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Benefits of Solar Shades and Why You Might Need Them

Benefits of Solar Shades

This is the time of the year when you can see temperatures are increasing, and extreme weather conditions are making your home warm and uneasy to stay. Windows are the main path to let sunlight and other beams to enter your home and that’s why you should always start with covering them with the right solution. You might think to cover them may block the view to the outside but that is not true as there are few privacy shades that will provide your interior with an aesthetic value along with various functional benefits. And solar shades are one of them. Modern technology and the latest advancements make these shades popular and fashionable to dress up your windows beautifully. They are made of a tightly woven fabric that obstructs most of the sunlight while letting the homeowner see through the shades. These fabricated shades also protect your home by reflecting and absorbing the sunbeams. Furthermore, standard window coverings can prevent your view, but these shades won’t do the same. Know their worth and unique specifications before you consider them for your windows!

Why Switch to Solar Shades?

• Sunscreen for Your Interior:

These custom sun shades reflect or absorb heat, provide UV protection, and reduce glare while keeping your view intact. They reflect 95% of the sun rays, keeping your indoors cool and relaxing during the extreme heat. By reducing the incoming UV rays, the shades protect your health and home furnishings from damage. These shades are not only UV resistant, but their antimicrobial and flame-retardant materials protect your valuable belongings from all the harshness. Installing these shades in your home can enhance the value of the overall décor.

• Save Energy Bills:

Solar shades are one of the great options for a homeowner to address the problem of increased energy bills. By blocking the excess sunlight, these amazing window shades lower the indoor temperature and reduce the home’s electricity bills. Blackout solar shades are perfect to accomplish this task.
Horizons Blackout Spring Roller Shades

• Preserve Your View:

Solar shades come in different percentages of opacity (1%-15%) levels that balance the amount of sunlight passes through the shade and your outdoor view. For more visibility, go for a higher openness shade – but note that it also allows more light to come through. And if you want to keep out more sunlight along with privacy, then opt for lower opacity level solar shades. They are also great outdoor blinds to help provide shade while keeping your view.

• Great Design:

These shades are considered to be a designer favorite because of their incredible clean and clutter-free look that can easily match your home style. Lots of options to choose from – the shades are available in a range of colors and texture options that can help you to get a sophisticated and elegant look. Your home can make a fashion statement with a dramatic finish when properly customized. In order to achieve a classy and solid look, check out all the designs and decorate like a pro.

• Popular for Workplaces:

We all know that solar shades are a great choice for residential windows but they work well on commercial or workplace windows too. By stopping the glare, the shades prevent the reflection on the computer screen so that you can work without any disturbance.
Solar Shades for Office

• Lifetime Solution for Your Window:

Superior quality material used in these shades makes them long-lasting and durable. They are a great investment for the savvy homeowner.

• Motorization Gives You Luxury:

Solar shades come in standard cord control and cordless feature to raise and lower. But to add luxury and convenience, integrate these shades with motorization and see the difference. Access them using a remote button or smartphone from your comfort zone. These no-cord mechanisms ensure ultimate safety for your kids and pets. They can be useful when you aren’t around, set a timer for automatic operation. Get the protection you need whenever and wherever you want!
Motorized Solar Shades

• Easy Measuring and Installation:

Sit back and relax as these shades are very easy and simple to measure and install. Before you purchase them, measure the window frame with the easy instruction guidelines and install them without any hassle. Consult with the professionals for an impactful installation.

Pick the Right One!!

Whether you want to obstruct daylight, save money on electrical costs, or add a little style to your home, solar shades are the answer. For the upcoming summer season, get ready with these stunning window solutions. Personalize the shades from a variety of colors and design choices to highlight your windows.

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