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Benefits of Sun Up Sun Down Shades and Why You Might Need Them

Benefits of Sun Up Sun Down Shades

When it comes to controlling the temperature of indoor spaces, there are various ways of doing so. Right from strategically fixing fans to investing in heaters and air conditioners, these are various devices used for temperature control. The type of home decor, color schemes, layout all play a role in how the indoor spaces temperature is controlled. Despite the indoor temperature, ventilation is also the key to maintaining the right temperature. This is done with the help of window treatment. The right window treatment will facilitate the right type of indoor temperature that you’re trying to maintain. There are a wide variety of window treatments like shades, shutters, and blinds that help tackle various outdoor weather conditions. Apart from weather conditions, they are also designed to provide privacy and light control. Some people prefer window treatments that completely block out light while others prefer window treatments that allow their homes to get a nice warm hug from the sun rays, and some people are trying to get the best of both worlds. There are few privacy shades and shutters that come in between and provide a bit of privacy and a bit of light. One popular option is Sun-Up-Sun-Down shades that are also known as Day Night Cellular Shades.

What are Sun-Up-Sun-Down Shades?

When it comes to your room space be it the bedroom or the living room, the amount of light and privacy has to be flexible to a certain extent. When it’s day time you may enjoy ample light that surrounds your space and when it’s time for bed you would like your time away from light and sound. It’s extremely difficult and impractical to keep switching window treatments to meet your needs, making the Sun-Up-Sun-Down Shades the right option to pick for your home space.

Sun-Up-Sun-Down Shades, also known as Day-Night Cellular shades or 2 in 1 shade, try to bring the best of both worlds. During the day they allow you to filter in light and during the night they allow you to block it out completely so that you can enjoy that much-needed privacy. Cellular shades are shades that provide insulation to your space through their specialized honeycomb design. The Day-Night design is integrated with cellular shades so you can enjoy your space not only insulated but also give you the optimum level of transparency according to your mood.
Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shades

How Do They Work?

When shades come with dual features, there is a certain perception that these shades are extremely complicated or difficult to use, which is not at all the case with 2 in 1 shade. These are shades that stay attuned to the need of the hour by incorporating light filtering as well as room darkening properties. These types of shades try to utilize both of these distinct fabrics to give you just the right amount of light and privacy. The design is such that the bar in the middle separates the light filtering material from the room blocking material. You can roll the middle bar up or down in accordance with which fabric you like.

If your home space has a big and comfortable window in your guest or bedroom using these are a great option as you can modulate with ease between the day and night contrast. You can even use them in formal spaces due to their sleek and minimalistic design. It’s different from regular cellular shades because, in regular cellular shades, they have two railings, but these shades have three railings – headrail, bottom rail, and a middle rail. To get a better image of this, imagine a blind that has half-light filtering fabric and half-light blocking fabric and it is divided by the middle railing.
Day Night Cellular Shades for Bedroom

Why Invest in Day-Night Shades?

These shades are not only unique but also provide a great combination of advantages. They are created to ensure that you enjoy more flexibility as well as the features of two unique shades in one. They’re an excellent way of keeping the sun rays and heat out in style. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider investing in Day-Night Shades:

1) Versatility: Their distinct design makes them extremely unique, apart from their functionality. What makes these blinds great is that they come in a variety of options in terms of colors and material.

2) Privacy: This an extremely picky yet important topic for every homeowner. When it comes to deciding or picking on a particular window treatment this is a deciding element. Often it is difficult to strike that right balance between the amount of light you let in and the privacy you enjoy. These shades allow you to enjoy both rather than compromising one over the other.

3) Operating Styles: You can choose to have these blinds operated through a cord or motorized so you can adjust them with a click of a button. This solely depends on your preference as well as your budget.

4) Light Control: The most important feature and advantage of these shades are the light control flexibility it provides with the dual properties. You can adjust it according to the need of the time to create the right ambiance.