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A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining Your Shades

Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Maintaining Shades

The Challenge of Cleaning

One of the toughest jobs and biggest challenges for all homemakers is cleaning and maintaining their homes. It is a time-consuming task and often quite intimidating. There is always something that needs to be cleaned, washed, scrubbed or vacuumed. And perhaps the most heartbreaking part of it is, after all the cleaning and scrubbing, the house is back to being dusty within just a couple of days. It is an endless and vicious circle.

Cleaning and Preserving Window Treatments

With the onset of spring all households become busy with cleaning and polishing their homes. Like all other objects and furniture in the house, windows too get their share of vacuuming. But, what about shades or blinds that cover these windows? Do you spare a thought for them as well? Even if you have them in mind you may want to give it a miss as the very thought of cleaning them must appear daunting. The window coverings are a great addition to your household but at the same time capable of collecting huge amount of dust, dirt and pet hair. It is therefore important that these window treatments should be cleaned periodically to have them function efficiently and serve the purpose for which you installed them.

Let us share with you some tricks to clean them easily. Have your shades to sparkle and dazzle without losing your sleep over their cleaning.

How to Clean Different Shades?

Today you have at your disposal a wide range of blinds and shades for your home. Each shade and blind is different in terms of material and make. While cleaning you have to take care to follow the procedure specific to that particular treatment so as not to damage them.

Woven Wooden Shades
Woven wooden shades are a great addition to your home space. Natural materials woven together create a rich texture. Adequate care must be taken while cleaning these shades.

  • Use a duster to clean the surface for wooden and bamboos shades.
  • Use brush attachments that come with a vacuum cleaner for woven wooden shades with finer grass materials. These are highly textured and run the risk of snagging quite easily. Take measures to ensure that the fabric gets some support from behind so that they do not get sucked into the hose.
  • If you feel that the shades need deeper cleaning you can use a damp microfiber cloth. However, do not use too much water as it can cause the wood to warp. A damp cloth and gentle dabbing will suffice.

Solar Shades
Solar shades are designed with the intent of allowing light to enter and offering a clear view of the outside. This explains why most users install them on windows that are frequently used and opened. This causes the shades to collect a considerable amount of dust and dirt from both inside and outside the house. This calls for a need to clean them periodically. The happy news for you is that these solar shades need low maintenance.

  • It is recommended to use mild soapy water and soft cloth to clean. It is important to understand that these shades have a tight weave to offer protection against the sun. Hence, you have to scrub in different directions to be able to clean them completely.
  • Once you are done with cleaning with water, subject the screens to light drying.
  • Alternately if you find that the shades are not very unclean then a simple feather duster should be enough.

Cleaning Solar Shades
Cellular Shades

    When it comes to selecting shades for your homes,cellular honeycomb shades

      are a popular choice. Extremely versatile, these shades are also referred to as honeycomb or pleated shades as they have honeycomb-shaped pockets to prevent air from entering or leaving your house to make it more energy sufficient. It is very simple to clean cellular shades.

      • Use the dusting tool on your vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the shades. It is all that is needed.
      • If there are some stronger stains, you can use mild detergent, warm water and a sponge to wipe them off. A word of caution, do not rub. A gentle dab will do.

      Easy Cleaning Cellular Shades
      Roman Shades
      Roman shades allow you to experience the best of both worlds. It seeks to combine the elegance of draperies with the modern conveniences of shades. It uses a variety of materials. To clean them, you need to roll the shades down. This will help expose the entire material for cleaning.

      • To start cleaning your Roman shades, it is recommended to start at the fold section that is closest to the top. Use vacuum cleaner in a downward direction. This is generally enough to rid the shades of any dust or dirt.
      • To clean any stains, use a soft cloth, warm water and a mild detergent. Do not soak the material. Quickly rinse and blot dry the spot.

      Cleaning Tips for Roman Shades
      Sheer Shades
      Sheer shades certainly add to the style quotient of your homes. They offer privacy benefits to the window and softening view through the sheer material. As the name suggests, the shades are made of delicate and lightweight materials. Utmost care should be taken while cleaning them to prevent any damage.

      • For some light dirt that is accumulated on the surface of the shades, a feather duster is sufficient to wipe them off.
      • For more dust or pollen, use the soft brush attachment of the vacuum for cleansing.
      • For the more stubborn stains, you can resort to a sponge, lukewarm water and some mild detergents. Wipe along the exposed surface to remove any remnants of dirt or dust.

      Easy Cleaning Tips for Sheer Shades
      Roller Shades
      Roller shades are a popular choice window treatments equipped with light-filtering features. They are customizable, using quite a range of fabrics and colors. Cleansing them does not pose any headaches.

      • For the classic vinyl roller shades, you can use the soft brush tool of the vacuum cleaner to dust off both sides of the shades. The way to do it is to begin at the very top, then go side to side working your way to the bottom.
      • For the more stubborn stains and dust, you can use a sponge dipped in mild detergent and warm water. Make sure that you wring out the excess water from the sponge.
      • Allow the shades to dry completely by fully extending them.

      Cleaning Roller Shades
      Window Shades are great enhancements for your homes. They help to preserve privacy, allow light-filtration, help to conserve energy and control moisture and humidity in your homes. Care should be taken to ensure their longevity and usefulness. This makes cleaning and vacuuming your shades so very important. It is certainly not a Herculean task to clean these up. Few tricks and a little time is all you need to leave them sparkling clean and effective.

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