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A Complete Guide To Dressing Up Your Bathroom Windows

Best Bathroom Window Blinds

Best Bathroom Window Blinds to Layer Up Your Bathroom Windows

Bathrooms are the most important as well as most ignored parts of our houses. A good long hot soak with some of your favorite scented candles can take away all the tiredness and sore muscles in just a few moments. Though we tend to put all our efforts, attention and funds into decorating our drawing rooms, guest rooms, and the bedrooms, your bathrooms are an area you will use every single day. To give it the attention your bathroom deserves, allow us to introduce you to the best bathroom window blinds, shades and curtains.

# Best Blinds For Bathrooms

Among our list of best bathroom window treatments, faux wood blinds are at the top.

What is Faux Wood?

Faux Wood Blinds for Bathroom

Made with vinyl, plastic, PVC or their combinations, faux wood blinds are available in a number of colors and variants. Match your window blinds with the tile color in your bathroom or play with combinations and enjoy your favorite color while you saver the hot dip.

Custom faux wood blinds are water resistant, crack-free and last longer. If you are looking for something light on the budget and high on durability, faux wood blinds can fulfill these requirements.

In addition to the durability, faux wood blinds are easy to install and super convenient to maintain. All you need is a light dust once a week. Moisture friendly and super trendy, faux wood blinds are worth the shot!

Faux Wood vs Real Wood Blinds

Real blinds can give your windows a bold, classy and royal look but when it comes to windows which deal with water every day, our suggestion would stick with faux wood blinds. Exquisite but expensive, real wood blinds can dig a hole in your pocket with all that warping and fading.

# Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains for Bathroom

For the perfect Victorian look, get your hands on a pair of sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains can add a soft and airy feel to the room. Translucent and lightweight, they let in the natural light making the room appear more spacious. Now if your bathroom windows face your nosy neighbors, then don’t forget to pair them up with either blinds or shades.

# Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shades for Bathroom

Cellular shades AKA Honeycomb shades are fabric based shades consisting hexagonal cells in between the panels. These cells absorb the air and provide considerable insulation in the room. The hot or cold air is trapped between the cells as a result of which you get a perfectly regulated room with a comfortable temperature.

Available in a number of hues, cellular shades can brighten up your room and complement its interiors. You can browse through and have a look at the never-ending varieties of cellular shades we have in the house for you. To match the shades with your interior you can order free samples and enjoy our free delivery service.

If the location of your bathroom needs more privacy, then you can try the blackout cellular shades too. They provide a good deal of light, heat and view blockage. You can also install in a room darkening lining in your current pair of cellulars and keep the inquisitive eyes away.

Crown Your Bathroom Windows with Cornices and Valances to Complete the Look

Valances are pieces of fabric sewn together in a beautiful crown-like structure to hide the pelmet or curtain rod. They can also installed as an accessory to enhance the look of the windows. Couple your valances with a cool pair of draperies and get that royal feel in your bathing room.

At the same time, if you have space constraints in your bathing area, then do not layer your windows too much. Overdoing it can make your bathroom look more congested. Use light colored fabrics with quirky motifs to add that trendy look.

You can also combine the valances with cellular blinds and experience utility in style.

# Roman Shades

Roman Shades for Bathroom

Among the list of window treatments for your bathing area, roman shades can give you almost everything you want out of a window treatment. Beauty, style, aesthetics, and utility all in one.

Roman shades are the best of all shades. Pick a pair which is light in color and resistant to mildew.

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