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Enjoy Fashion And Function: Most Suitable Window Treatments For Your Bedroom Windows

Bedroom Interior Design

Make The Best Out Of Your Bedroom Windows With Our Handpicked Bedroom Interior Design


Bedrooms are the most intimate, personal, exclusive, and undisturbed area of our houses. After a tiring day at work, all of us look forward to that comfy bed with that snuggly quilt of ours, a warm hug from our loved one and a night of practically zero disturbance. On the other hand, windows tie us to the outside. They allow us a nice glimpse outdoors, but in return, open our private space to outsiders. Even worse if your windows open to a humdrum street or your inquisitive neighbor’s window. To keep our privacy intact and enjoy a good amount of light and air inside, you can wisely dress your windows and make them function according to your suitability.

Bedroom Interior Design For Maximum Privacy

Bedroom Interior Design

Enjoy maximum privacy along with flexibly over light control by installing the right window treatments on your windows. From blackout shades with side tracks to top-down motorized shades, there are a number of commendable window coverings ruling the window treatment market these days. Allow us to introduce you to the most suitable window coverings for your bedrooms and save you from all the effort and time of browsing through a lot of unwanted information.

Curtains And Draperies: Curtains are a lighter version of draperies. Simple yet graceful, they can an uplift your room to a great extent. If you have a spacious bedroom, you can hang white sheers coupled up with bright color velvet draperies. On the other hand, if you have a space constraint, light color sheer curtains can make your bedroom look spacious and airy. Beauty with utility, curtains offers extreme flexibility over light and privacy control. If your bedroom window faces direct sunlight, choose a thick fabric for your curtains to block the heat and light outside. For a royal look, draw the curtains and tie them with beautiful curtain ties.

Complete the look with interesting accessories on the canopy. To savor the look further, choose a metallic rod with similar hues as your bedroom interior design. You can also install silk draperies to add to the mood and romance in your master bedroom. Add pleats, tassels, and beats for a tailor-made look. Thick drapes can also contribute to your sound sleep. Install blackout drapes for extreme light blockage and savor intimate moments of your bedroom like never before.

Custom Blinds And Shades

Light Filtering Roller Shades

Light Filtering Roller Shades: NSF CEO David M. Cloud says “Managing darkness in the bedroom contributes to better sleep”. Extremely versatile and classy, roller shades are available in a number of stylish fabrics. Usually, all the variants filter a good amount of light and block the blazing rays outside. If you are looking for a 100% light block out, then many other room darkening options are also available. Try the modern room darkening roller shades with their white portion facing the sun in order to reflect the scorching sunlight and stop it from hindering with your comfort.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades: The Best Window Treatments To Block Sun And Heat, cellular shades (AKA honeycomb shades) are made of a beehive-looking structure with several hexagonal cells which trap the air and provide a good amount of insulation inside the room. If you live in scorching conditions, cellulars can help you maintain a cool temperature during the days, thus reducing your electricity bills a great level. Personally, we love cellular shades for their functions and looks. Simple, tasteful, and decorous, cellular shades are a fine piece of window treatments which can definitely do justice to both the interiors and your windows.

Making Credible Combinations

Custom Plantation Shutters

Pairing Plantation Shutters With Pleated Curtains: If you have a bay window seat in your bedroom, you can go for subtly shaded plantation shutters for some privacy and light control, with a beautiful pleated curtain hanging high onto a metallic rod. Make the length of the curtain long enough to touch the floor but short enough to not flow onto it. To add a bit of drama, you can go for a monochrome combination. In addition to this, play around with interesting accessories – but don’t forget to keep it easy on the eyes.

Zebra Sheer Shades

Zebra Shades With White Sheers: Stripes can never go out of fashion. To savor this look, keep this one monochrome too. Pair the rug with the zebra shades and keep the curtains light and white in color. Add similar pillow covers to complete the look. The shades can easily look after your privacy and contribute a lot to the aesthetic value of your room. Make your windows the focal point of your private space and let the visitors go gaga over your bedroom’s interior design.

Wooden Blinds With Valances: Board mounted valances are a fabric-based top window treatment usually paired up with other window coverings like shutters, shades, and curtains. They can help you conceal your mounting hardware cleverly yet tastefully. They can be pleated, gathered, arched straight or flat. For a seamless and graceful appearance, install natural color valances and pair them up with pure wood blinds. Pure wood blinds are no less than a fine piece of furniture which can add a lot of magnificence to the entire bedroom’s interior design. If you have a spacious room, this combination can uplift the overall look of your room and give it a manor-like feel. Making your windows the center of attraction, this combination will make you feel like a duchess, right before you fall asleep.

Valances And Sheers For Some Refreshing Light: One of the most preferred combinations, valances and sheers will work out for you only if your window opens to a beautiful view, or to your lawn. As the name suggests, sheers are made of translucent fabric and allow a considerable amount of soft light inside. Due to the amount of transparency sheers can offer, we suggest you to not go for this combination if your windows expose you to people outside.

Pair up your white sheers with multi-color or patterned valances and let your window steal the show with its elegance. Due to the light color of the sheers, this combination gives you a lot of room to play with the valances and add some color to the room. If your bedroom’s interior design is all themed on natural hues, then go for a chocolate brown valance fabric or get one custom made with interesting motifs and designs.

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