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What Are The Benefits of Installing Smart Home Blinds?

Motorized Outdoor Blinds

Benefits of Smart Home Blinds And Motorized Outdoor Blinds

If you are planning to purchase window treatments for your home then you need to look into smart home blinds as one of the options. Cheap motorized shades provide several benefits over normal blinds, making them the preferred option as window coverings.

In the following sections let us look at few of the benefits of installing smart blinds and few of the details you need to look into before making a purchase.

Ease Of Control | Suitability | Energy Savings | Automation | Better Placement | Geo fencing | Sun Damage Protection

Motorized Outdoor Blinds – Ease of Control

Remote controlled blinds have been around for some time now, but now the technology has moved into mobile apps for smartphones. This means you can control your blinds and motorized outdoor shades from any part of the house or even the world.

Better for People with Mobility Restrictions

Motorized Outdoor Blinds - Electric Skylight Blinds

Smart home blinds (such as electric skylight blinds) are an ideal option for those with mobility restrictions and for the elderly.

Now, you will not have to leave the window treatments closed or open, by using a mobile app you will be able to decide for yourself whether the blinds should remain open to let natural light into your home or remain closed for better privacy.

Energy Savings

Double Window Blinds

Smart double window blinds can be paired with your existing smart home system and smart lighting. This way they can assist in maximizing daylight that enters your home and brings down electricity usage.

For instance, when the blinds open, it can trigger your smart lighting to automatically switch off.

Complete Automation

Your smart blinds can be connected to the smart home hub and assist in lowering the energy HVAC system uses. This happens when the blinds independently react to sunlight and temperature readings from sensors that are connected to your smart home hub.

As such, blinds will have required information and will be able to decide when to close, like during the hottest part of the afternoon for reducing HVAC usage.

Similarly, the blinds will automatically open on a sunny day in winter so that sunlight can warm up the room naturally. You can set up a timer so that the blinds automatically open at a certain time in the morning and work as a natural alarm clock.

Better Placement Options

Smart blinds are the right choice for hard to reach spaces in your home (like the skylights). If a window is too high to close or open then you can easily control it using your remote or mobile app.

Geofencing and Compatibility with Smart Home Systems

Many smart blinds offer geofencing so that they open or close according to where you are. For example, whenever you leave, the blinds can close automatically and open when you return.

You can also configure your smart home system (like the Nest Protect) so that the blinds open in case of a fire and emergency responders can look into your home from outside.

Protection from Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can easily damage upholstery and furniture in a room.

Sensors in smart blinds can automatically detect the amount of heat coming in during the afternoon and close the blinds to protect your furniture and upholstery.

Integration with Your Smart Home System

Smart thermostats have all the information to decide whether closing or opening the blinds will help in reducing energy usage. To make this decision, smart thermostats make use of information related to how the outside weather is, the time of the day, and the temperature inside the house.

By utilizing this information, the smart thermostat is able to sense whether any particular room is getting hot and make a decision to close the blinds rather than turn on the air conditioning system or do the opposite if the room is cooler than required.

Purchase Tips

Type of Blinds | Integration | Future Compatibility

Let us explore few of the important details you should look into before making a purchase.

Decide The Type of Blinds

Motorized Blinds | Retrofit Blinds

Smart Home Blinds

Smart Home Blinds can be of two types; motorized and retrofit blinds. Let us look at the differences between the two.

  • Motorized Blinds: These have the mechanism already built into its design. Such design integration creates a low profile system which is self-contained.
  • Retrofit Blinds: These are the normal regular blinds in which a motor or bridge is added for making them compatible with your smart home technology. These are usually more affordable compared to motorized blinds. This option is not always available for all products and may have limited functionality.

Smart Home Integration

  • You will have to decide whether you want to buy new motorized window shades or install smart home motors for your existing blinds
  • In addition, you will also have to check that the smart blinds technology you are planning to implement will easily integrate with a smart home system you have at your home
  • Additionally, you will have to keep note of the fact that few of the motorized blinds only function with the system the manufacturer provides
  • In such a case, it will become necessary to replace all the blinds so that they work properly
  • It is worth mentioning here that major manufacturers (like Lutron and Somfy) require some type of hub for enabling app control
  • However, Pella is capable of integrating with proprietary products it makes
  • In addition, you will have to check how silent the motor is, its responsiveness to commands sent over a mobile app or remote, and the features and functionality of the app itself
  • You will also have to check whether a particular product will properly integrate with other tools such as voice control in your smart home

Future Compatibility

Apart from integration with your present smart home system, you will have to think about whether the blinds will be integrating properly with the new smart home system you implement in the future.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we will say that there are several benefits of installing smart home blinds ranging from energy efficiency to convenience and privacy.

However, before purchasing smart home blinds you will have to examine whether they will be compatible with your other blinds and how easy it would be to integrate them with future smart home systems.

If you want help in understanding how these smart systems work or if they would be compatible with your existing window treatments, then you can give us a call. Our experts will be more than happy to guide you and help you understand how these systems function and how to integrate them. Just contact us at our toll-free number (1-866-881-8682) to initiate the process.