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Beautifully Made-to-Measure Window Blinds Shades and Coverings

Made to Measure Window Shades and Coverings

Interior decorations have been reaching new heights and are marked by new products hitting the market every day. Interior decorations constitute a large part of your lifestyle and everyone spends a good part of their time and energy in trying to make their living space as nice as possible. Window coverings make a big part of these interior decorations, for they set the background and tonality to all the other products that you will put in a room. The furniture and the wall paint or paper are all installed in sync with each other and are made to complement each other to give the room its proper appearance and aesthetic. Window blinds and shades come in various designs and styles and you can choose the one according to your requirements. They serve many purposes apart from just blocking the light and adding to the decoration in your room. They also protect you from the UV rays that come along with the sunlight and act as insulators that keep the temperature of your house regulated. They are also used for completely blocking out the sunlight, generally in office spaces where projector screens are frequently used, or in a home theater.

There are many kinds of shades such as solar shades that keep the sunlight out and provide more visibility from the inside. Then, there are cellular shades that are made of hollow hexagonal cells that provide greater insulation than the average window covering. They are a popular choice in areas that experience extreme temperatures on both ends. There are roman shades too, that do not have built-in slats but have creases on them that makes the lowering and raising easy. This gives them a very elegant look and they become a popular option for living spaces as they are also made from cloth. A rich material adds to the elegant and sleek finish. There are roller shades too that are also made from a single material and are mounted on a roll-down device that is moved to lower and raise the window shades. The material that these window shades are made from also varies from one type to another. There are different types of shades based on the material that they are made from such as wooden shades and its alternatives: faux wood shades, plastic shades, and metal shades, all of which are installed at places that have a high humidity such as washrooms or are prone to more wear and tear such as garages, etc. Window shades are also available in nylon materials. It is easy to see that the variety of window treatments available is never-ending.
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It is understood that all windows do not measure the same and some customization is desired while buying them. The online stores have become a popular choice for shopping for these window treatments because of the quality of their products and because of the offers at which they are available. The only problem with shopping online is that you don’t have a sense of the size to which you have to order your window shadings. Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing so:

1. Some online stores already have standard sizes of shades available. See if they suit your requirements and then make a request changes are to be made.
2. In case it is not available you can measure your window and customize your product accordingly
3. Make sure that the measurements are done correctly and take care of its mounting. For example, if you are buying roller shades that are mounted inside the ledge, take your measurements from there. If you are buying normal drapes that are mounted on the outside, take your measurements from there.
4. Make allowances for the length that you would want to maintain. This means that if you are buying drapes and would want them to fall to the floor, make your measurement according to that. However, if you want your cellular shades to end fall just below your window, take an account of that too. Keep in mind that different window shades require different lengths. Otherwise, you can always run wild with your ideas any day.

Ordering made to measure window shades and blinds is not that difficult, you just have to take your measurement using a scale or a tape and it is better if you use a pencil to mark your required length and breadth. You can mention your specifications and your product will be customized according to your desire.

Oftentimes, the standard measurements that are offered by the store fall only a bit short of what you require and you might be tempted to go with that extra inch or a shorter side but here are a few reasons why you should always window coverings that fully fit your windows:

1. Gives it a better finish
It goes without saying that installing blinds or shades that perfectly fit your window gives it a more elegant and sleeker look. Sometimes, you may want to add that some extra inches, especially to the drapes and the curtains to give it the nuanced appeal but only the correct added length will add to the aesthetic and not make it look shabby. Similarly, wooden shades and other cellular formal-looking shades give an elegant finish when made to fit the size of the window. If the window shades fall short of what is required, you will soon find the sunlight leaking in and the housewarming up faster. So, getting the correct size is the first step that you should keep in mind while purchasing any window covering, especially for areas where they are more noticeable, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and conference halls.
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2. Correctly measured window coverings provide better efficiency
The energy efficiency of window attachments is science and science works on accuracy and perfection. The function of insulation also works best when the measurements are as they should be. It can already be assumed what the repercussions of a shorter window covering will be, that is, it will let sunlight in and will not trap or release heat as efficiently as it is supposed to. Larger window blinds also have a disadvantage attached to them, that is they lead to wastage of resources. Using more than you need might not cause direct harm to you but will use up materials that are not required to be used which is ultimately a drain on our environment. In that way, made-to-measure custom blinds are a more environmentally conscious choice. These small changes go a long way in bringing about an actual change.
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3. They will be cost-effective
You may be thinking that customizing your window treatments will lead to extra costs. You will be surprised to hear that making your window coverings according to the required size can actually be lighter on the budget. Firstly, the standard sizes and pieces that are available may be more than what you need. If you reduce the quantity of the product you are buying, the cost will automatically come down. For example, while buying drapes if the standard set being sold is of three pieces, but upon measurement, you find that only two pieces but of larger length are sufficient for you, you can cut down on the price that you will pay.