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Give Your Home Some Color This Month of Valentines

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February is the month of Cupid and love – celebrated worldwide and transcending boundaries. With the day of love (Valentine’s day) over just a few days back, people still can’t get enough of gifting their loved ones. So why stop showering gifts on your beloved, why not splurge on the one constant companion who gives you shelter and comfort?

Yes – I am talking about remodeling your beautiful home this Valentine month. With many evolutions in window treatments, they are no longer only for practical purposes. They have the potential to transform the entire atmosphere of your house – from the classically elegant to a sophisticated grandeur, with the right choices.

So in this article, let us see some favorite products in the market which will make an excellent investment for your place.

Roman Shades – Custom Made Fabric Shades


Roman Shade Styles

One thing for certain is that Roman Shade Styles never go out of fashion. They are one of the best looking window coverings on the market, coupled with practical functionalities. So give your windows some attention at very affordable prices with these artistic roman shades. Some features to mention about these attractive shades are:

1) Attractive eye-catching and sleek designs

2) Expert quality fabrics from renowned brands like Graber, Crown, and Norman

3) Superior thermal insulators – keep your room comfortable during harsh weather conditions like the summer heat or numbing cold

4) Get excellent light control with the different shade material options – light-filtering and room-darkening options

5) These shades neatly fold unto themselves as they raise up, giving an uncluttered look to the room. Various fold styles are available

6) A range of colors to choose from – play around with the traditional blacks and browns or vibrant oranges and yellows and give your room a modern facelift

7) Various lift operation like motorization, continuous loop, corded, and more

So with these artfully crafted Roman shades make your house into a comfy home.


Traditional Drapery or Curtains


Curtains with Blinds

Since old times, drapery, or curtains, have taken care of the light control and privacy needs of the windows at home. Conventional curtains get a modern makeover with rod pocket and grommet designs, giving an alluring effect to your surroundings.

With custom additions like thermal, standard, or blackout liners, control the amount of natural light inside the house. If you want more privacy, light blockage, and insulation, then go for blackout liners. Also with the recent trend of mixing and matching different window treatments, you can match Curtains with Blinds and more.

Another added benefit of choosing custom drapes is you have a wide range of color styles and patterns to pick from. From the single draw to two-way draw panels to open the curtains, these window coverings are easy to install and maintain.

For fresh air and sunlight, draw the drapes to the sides and let the room illuminate, and close the drapes in case you want some time alone. On the whole, they give an open and homey feeling and can seamlessly match any interior and rooms without effort.

So bring home a stylish and contemporary style with these custom drapes.


Graber Roller and Solar Shades


Graber Roller Shades

If privacy and light control are the essential requirements for your house, then you should take a look the Graber Roller Shades. Graber, a premium brand in the window furnishing business, are known for their superior and innovative window coverings. Their range of roller – solar shades are great for filtering the light into your home and they give you ultimate comfort. Available in materials of different opacity, enjoy solitude from peeping eyes and protection from the elements with these shades.

  • Specially used solar fabrics give you excellent control over the visibility and openness factors.
  • Graber Roller / Solar Shades come in various fabric choices – sheer (solar shades), light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout.
  • Sheer styles give the least privacy while letting in the lightest, while blackout is best for rooms which need the greatest privacy and zero light seepage. So the latter is perfect for the bedroom and media rooms at home.
  • Bask in the trendy styles and the assortment of color choices given – from black and brown on one end of the spectrum to ivory and white on the other, and many in between.
  • Get various control mechanisms to operate your shades as well. Cordless, continuous loop, Smart pull, and motorization is some of the lift features.
  • In cordless lifts, use just a soft touch operate your shades, and as there is no danger of dangling cords, your house is safe for kids and pets alike.
  • Motorized radio frequency remote controls are used to manage shades fitted with Somfy motors. An advanced version of this is the smart home treatments which can utilize smartphones and tablets to schedule the movement of the window coverings.

So with the Graber Roller – Solar Shades, you enjoy unlimited comfort at very affordable prices.

Comfort is the greatest factor when thinking about window treatments for your home, and the above products are created with just that in mind. Valentines is not just about red colors and hearts, it’s the gesture of our love to our beloved. So gift your home this wonderful collection of products in the market and get relaxed ambiance as a token of love in return. At ZebraBlinds, we fulfill our customer’s dreams by providing some great quality window coverings at very competitive prices, including free delivery!

Make this Valentines month a memorable one by shopping with us.

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