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Creating The Ideal Sleeping Conditions For Kids With Smart Window Treatments

Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas

Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas- Creating The Ideal Sleeping Conditions For Kids


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of good health for all of us, and it is even more important for the children. A study says that a child needs to sleep for up to 50% of the day in order to achieve good health. The physical and mental status of a child is mostly influenced by their sleep and their sleeping environment. Perfect sleep helps to build memory and also keeps the child active and focused all day long.

Most parents are also concerned about the diet of their kids. They make sure that they provide their kids with food that contains the required amount of proteins that help their growth and keeps them healthy. But it is equally important to make sure that your kids are having a good amount of sleep which is very important for their health and growth. The mental potential of a child mostly depends on proper sleep.

Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas For Creating An Ambiance In Your Child’s Room

Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas

Consider the importance of sleep and ensure that you create an ambiance in your child’s room that helps them to fall asleep easily.

The following are the recommended sleep durations of kids based on their age:

0 to 3 months

These kids require a sleep of at least 10 to 18 hours a day.

4 to 11 months

These kids usually sleep at more regular intervals than a newborn baby. These kids require a continuous sleep of 9 to 11 hours during the night and a 2 hour sleep at regular intervals all day long.

1 to 2 years

These kids require a sleep of 11-14 hours every day.

3 to 5years

These kids need to have at least 11-13 hours of sleep every day.

6 to 13 years

The children belonging to this particular age group require a sleep of 9-11 hours every day.

The following are the various consequences that your child may encounter due to the lack of sleep:

#1. Behavioral issues

#2. Growth and Development issues

#3. Health problems

#4. Weight loss or gain

  • Make sure that you let your kids sleep properly so that it helps them grow healthy
  • But to have a good sleep, your room’s ambiance plays a major role
  • Make sure you dress up your kid’s room to allow your kids to sleep peacefully
  • But how do you create a perfect sleeping room? Or how do you dress up your existing room to turn it into a sleeping sanctuary?
  • The answer to these kinds of questions is “Modern Window Coverings”
  • Window coverings do play a major role in deciding the ambiance and look of any living space
  • The following are few Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas that help you to create the desired ambiance for your kids

Choose Blackout Window Coverings

Blackout Window Coverings

Darkness encourages us to fall asleep. The main reason why most of us feel it difficult to sleep during the daytime is the sunlight that disturbs us. Blackout window treatments help you to darken your room which helps your children to sleep. Besides making the room dark, these windows also insulate your home by blocking out the outside heat or cold to enter your room that can distract your child from having a good night sleep.

These are also perfect Window Treatments For Large Windows as large windows allow a lot of light and heat to enter the room.

Blackout Cellular Window Shades

Blackout Cellular Window Shades

Blackout Cellular window shades help you to create perfect bedroom ambiance for your kid. Cellular window treatments are known for their excellence in insulation and energy efficiency. One great thing that makes these windows treatments the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom is that these window treatments are also known as noise canceling window treatments because they absorb and dampen the outside noises which help your kid to sleep without any disturbances.

If your home is located beside a busy road, cellular window shades are the best choice.

Sliding Panel Vertical Blinds

Sliding Panel Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are known for the smooth and sleek look they offer your home to make it look beautiful. These window treatments are the perfect choice for large windows. If you have got sliding glass doors for your bedroom, make sure you do not miss out on the benefits these shades offer. You can choose the suitable fabric that is required for your room based on your requirements. These window treatments are available in various colors and patterns which helps you to select the perfect one for your home. You can also choose Curved Vinyl Vertical Blinds as they are also a good choice for your bedroom.

Window Treatments Combined With Drapery

Drapery Window Treatments

You can also try combining drapery window treatments with your window blinds and shades. When you choose a dark colored, dense fabric for your child’s bedroom, you can create a darker ambiance and also add an extra layer of insulation when your child is sleeping. You can also keep the drapes open during the day when the child is not sleeping and make your room look brighter. As drapery window treatments come in a large variety of styles, colors, and fabrics, you can choose the one that matches with your existing interior design and hence improve the overall look of your bedroom.

To make your bedroom more beautiful, you can also try Window Cornice Valance Ideas to combine with your drapery window treatments. As ZebraBlinds is now live with Exclusive Deals on Cornice Valances you can try making your home beautiful at the lowest cost.

How Much do Window Coverings Cost?

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