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Benefits Of Using Two Fabric Types In Fusion Blinds

Benefits Of Using Two Fabric Types In Fusion Blinds

What is the most important feature that you expect from window blinds? Some people wish their blinds to be moisture-resistant in bathroom and kitchen areas so that they do not develop stains or crack from the impact of moisture. Yet others expect them to insulate their homes so that they can be comfortable without having to turn their ACs or heaters on. Some, instead, prefer their blinds to have light filtering capabilities. What if you could get all these qualities in a single-blind, i.e. if you could get blinds with both light filtering and room darkening materials to make your experience rewarding and worth it? In this section, we identify the purpose of fusion blinds employing more than one type of fabric. There are several reasons why they have gained prominence in modern window treatment solutions.

Why Go For Fusion Blinds?

Times are changing, and consumers are no longer satisfied with a regular offering even by the best of brands. There have been blinds such as Roman shades, shutters, aluminum blinds and vertical blinds offered by the best of brands in the market. However, shades that combine the benefits of at least two of the shades might, after all, be the new thing in the market.

Here are a few takeaways that you must consider if you go for such window coverings.

1. Privacy and Light Control: When you have the benefits of enjoying your personal space as well as have your room illuminated in natural light with one single shade, why would you stay away from such a superb window treatment? Multiple fusion shades such as day-night cellular shades, Zebra Sheer Shades and CrystalPleat Cellular Shades come with this facility.

2. A Unique Appearance: The combination of more than one fabric allows you to have a unique window treatment that will draw praise from just about every guest in the house. As many fusion blinds entail the combination of materials with different, and quite opposite, properties, they are bound to become your favorite in no time.

3. Heat and Sound Insulation: The fusion blinds are insulating blinds and are extremely effective in protecting your home during peak summers when the sun can be quite merciless and have you sweat for hours on end even when you’re inside your home. The fans and roofs won’t suffice in making your home cool and comfy unless you have the right blinds. By making use of insulating fabrics in their construction, they can keep things light and relaxed indoors. You can enjoy a good night’s rest as well as take a small nap on your off days without worrying about the heat outdoors. The same quality also makes these shades excellent absorbers of sound, drowning out any outside disturbances that may prevent you from concentrating on your work.

4. The Safety of Cordless and Motorized Treatments: Many fusion treatments also come in motorized and cordless options, just to ensure that the little kids and pets in your home are safe and stay away from destroying and pulling the cords out of shape. The motorized feature in them makes for great flexibility and convenience of operation, where you can save considerable time by avoiding walking over to them for adjusting.

Popular Fusion Window Treatments

Even as we have discussed the many benefits of using such shades, we haven’t much talked about their multiple examples which you can buy anytime you deem suitable. Here are some of the popular fusion window treatments.

1. CrystalPleat Cellular Shades By Graber

While the non-porous point bonded polyester prevents the dust from settling on its surface, the Cocoon and Solitude fabrics entail a metalized liner inside the cells to ensure a blackout effect in the room. When these shades are lowered, 99% of the light entering a room is blocked, while the remaining 1% of the light that might enter through seepage in the blinds is blocked by the side rails that come along with them. Normally they have one type of fabric, but you can go for the sun up / down option which allows a combination of various light-filtering fabrics that can darken the room at the same time. These also come in an array of cell sizes to customize your choice.
Thermal Cellular Shades

2. Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades By Crown

When you can have a combination of materials to lend you the required privacy and natural light at the same time, you employ the TDBU option by one of the most preferred brands for window shades: Crown. These come in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics and assure sharp and crisp pleats even when you have used them for years. The control handle remains with the bottom rail, avoiding you to lay your hands off the fabric. Besides, they can be regularly and easily maintained by the usual cleaning methods of soil removal and spot cleaning via a wet cloth or vacuuming. While these shades technically only have one type of fabric, their lift style gives you the versatility of a dual fabric or fusion blind.
Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

3. Zebra Sheer Shades:

One of the major highlights of Zebra Blinds, and a shining example of effective fusion blinds are their sheer shades. From a distance, they give you an impression of alternating room darkening fabrics. On a closer look, you realize that they employ both room darkening and light filtering fabrics to create a Zebra-like pattern in your room, effectively diffusing light while respecting your privacy and personal space. A sight to behold, these shades are available in several control options, including the motorized one that will complement their sleek and modern look rather well. You can choose from among four opaque and 10 light filtering fabrics in different vane sizes, once you have specified your window dimensions to the seller.
Smart Zebra Sheer Shades
Final note: You may also choose a combination of different window treatments on a single window, which explains the popularity of valances and cornices, or just hang a light filtering curtain over existing shutter panels to additionally protect your interiors. These will provide a nice finishing touch.

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