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A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Cornices

A Beginners Guide to Modern Cornices

Cornices: The Perfect Accessory to Your Modern Windows

Cornices are the perfect addition to your windows, which are made of the premium quality wooden material or soft fabric material. When installed properly, they can make a huge difference in changing the aesthetic appeal of your room. This custom accessory can change the look of the windows exceptionally. They are a perfect way to complement your overall décor style, which offers the windows a finishing touch while bringing an architectural interest. In Ancient Greece, these decorative elements were mainly used on historic buildings as early as the Fifth Century B.C. Later on, they have been used in the European and American interior for a pleasing and astounding beauty. But using these solutions as window treatments began during the 18th century to enhance the beauty of windows in a surprisingly effective manner.

Cornices look great on layered window treatments or while pairing them with curtains or draperies. Integrating them with shades and blinds will create a soft and casual makeover. Their incredible beauty and functionality make them a unique and elegant choice for large and differently shaped windows. Use them to hide the drapery hardware while creating a clean and streamlined appearance. Customize them from a wide variety of colors and pattern options to get your preferred style.

A Detailed Study on Cornice Board

If you want to create a fresh ambiance throughout the interior, then consider adding a modern crown cornice board to the windows. They are a perfect way to change the dull, boring look of the windows. They are uniquely designed to hide the drapery hardware or curtain rod. The cornice board is a wooden box that is used on the top of the window covering. The bottom area of the box remains open, and one side is attached to the wall. Put up some color or design to the fabric and create visual interest.

The smooth finishing touch of cornices will meet all the interior décor needs. The 7 ½ inch Graber Noble Wood Cornice is one of the most preferred designs among most of the homeowners. These cornices are perfect for installing in large and big windows. Install them with draperies for a rich and vibrant look.
Designing the windows with a beautifully designed cornice board will help to achieve the desired look. Easy to install and enhance the smoothness of the windows. Get them at a very nominal price, along with the best deals and discounts.

Different Shapes of Modern Cornices

Cornices give the window coverings a distinguished look that are available in different shape and sizes to match your décor style. No matter whether you are looking for a modern décor or traditional one, these cornices will work efficiently. Below are the shapes that you can opt for depending on your tastes and needs –

• Straight
• Arched
• Step-arched
• Partial-arched
• Step straight
• Curve step arch
• Curve step straight
• Scalloped (3 different types)
• Skirted arch
• Raised top
• Tapered pleat with banner

These modern cornice boards are also available in different stripe options like – classic stripe, subtle stripe, and country club stripe.

There are three different styles available with these amazing cornices – wood, upholstered, and lambrequin.

• Wood Cornices – These cornices can be stained with perfect hue tones to match the other wooden elements in your room and bring the formal or traditional feel throughout the space.
Wood Cornices
• Upholstered Cornices – These are the wooden cornices that wrapped with fabric elements. They can easily incorporate with the existing décor style, or you can put up some color or design for added appearance. Bring a modern and sophisticated makeover by mounting these cornices today.
Upholstered Cornices
• Lambrequins Cornices – Create a timeless beauty while offering various functional benefits such as energy-efficiency, light control, and many more.
Lambrequins Cornices
Shop these beautiful designer window cornices at an affordable price and give the windows a decorative appearance. Start customizing and install them in any room for a huge change. For more designs and inspirations, start exploring or consult with the designer pros!