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Go Cordless! Learn the Many Benefits of Cordless Window Treatments

Graber Pleated Window Shades

Looking For Cordless Window Treatments? Try Cordless Graber Pleated Window Shades


As days pass by we long for style and luxury in everything we use. It can be a mobile phone or the bike you ride. In the same way, we expect style and luxury in styling our home. Window treatments have many styles and different luxury choices to make your lives better. The cordless lift is a popular trend that will add style and convenience to your home. The cordless lift option is available in almost all types of window blinds and shades like Graber Pleated Window Shades, Cellular window shades and many other types of window treatments.


Try One Of The Latest Window Treatments Trends – Graber Pleated Window Shades


Cordless window treatments are a boon to us. They make our lives easy.  But most people do not know the various advantages of these window treatments.

The following are the various benefits that cordless window treatments offer

Convenience And Comfort

Easy To Use

Cordless Window Treatments

These window treatments are appreciated for their effortless access to operating them. You can access these window treatments by using a spring mechanism.


Safety For Homes With Kids And Pets

Child Safety Window Treatments

Cords are one of the dangerous hazards that can draw your pets and children into danger. It is really a tough task to keep a watch on your kids 24/7. If we have kids at home, we must make sure that we do not have any dangerous hazards at our home.

There are many incidents recorded over the years where a number of innocent children and the pets got severely injured and even were killed by the dangerous cords of the window treatments. Though it doesn’t seem to be a serious issue, the problems associated with the dangerous cords are numerous. Especially when you have kids of 0-5 years old at home, it is not at all recommendable to have the cords hanging to your window treatments. Kids are curious and if they are crawling or walking all around your home, they might try pulling the cords of these window treatments.

Go cordless in order to protect your children and pets from the danger of the cords of the window treatments. Keep your surroundings safe for your kids to play around and enjoy their childhood.

Suggestion – Inside Mount Plantation Shutters

Inside Mount Plantation Shutters

The cordless option is not just limited to the blinds and shades, you can also install cordless plantation shutters to your home. The Inside Mount Plantation Shutters help you to protect your home in the best way. If you are worried about How To Install Plantation Shutters you can contact us so that we will help you out with the easy installation.


Design Your Home In A Better Way With Cordless Window Treatments

  • When you replace your old window treatments with the cordless ones, you achieve a clean and complete look for your windows and for your home
  • The cords hanging from your window treatments disturb the look of the windows and do not make them look clean and complete
  •  The Cordless window treatments help you to make your home look beautiful. This way you can improve the overall look of your home
  • Since they are operated by the spring control, when you open or close these window treatments they are securely held in the right place an position and hence they ensure long lasting and durability

Easy To Customize

Since cordless window treatments offer more number of design options than that of the normal window treatments, you can choose the best among them. You can customize these window treatments based on your requirements and design your home in the finest way. Since these window treatments are available in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns, they allow you the maximum customization and hence you can try being as creative as you can and bring out the best look for your home.

Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home By Installing Cordless Window Blinds

Resale Value of Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home, you can upgrade the look of your home by installing these wonderful window treatments. Replacing your old window treatments with the modern window treatments is one of the wisest and beneficial ways of increasing the resale value of our home. They improve the look of your room and make your home look sophisticated. Cordless window treatments can transform the look of any living spaces. So make sure you select the perfect window treatments for your home and get them installed.

  • Cordless window treatments eliminate the struggle of operating your window treatments with those dangling cords and let you raise or lower the shade with smooth operation
  • Eliminating the cords is what that makes your home look sophisticated
  • This operating system gives your window treatments a more streamlined, contemporary look that helps to compliment your existing home decor
  • They are sleek, easy to operate, and safe to use
  • The fact is, that compared to the corded window blinds, cordless window treatments can be more expensive
  • But the benefits and advantages they offer your home cannot be achieved by installing corded window blinds
  • So, try replacing your old corded window blinds by installing cordless window treatments, and give your home the best look

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