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Motorized Window Treatments and Their Benefits


Motorized window treatments are quite popular nowadays due to the different benefits they provide. As such, our aim here will be to analyze few of the main benefits of using these motorized systems.

We will also look into common questions people have while purchasing these motorized wood blinds and shades so that you have a clear idea about how they work.

What Are The Benefits of Motorized Wood Blinds?

Let us first look at whether there is actually any need to use motorized window treatments.

Is there any need for motorized window treatments?

Many people have this question in mind since it is usually not that difficult to pull a drawstring. So, why purchase motorized wood blinds?

When you use the smart motorized system, the main advantage will be that you will be able to raise or lower multiple shades together. For instance, it will become possible to raise all the window coverings in a single room, on a floor, or all throughout the house by pressing a single button. Moreover, when you have a smart home system in place, the motorized window shades can be used with other smart devices, for example, you can raise the blinds and dim the lights at the same time.

Motorized Window Treatments

A Closer Look Into Some of the Benefits

Get the Flexibility to Choose from Different Power Sources

One of the benefits of motorized window treatments are that they can have different power sources, making it easier to choose an option that is suitable for you. Let us look at few of the available options.

Different Power Sources

  • Battery Operated: These make use of 8 AA lithium batteries and the batteries usually last for about 4 to 6 months.

The battery pack is external and is generally mounted behind the headrail of the shade. The battery wand also comes with 96″ or 48″ cord extensions so that the wand can be positioned alongside the wall or outside of the window.

  • Hard Wired: Single motor DC transformers can be directly plugged into an outlet, or you can hard-wire your shades with a multi-motor power supply.
  • Solar Powered Batteries: These make use of rechargeable batteries that collect solar energy for purpose of recharging.  They require about 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day and are designed to charge the shade for one open and one close per day.

Achieve Better Convenience

Rolling the blinds manually can be a hassle many people try to evade, and it can be a time-consuming task.

By installing motorized wood blinds you will be able to do the same job with a simple press of a button.

It could be the remote, a touchscreen, in-wall keypad, or a smartphone app that will do the job and quietly lower or raise your blinds in a matter of seconds.

Motorized Wood Blinds

Benefits From Using Motorized Outdoor Shades And Blinds

The most effective method of blocking sun’s heat is by doing the same from outside. By using motorized outdoor shades you are able to block sun’s rays before it gets a chance to heat the doors or the glass windows.

If there are adjacent shades, then a motorized option can help you manage all the joined shades together or there could be separate remotes so that each of the shades can be adjusted independently.

Motorized solar shades are the right option for pool houses, garages, gazebos, decks, porches, patios, and other similar places. All you will have to do is simply press a button to stop the shades at any specific height and achieve total control over outdoor ambiance.

Moreover, motorized outdoor blinds also prove to be valuable for windows which are in difficult to reach locations. Additionally, these motorized systems have timers so that you can open or close them at pre-determined times without requiring any manual intervention.

Motorized Outdoor Blinds

Let us now look into some frequently asked questions about motorized wood blinds and other similar motorized window treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Window Treatments

#1. Is there any difference between automatic and motorized window treatments?

You will be controlling a motorized window treatment yourself using a remote control. On the other hand, if there is an automated window treatment, then it is controlled automatically by your home’s central control system, a light sensor, times, or similar other automation devices.

However, you need to keep note of the fact that even if it is an automated window treatment, you can still operate it with your wall switch or remote.

#2. How do battery operated systems differ from hardwired ones?

Battery operates devices are standalone systems and are generally used for operating smaller blinds.

In addition, the headrail of the blind should be accessible so that the batteries can be changed. On the other hand, hardwired systems are able to accommodate several larger blinds.

#3. Is it possible to operate all the motorized window treatments using a single remote?

Yes, if the system uses RTS technology or other similar technology, then window treatments can be controlled in a group.

In such situations, you will be able to use a single remote for operating all of your motorized window treatments, whether they are motorized wood blinds or the rolling shutters on interior shades.

#4. How are wired systems different from radio control systems?

As the name suggests, in a wired system, the controlling device is connected with an electric motor through wires that transmit the commands to the electric motor. Here, the controlling device is fixed close to the motor.

In case it is a radio-controlled system, the commands are sent using radio waves without the need for electrical wiring. Thus, you are able to control your motorized wood blinds within a 65 feet radius.

In radio controlled systems the installation takes place at a faster rate and your walls also do not get damaged during the installation.

#5. How do low voltage motors differ from high voltage ones?

High voltage motors operate on AC current, while low voltage ones operate on DC current.

High voltage motors usually run on the power supply of 120 volts, and on the other hand, the low voltage motors require only about 24 volts for their operation. High voltage motors may be required for larger sizes.

#6. What is the use of a plug-in AC adapter?

A plug-in adapter is very much like the plug you use for your mobile phone or laptop. It consists of a wall mounted transformer that takes 110V power from a power outlet and transforms it into 12V DC current required by the motor.

When you have this adapter in place, there is no need for battery wands and you have a maintenance-free power source since you will not have to worry about replacing batteries at regular intervals.

#7. Are there any quiet motors?

If you are looking for quiet motors, then some low-voltage ones will be suitable for you since they make only about 44 decibels of noise.

The Bottom Line

We can end here with a final note that motorized window treatments are certainly the right option for your home due to the many benefits they provide.

If you want help with the selection of the right motorized option for your home, then you can give us a call at 1-866-881-8682 and experts at ZebraBlinds will guide you in the right direction.