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Benefits of Do It Yourself Shades

Benefits of Do It Yourself Window Shades

Benefits of Do It Yourself Window Shades

As kids, all of us made one thing or another from paper, cloth, or any junk lying around our house. To kids, we call it crafts, but in our adult lives we call it DIY. Making small or large things on your own is not just interesting; it can be useful as well as save you a lot of money too. This is especially true in the case of window treatments. Buying perfect shades can be an expensive affair, but with DIY options, it can fit well in the budget. The benefits of Do It Yourself shades are many and before settling on the perfect ones for your homes, you should be well aware of this.

Let’s look at various benefits that DIY window shades bring.

Variety and Cost-Effectiveness

There are a number of DIY approaches and they are available in various budget-friendly options. Depending on the look of your home, the interiors, the décor, color of walls, etc., perfect window shades can be made at home. The fabric can be selected specifically, and they are pretty cheap compared to the shades. They are available in several colors and patterns, increasing the options to select from even further. You can style the shades exactly as you want and get the expected results out of it.
Fabric Roman Shades


DIY window shades bring out the creativity in you. Every person has a unique idea, a unique style, and a unique way of working, and that is why the shades they make on their own are distinctive.

Household Materials in Shades

There are a lot of old things that have gone out of use at home, which can be turned into or used into making the DIY shades. Old blankets, lace table cloths, bed sheets, beautiful thin rugs, decorative threads, and many more can be used to make curtains or drapes. You can also use your old clothes, like jeans, can also be turned into shades. Why throw out your existing resources when creating something this creative out of them?

Eco-friendly Options

Natural materials options directly from nature can be used in making the window treatments. Shades made out of wood or grass add a decent, elegant, and natural look to the home. Other than making the entire shade out of natural materials, parts of the shade can also be made. For example, using a styled-at-home piece of wood instead of a rod and many more such small elements can be added. Not only they enhance the look of your house, but all the materials used will be eco-friendly as well.
Natural Wooden Shades


The most beautiful part of making your own DIY shades is the satisfaction you get. Every time you look at it, the feeling of seeing your own work is entirely amazing. This satisfaction encourages you to do more, not just in making window shades but other things in the home as well.

Easy to Make

With so many videos and ideas available on online platforms, it has become really easy to make DIY shades. All you need to do is find the right materials for your home and start making one step-by-step according to the instructions available. Researching for some time and then starting with the process allows you to explore more options available for you.

Learning a Skill

Learning to create something that you never did before is always beneficial. The knowledge required is available online and gaining this knowledge adds another skill to your list. This can prove to be advantageous in making other things as well. If you develop the skill very well, you can even think of doing and selling your work professionally.

Free Maintenance

Being the creator of the shades yourself, you know every minute detail of them. If something goes wrong, you can fix it yourself. Moreover, you have a thorough idea about the maintenance needed and can do it regularly to increase the life expectancy of the shades. The ready-to-buy shades, on the other hand, require a lot of maintenance and therefore, additional costs.

Enhanced Functionality

DIY shades don’t just beautify your home, they have improved functionality as well. Since you make them keep all your needs in the mind, they are crafted to perfection. If you want to increase the flow of natural light and air in the room, you can choose light and bright fabrics. While for blocking the light completely, heavy and blackout fabrics can be used. Moreover, if designing a kid’s room, the fabric with their favorite cartoon character’s print can be used. Such customization enhances the functionality of the shades further.
Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Impact on Kids

By opting to make your shades on your own, you can also teach a thing or two to your kids. It helps enhance their creativity and teaches them to make things on their own. It also allows you to spend more time with your family.
Window treatments add luxury to the home. And therefore, they are quite an investment as well. DIY window coverings offer a very creative and cost-effective option. There are numerous benefits of DIY shades, including uniqueness, variety of options, customization, no cost maintenance, and more. Moreover, you can spend some quality time with your family to make these. Your skillset is also improved. With creative ideas, some investment of time, and right resources, you can now make elegant, custom designed, budget-friendly window shades for your home!

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