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The Versatility And Practicality of Using Indoor And Outdoor Shutters

Bay Window with Shutters

The Versatility and Practicality of Using Bay Window with Shutters and Curtains


Window coverings are needed in all kinds of buildings, be it a palatial bungalow, a city apartment, a commercial building or a restaurant. They not only accentuate the look of the place but they also prevent heat, glare, dust, and sounds from entering the home and disrupting its peace. There are many window coverings that you can purchase. Finding the one suitable for your house depends a lot on the location, climate, type of house and the size of the windows. However, shutters are good examples of window coverings that can be universally applied irrespective of the season and the window dimensions.


Bay Window with Shutters and Curtains

Modern homes with bay windows give them an aura of Victorian or period era houses. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have a bay window area in your place, and you should make the most of it by designing it with an apt window dressing idea. While people go for roller shades or Roman shades to design them, shutters are always a great and unique idea that well enhances the look of the bay window to something way beyond sumptuous and formidable. And when you have a bay window with shutters and curtains both, there’s nothing else that can be as stimulating to the senses as this coveted combination.

There are a few different types of bay windows: angled, multifaceted and bow. Shutters can be made to order to fit any kind of them. If your house is on a busy street, go for shutters with smaller louvers. You can go for larger ones to allow more light if your place is in a more secluded location.


Graber Shutter Style Blinds


Graber Traditions Wood Shutters


Graber is one of the premium brands of window coverings that offer the best quality blinds at affordable prices. Graber Traditions Wood Shutters are a premium window treatment that uses 100% North American hardwood, which adds an all-encompassing warmth and charm to your interior. The environmental friendly qualities and a stunning look make Graber shutter style blinds an excellent choice. They are also lightweight enough to be conveniently mounted even on large windows and come without opening cords that make them suitable for houses with pets or kids.


Types of Indoor and Outdoor Shutters


Indoor Shutters

They can be mounted inside a window and can be adjusted from within for privacy purposes. Here it is important to measure the dimensions of the window before getting them installed. You can also have custom shutters built to the exact specification. Here are some of the types of window shutters that you can go for:

1) Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most common kind, where the faux wood or wood louvers can be pulled up or down with the help of a tilt rod hidden in the middle or the back of the shutter. The slat size is usually large, and when they are fully open, they let in a large amount of sunlight.

2) Ovation Shutters

Made from real wood, Ovation shutters are suitable for any kind of interior environment and are known for their exquisite appearance. They are durable and are water sealed for moisture control, thus making them ideal for rainy seasons or in kitchens and bathrooms. They are also available in a range of louver sizes to fit your needs.

3) Café Style Shutters

These types of shutters are built in a unique way in that they cover only the bottom part of the window. This protects the customers from the harsh sunlight falling on their tables while the upper half fills the place with some natural sunlight. Café style shutters provide the perfect amalgamation of comfort, privacy, and light diffusion.

4) Shaker Style Shutters

They come in solid panels that are meant to mostly block out sunlight and extreme weathers. Their hallmark is their simple and minimalist design, which gives a plain, traditional design to the interior space.


Outdoor Shutters

Meant for enhancing the curb appeal of the house, outdoor shutters can be as effective, if not more, as indoor shutters in keeping bad weather at bay and for providing privacy. Here are some famous outdoor or exterior shutters that you should consider shopping for.

1) Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters, also known as Bermuda shutters, are mounted on the exterior of a home window at a 45-degree angle, which gives owners the opportunity to pull them back in case storm strikes the land. They are hinged at the top and give the appearance of a slanting panel when viewed from outside. They are unique in their design and a smart choice for homes to combat all kinds of temperatures, especially a storm.

2) Board and Batten Shutters

These shutters consist of two or more wide boards which are held together horizontally with narrow wooden strips (called battens) in between. They give out an old-fashioned Mediterranean and ranch look and are the preferred choice in many homes as effective exterior shutters.

3) Raised Panel Shutters

Installed on shutter hinges, raised panel shutters are classic shutter blinds that are effective and economical. They can easily block out a substantial amount of sunlight to guarantee the much-needed privacy for sleep. When chosen in the right designs, they provide an instant curb appeal to woo the onlookers. They are easy to set up and hardly require any kind of maintenance.

4) Louvered Shutters

They are an extremely stylish kind of outdoor shutters with angled slats that give them an aesthetically appealing appearance. They are thus designed to let light inside but avoid direct glare and rain.


Features of Shutters

Shutters are versatile window coverings, and their varied types and properties have a lot of advantages to offer.

1) Attractive

Their neat and clean appearance along with the textured look of their slats make them one of the most attractive window coverings to go for. They look great whether they are installed inside or outside the home.

2) Insulation

Many shutters are made of materials such as thermalite which helps to keep out hot and cold winds. This feature works well in both summers and winters, keeping the house at room temperature.

3) Sunlight Control

Their slats help control the sunlight you want in your room, without making it too bright to disrupt your peace. As and when required, you can close them completely to enjoy your personal time.

4) Easy to Clean

Shutters are much easier to clean than heavy-duty curtains or drapes. They require a quick wipe with a damp or dry cloth, thus preventing dust and ensuring your well-being.

5) Economical

As they are great insulation shields, they keep the temperature down, thereby reducing the air conditioning costs during summers. Similarly, during winters, they help avoid the use of a heating system which leads to cost control.

6) Durable

Shutters generally last longer than other window coverings because of their sturdy construction. However, you must go for the best brands available such as ZebraBlinds and Graber to ensure their durability.

7) No Cords

Most shutters do not come with cords, thus making operating them easy and convenient. All you need is a remote control to adjust their slats, or a simple push or pull to the desired level. This is a safe option, particularly in a house with kids.


Thus, shutters are an excellent option when you are considering buying a window treatment for your home. Apart from the practicality of purpose they provide, they come in a plethora of attractive and appealing designs.

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