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5 Design Secrets For a Vibrant And Beautiful Home

Best Window Shades For Bedrooms

5 Design Secrets – Best Bedroom Window Shades


A beautiful home is everyone’s dream. There are many ways to improve the look of the home and make it look elegant. But, among all the easiest and the best way to add glamour to your home is by installing modern window treatments to your home. The right choice of window treatments can make the look of the home, but at the same time, the wrong choice can ruin it. So, you must be cautious and choosy while selecting the best bedroom window shades for your windows if you are planning to create a design overloaded home.


A Clean And Complete Look with Best Bedroom Window Shades


Do not underestimate your windows. They have all the capability to stand as the center of attraction of your home decor. It is not just the selection of window treatments make the home decor, there are many other attributes you need to focus on to create a clean and complete look at designing your home decor.

The following are the 5 Design Secrets for a Vibrant and Beautiful Home

#1. Perfect Measurements

Perfect measurements only can make the perfect design. Make sure you measure the windows carefully. Measure it twice. Be assured that the measurements you have noted down are accurate.

  • The measurements again depend on the type of window treatments you choose
  • You got to be very particular especially when you are measuring for the drapery window treatments
  • Determine the length accurately based on your requirements
  • Whether you want the curtains to hang till the floor length, or just to cover the windows, or any other style you would like to prefer, it all reflects in the measurements

Measure The Windows For Your Drapery Window Treatments

Drapery Window Treatments

Once you measure the windows for your drapery window treatments, make sure you add at least 8 inches to the width so that you can cover the complete window and allow the drapery to clear the window when drawn fully open

  • Add 6-8 inches to the length you have measured so that this will help you to give enough fabric to hang them to the curtain rod
  • With drapery window treatments you can create the desired look you want as you can also hang them way taller than the windows and create a dramatic look to your room
  • If required, you can also install the curtain rod to the ceiling and hang your curtains till the floor length
  • No matter what design you plan to achieve to your room, the perfect measuring has to be made and this only can help you to design the exact look you wanted

#2. Ambiance

One important thing you should think about is the ambiance you would like to have in your room. Whether it is a bright room or a blackout or an airy room, make sure you have an idea of the ambiance of the room you are gonna design. Before deciding the ambiance of the room, consider the requirements of the room.

  • For the rooms like bathroom and bedroom, privacy is one of the most important constraints
  • For the rooms like media room or bedroom, light control is very important
  • The rooms like the living room and playrooms, we prefer a bright ambiance as it feels so pleasant and welcoming
  • So choose the window treatments accordingly

Light Filtering Window Treatments For Your Living Room And Playroom

Light Filtering Window Treatments

You can choose light filtering window treatments for your living room and playroom. The light filtering fabric allows the diffused light inside which helps to create a bright atmosphere and makes the room more pleasant.

  • Blackout window treatments are the best window shades for your bedroom, as they help you to create a dark room that helps you to fall asleep

Blackout Window Shades

  • Install blackout window shades in your media rooms too as they let you create a dark room that makes you experience the theatre effect while watching a movie or your favorite TV show

#3. Design Theme

Be particular in choosing the colors and patterns of the window treatments you choose. The right selection of the window treatment helps you to complement the existing home decor. If you have an existing home decor theme, make sure that the design and the color of the window treatments you choose do not damage the interior decor rather it helps you to enhance it and bring your home a charming look.

  • Color and pattern play a major role in deciding the design of the home decor
  • Choose the perfect color and design considering the things like the wall color and the color and design of the other decorating elements of your room
  • This will help you to make the best decision for your window treatment with respect to design and color

#4. The Function of the Window Treatment you Choose

Study about the various benefits the window treatments offer. Make sure that you select the perfect one that could satisfy the needs of your room. As there are many types of window treatments available in the market, each one differs from the other. So make sure you make the right choice and pick up the best window treatment for your bedroom.

Consider the fabric of the window treatment you choose, the thickness and the quality of the fabric you choose plays a vital role in offering you the right benefits which you would expect your window treatment to satisfy.

#5. Add On’s

After selecting the perfect window treatments for your room, try pairing them up with the perfect add on’s. The add on’s include window treatment hardware, valances, cornices, curtain rods etc.

The right choice of these adds on’s will uplift the beauty of your window treatments and make the look of the window completely.

Graber Window Coverings For Your Windows

Graber Window Coverings

Try choosing the add on’s of the same pattern and brand. For example, if you have chosen Graber window coverings for your windows, pair them up with the right selection of Graber window hardware.

Valances And Cornices

There are a lot many styles of valances and cornices available. Top up your door and window coverings with the perfect choice of valances and cornice boards.

Do follow the above tips and bring out the best look for your home. If you still have any queries you can write to us. We are always there to help you. If you are inspired by these wonderful ideas, try them today and bring out an astounding look to your windows. All the window treatments at ZebraBlinds are available at the lowest prices with wonderful discounts. Shop today to take advantage of our attractive discounts on select products with free shipping to your home.

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