shutters 

Why not enjoy the benefits of the look and feel of pure wood blinds at lower and affordable prices? Faux wood shutters do exactly that to deliver a rewarding experience for your home and for your visitors to gush over your splendid taste. Faux wood shutters are made of either composite wood materials or PVC/vinyl. They may also have slats with a wooden core that is coated with high tech polymer or entirely from PVC. these materials are highly durable which make faux wood shutters one of the best-selling shutters on the market.


Their durability also makes them ideal choices for humid areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom, as moisture does not have any major effect on them. They last longer and can be permanent window options in all kinds of houses. People usually prefer having plantation shutters installed on their windows because of the big size of their slats, which allows for some light to come in. And when they are completely closed, they block more than 90% of sunlight, giving a blackout effect to the room. Hence they are great reflectors of heat and are suitable in high and dry and hot areas.


As faux wood shutters are not “real” wood, they cost much less and are, hence, great substitutes to wooden blinds. These are also available in varied designs and colors. They can go well in any kind of room with matching wall colors.


Choosing window treatments that block sunlight and heat isn’t all that hard,  however, ensuring they don’t break the bank can be. Blackout window treatments (or light filtering for that matter). should be cost-effective, and easy to order and use. We hope that some of the tips we’ve outlined help you with making a decision for your windows. Please remember to compare prices online, check if the product meets your need, and make a decision by taking your own time.

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