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Best Blackout Basement Window Coverings

Best Blackout Basement Window Coverings

Window coverings have been making our lives easier and comfortable for hundreds of years. From the medieval period to the present day, window treatments have been protecting the interiors of our homes and offices from the heat, glare, dust and UV exposure. While it is no surprise that installing blinds, shades, shutters or other types of coverings on the windows and doors in our houses have many great benefits, the basement in the house is also worth a thought.

The basement in the house serves many purposes ranging from acting as a storage space to a space for recreational activities. The basement is good enough to be converted into a fully-functional hall, office space or can even be rented out to a business. Considering the versatility that the basement possesses, it is only fitting to look at similar coverings or treatment products for basement windows. You may want to protect what you keep in the basement from getting hampered by the heat, glare or moisture which exposure to the elements can cause.

Why Basement Window Coverings are Worth Investing In

The basement is a very important section of the house and can have different usage scenarios depending on the type it falls in. Standard basements normally have foundation walls going under the ground and do not have big windows to let the light in. People who want to build a dark man cave or a theatre area in the basement will actually prefer the darker setting. Full access to the backyard is another perk.

Walkout basements, on the other hand, are normally brightened up with big windows but you need to climb down the stairs to reach the backyard. Daylight or lookout basements fall in between the above-mentioned types. While you get better visibility big windows you also have to use stairs to some extent to access the backyard. So, the thing worth considering is that you can do without window coverings in standard basements. Walkout and lookout basements, on the other hand, need window coverings to provide better privacy and protection against the elements.

If you ignore this, the things in the basement may get ruined due to the excess heat or moisture. The glare can ruin the furniture and drapery and the big windows don’t just let the light in. These windows also give the prying eyes a chance to invade your privacy. Considering all of this, basement window coverings are surely worth investing in. What is also important is knowing which type of window coverings are suitable for which type of basement. Continue reading to find out.

Window Coverings Ideal for Daylight/Lookout Basements

Lookout or daylight basements have some portion below the ground and hence these are susceptible to heat and moisture. If you are planning on installing window coverings on the lookout basement windows, you need to take the damage that heat and moisture can cause. So, you need to pick the ones which are resilient against heat and humidity. Let us look at which window treatment products can be great options:

• Plantation shutters: Plantation shutters are more durable and resilient when compared to blinds and shades. These look great and also provide good insulation against the heat. These shutters also provide good light control. These plantation shutters are available in a variety of material options. Natural wood, composite material and faux wood are some of the most popular options. While the plantation shutters, in general, are very tough and last a long time but faux wood shutters or the ones made from composite material are more resistant against the moisture. Natural wood shutters have better resilience against cracking due to exposure to UV rays. You can pick the ones which best suit your needs.
Basement Window Shades
• Faux wood shades or blinds: Since faux wood is not adversely affected by moisture which can build up in lookout basements, you can opt for faux wood blinds and shades. These provide very good protection against the outside heat without blocking the view completely. So, you can enjoy looking out of the window while you comfortably continue doing whatever you are doing. The blinds also provide very good light filtration; hence you need not worry about the glare.

Window Coverings Suitable for Walkout Basements

Walkout basements are above the ground and hence do not have any out of the ordinary problem caused by moisture or heat. The amount of heat or humidity is the same as any other part of the house. The open nature of walkout basements enables installing big windows and consequently, more light can enter inside. Unless your house is situated in an area that receives above-average rainfall, you need not worry about the humidity. You need to focus more on better light-control and privacy as more sunlight can enter and more people can look inside the basement due to easy access to the windows. Let us look at good options for walkout basements:

• Cellular or Honeycomb shades: Since the basement is at ground level, better insulation against the heat is required. Normal pleated or roman blinds or shades with thin lining fabric won’t suffice. Honeycomb or cellular shades, due to their fabric structure, create air pockets between their layers and hence can provide superior insulation against the heat. These shades can provide better privacy solutions with the blackout option also accessible to you. You get a cool and comfortable environment inside the basement and brightness levels which are also very convenient.

• Natural wood blinds: Since moisture is not a problem, you can opt for wood blinds too. The natural wood blinds provide great insulation and also look great. Since the windows in your basements are more visible, the wood blinds can be a great aesthetic option. The eco-friendliness is another added advantage. Besides these are more durable when compared to fabric blinds and shades.
Basement Wood Blinds
• Plantation shutters: Besides being more resilient and durable, plantation shutters also provide very good insulation against the Sun’s heat. A high degree of customizability, sturdiness and great looks surely enhance the appeal of these shutters. These are ideal for all kinds of basements. Since these shutters also outlast any other types of blinds, shades and drapery, you also get a superior return on investment.

• Roller shades: Roller shades are very easy to operate and also have the potential for motorization. Smart solutions can enhance the security and maintenance of these shades as well. You can pre-program the shades to operate in a specific manner and can opt to get notified on your smartphone if unsocial elements try to break into the basement. You can pick blackout roller shades if you want better privacy all through the day. You can opt for one-way-view roller shades if you mostly use the basement during the day and are not bothered by their reduced privacy during the night with lights on.
Basement Roller Shades
• Window curtains: Since the windows of walkout basements are more visible and at the ground level, opting for blackout curtains can also be a great option. Not only will these look great but will also block the UV radiation, reduce the glare and provide good insulation against the heat. You can play with fun colors and patterns to enhance their appeal.

There is no dearth of basement window coverings in the market with all the major brands offering them in a variety of colors and designs. You can pick the options which are more aligned to your preferences. You can also take into account the type of basement in your house and the features which you want your window treatments to have. The basement is a very useful and versatile section of the house and it is only fitting that you give some thought your options before finalizing the window coverings for them.