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Beat The Heat with Outside Mount Windows

Outside Mount Window Shades

Beat The Heat with Outside Mount Window Shades


The warm temperatures of summer signal a lot of fun times with family and friends.  Backyard barbeques, coffee times or just getting cozy with a book are the stuff summers are made of. And you don’t want to lose out on all these because of the heat filtering in. To avoid spoiling your summer fun, we bring you some heat-blocking window shades and outside mount window shades.

With the right heat-blocking window treatments, you have complete control over the light filtering in, making your haven into a secluded secure spot. We guarantee our range of products will make you craving for more.

What is a Recessed Window?

A Recessed Window is, simply put, the depression between the inside wall and the glass. They are a popular option used to make a wide passage look fabulous, with recessed windows on one side. Or simply get a thick glass recessed into the ceiling for a dramatic and open look. They often offer a simple window seat.  Recessed Windows add a hint of open flavor to a room.

Dressing up a Recessed Window with the right sun and heat blocking window shades can be a tricky situation. Measuring the right is the biggest challenge you can face while looking for treatments.

Here are 3 easy tips on measuring a recessed window:

  • Measure the window from edge to edge of the casing
  • Ensure you hold the tape right from one end of the wall to the other
  • We recommend you measure the window in 3 places vertically; left, middle and right
  • In case there is a difference in the measurement that you have taken, then use the smallest measurement that you have recorded
  • Repeat the same horizontally; top, middle, and bottom
  • The blinds are customized to the smallest measurement to ensure correct fitting on the Recessed Window
  • To measure for draperies as a second treatment, measure the outer wall of the Recessed Window to make space look larger with over-sized draperies. Add for overlap and any hardware

How To Choose Right Heat-Blocking Window Treatments?

  • Choosing the right heat-blocking window treatments depends on how deep the window is recessed into the wall
  • If the window is shallowly recessed, then the options are plenty
  • You might want to look at inside mount window treatments
  • Depending on the decor of your room and usage, you might want to look at options like Vertical blinds for a cleaner look, Roller blinds for easy usage or Venetian Blinds for a budget-friendly option
  • These products come in multiple customizations that will blend in smoothly with any architectural design of your home
  • Deep Recessed windows not only help change the perceived wall thickness but also reduce the temperature of your room
  • With its deep inset into the wall, it becomes easy to evade the sunlight filtering into your room

Beautify Recessed Windows with Outside Mount Window Shades

Outside Mount, Window Shades are the most beautifying option for Recessed Windows. As they are fitted away from the window, it allows more light into the room when retracted. And when rolled down, it can completely block the light for a cooler ambiance. Size flexibility is ample when fitted on the outside, hence making it convenient to use.

#1. Fabric Roman Shades

Fabric Roman Shades

They are easy to fit outside the window and can allow increased light into the room. Size flexibility is higher as they are fitted on the outside. The outside mount makes these shades look more elegant naturally. They can be easily operated without any hindrance hence enhancing the charm of a Recessed Window.

#2. Simple Curtains

Custom Drapes And Curtains

Curtains are an all-time favorite treatment. Used as outside mount window shades, they stand out making a classy statement. With chic patterns and vibrant colors, they make for a challenging chore to choose from. You can choose to go simple with plain patterns or go loud with bold abstract designs adding that spice to your room.

#3. Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Shutter Shades are simple yet elegant in their appeal. Low maintenance and easy operations make them a preferred choice when it comes to outside mount window shades. Easy to fit with ample light filtration into the room makes them one of the ideals outside mount window shades.

#4. Norman Woodlore Shutters


Norman Woodlore shutters are composite shutter offering unbelievable density and strength. It does not chip or cracks with time, thereby making it more durable. It does not fade or yellow with sun exposure and comes with limited lifetime warranty.

Outside Mount Window Shades are the best heat-blocking window treatments and they are great for the summer. Check out our range of products online and talk to our experts on how you can install one.Norman Woodlore Shutters


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